It was clear that they weren't children anymore.

He rode a real motorcycle now, with a hand built motor that purred like a kitten, and she still sat behind him, happily clinging to his waist. At least that hadn't changed. But their adventures were now spent in dates, and her mother would still shake her head as her baby climbed on the back of that "death trap" and and sigh as she watched them ride away.

Somehow, dad knew first. She didn't tell him, at least not in words. He just smiled and took his little girl in his arms, and told her of how he had fallen in love with his wife, her mother, and how big a change little Coraline Jones had made for them.

He told her that a little Lovat would be no different for her.

Wybie Lovat loved Coraline Jones. He proved that long before the ring on her finger and the baby in her arms. He'd proven that so many years before, with a high cry and a brave charge in the darkness, ready to risk his life to save her's. He hadn't known it then, and neither had she, but they owed their love to the beldam in the Pink Palace walls. He'd become her's with a little rag doll and a cold black key.