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Chapter Three

Severus headed towards the stage and the karaoke machine. Maybe, just maybe he would be allowed sing the song that he had chosen himself. That was a good song. It was something that he could perform while retaining his dignity. However as soon as he stepped up he recognised the opening bars of a famous female anthem starting and he knew he was beaten. He could feel a voice in his head. It was something similar to the Imperius curse but not as strong. He instinctively fought it but then he realized that it was not worth his life. His dignity would have to take a backseat for once.

"At first I was afraid I was petrified.."

Although he was extremely discomfited he kept his face impassive as he sang those foolish lyrics. Despite the questionable quality of the lyrics and melody he decided that like the stupid woman who was singing he would persevere.

"I will survive"

Three minutes of mortification ensued and he knew he would never live this down. He would survive but with his ego firmly bruised not that he intended to let anybody realize this. There was worse to come however as once he was finished the Dark Lord howled for an encore and he suddenly found himself singing to Michael Jackson's "Bad".

"Dance" the Dark Lord demanded.

Severus found his body moving to the beat. He could see the crowd roaring in laughter and once the song ended he made to rush off stage but not before the Dark Lord made him bow dramatically. Fortunately as soon as he stepped away from the karaoke machine he felt the curse lift. It must be somehow linked to the machine. His keen mind tempted him to look closely at the machine and decipher how precisely his master had achieved it. However he thought better of it and instead composed himself and walked off in the direction of a chair and sat down. As he looked around he saw quite a few smug looking faces. He would retain his composure and he vowed to hex the next person that came near him. He would dearly love to leave but he knew that he would have to wait until the Dark Lord gave his performance. Therefore he was thankful once he saw that the Dark Lord was taking to the stage a few minutes later. The crowd cheered and applauded. Severus clapped politely. Suddenly the lights went out and there were hushed whispers of "Lumos" and all around him he watched as the other Death Eaters' wands lit up. He snorted as they waved them about in an uncanny resemblance to Muggles waving lighters at a concert. His attention quickly switched to the Dark Lord and his shiny robes as the music struck up. He watched as the Dark Lord swished his wand in the direction of the disco ball just above him. For one moment he was tempted to drop the disco ball on the head of his so-called master but somehow he doubted that the disco ball would rid the world of that incarnation of evil.

"Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk,

I'm a woman's man, no time to talk."

Severus shook his head in amusement. So he was "Stayin alive" was he? Not if he or indeed Potter had anything to say about it. He watched as the most feared wizard in the world danced under a big shiny disco ball. Severus mused for a moment at the madness that was Lord Voldemort. He could send out his Death Eaters to kill as many Muggles as possible and yet he could not resist Muggle Karaoke.

"What am I?" he shouted to his adoring fans.

"You're ah ah ah ah stayin' alive!" they roared.

Once the performance was over Severus left as quietly as he could. Unfortunately Pettigrew spotted him leaving.

"Not leaving already Snape" he said in a high false voice.

Severus simply continued on his way but waved his wand behind him. Rattraps could be awfully handy when dealing with vermin. He heard Pettigrew attempt to shout at him but with a trap on his tongue it proved an impossible feat.

"Sorry I did not get that. Are you tongue tied?" Severus replied. He may have been humiliated but there was no way that he would allow the Rat man to taunt him. Besides he had a videotape to edit and there was popcorn waiting for him in the apartment. He could enjoy the performances much better this time, as he no longer had to worry about his own party piece. He walked off with a grin on his face, his black robes billowing about him.

The End


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The featured songs were "I will survive" by Gloria Gaynor, "Bad" by Michael Jackson and "Staying Alive" by The BeeGees.

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