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This is a sequel to Voldemort's Plan but it can be read independently. Hope you enjoy.


Death Eating Karaoke

Chapter 1

Severus Snape was not in the mood for festivities and certainly was not in the mood for karaoke. Ridiculous. He felt ridiculous. But he was to sing on the Dark Lord's orders and so he had little choice. At least he would be able to laugh at the other unfortunates who were to be taking part. Where on earth did the Dark Lord get such idiotic ideas? Sometimes he did wonder if the Dark Lord had multiple personalities. Severus had been working frantically to find some way of sabotaging the whole thing but to no avail. However that did not mean that he could not use it to his own advantage. His most recent hideout was in a Muggle area and he decided to venture out into Muggle Newcastle in order to buy a cam recorder to record the event. It was hidden in his robes and was spelled to record all the show except his own performance of course. He owed Hagrid a laugh if anything and if Potter could actually do something important like locating a Horcrux then maybe he would give it to him as a present. His Muggle bank account did come in handy once in a while.

Severus was dressed in his customary black robes and his usual scowl. He arrived at the venue, which was decorated in garish decorations and silver disco balls and almost laughed out loud. It seemed more befitting of the likes of Gilderoy Lockhart than the Dark Lord. Just then he spotted the very man. The Dark Lord was dressed in an eighties style shiny robes. It was not just Muggles that had suffered from bad dress sense in the eighties. Voldemort was surrounded by his usual yes-men: Bellatrix Lestrange and Peter Pettigrew. Severus was glad to be rid of that rat. As far as he was concerned the Dark Lord was welcome to the pest. The Dark Lord waved him over and so he obediently albeit reluctantly headed in his direction.

"I see that you have not entered into the spirit of the occasion", the Dark Lord said eying his familiar-looking robes.

"No, my Lord. I may have to lose some of my dignity but I will not be parted from my robes", Severus replied.

The Dark Lord smiled.

"I remember a time when you were parted from them all right", Pettrigrew whispered maliciously.

Severus glared at the balding excuse of a wizard but quickly turned his attention back to their master. The rat was not worth the bother.

"Are you ready for the karaoke?" the Dark Lord asked.

"Yes, my Lord" Severus answered shuffling uneasily. This was going to be a long night. He excused himself as he needed a strong Fire whiskey and he was feeling rather green around the gills. At the drinks table he bumped into Fenrir Greyback. That man made his skin crawl. Apparently he was the one that bit Remus Lupin. It was almost enough to make him feel sorry for Marauder but not quite.

"I wonder will I get any other chances to attack Hogwarts. Such a pity that last time I got no chance" the werewolf grinned showing his pointy teeth. Severus found it difficult to be in close proximity to werewolves since his near miss as a teenager. As Greyback walked away Severus took a strong gulp from the glass of Fire whiskey he had poured out for himself. Suddenly the Dark Lord's voice broke into his reverie.

"Death Eaters. Welcome to this splendid party. I hope to get as many of you as possible up to the karaoke machine. So who would like to begin?"

To be continued...


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