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"Dexter. No."

I was horrified! But Dexter just wrapped his arm around my shoulder; his fingers brushing my pulse point just so, and gave me a lopsided grin.

"You know you want to…" he whispered in my ear.

I sighed. He really did take advantage of my vengeful side too often. But my vengeful side was the most prominent, was it not? This being said, I really did want to. Jonathon was standing in front of Flash Camera, arms crossed over his chest, leaning against the building casually. Cocky as ever.

"Alright" I sighed in defeat. Dexter always won!

He brushed his lips over my cheek and wiggled his eye brows at me. I smiled despite myself.

He stood untangling his mile long legs and offered me his hand to help me to my feet. We had been sitting on the curb outside Joie's Salon eating lunch together like we always did, but until this point we had been hidden from view by the car that pulled in about five minutes ago.


"I have something to say to him." Dexter had announced after I had pointed Jonathon out. Why had I pointed him out?? I just felt too comfortable with Dexter sometimes.

Now we were walking towards Flash Camera, his arm still hung casually around my shoulders. I knew we looked ridiculous walking simultaneously in Dexter's slow loping stride and it wasn't long before Jonathon spotted us. He looked like he was debating on whether he should ignore us or turn and run. I didn't have a feeling Dexter was going to leave this choice up to him.

"You're Jonathon, right?" Asked Dexter, proving me right.

Jonathon looked uncertain, shuffled back and forth on the balls of his feet and finally cleared his throat. "Yeah…" he trailed off as Dexter stuck his hand out to shake Jonathon's.

Jonathon looked at me and I just shrugged. I had learned a while ago that when Dexter got an idea in his head it didn't matter what you said to him. He still thought I was madly in love with him because I bought some plastic ware for Gods sake. It was on sale!

"I thought so." Dexter smiled genuinely at him. "I just wanted to notify you of your stupidity."

Jonathon looked taken aback and could only blink a few times. I stiffened a groan. Why had I told him that story? A moment of weakness. There was nothing he couldn't get out of me with his fingers pressing lightly on the back of my neck. I mentally kicked myself.

"Not that I hold it against you." Clarified Dexter.

"No?" Jonathon asked incredulously. He was completely bewildered by this point.

Dexter shook his head. "No. If you hadn't I would never have my fair Remy here." He nodded at me and I just shot him a look.

"That's all." He stated plainly after a few moments of awkward silence. He stepped to the front door, me keeping in step with him. As he opened the door for us he looked back over his shoulder. "She loves me ya know." He grinned over at me and winked.

"It was on sale!" I blurted and Dexter just chuckled, letting the door fall shut behind us.

"You know it's true." He stated confidently.

I just rolled my eyes at him. Although I wasn't sure how true that was at this point I was sure of one thing; I'm glad I broke my no musicians rule!