Title : Run

Character :Hardison

Word Count : 109

Spoilers: Episode 1.11 The First David Job, but nothing specific.

Disclaimer: Neither the character nor the show belong to me.

Author's Notes: My first attempt to write a drabble for leverage100 challenge prompt 'Run' at livejournal.


It was a good run while it lasted, he guessed. Longer than most. Less injurious than many. Definitely more remunerative than expected. Productive, beneficial . . . Hardison never expected anything like it. The fact that 'good' came out of it for other people not just himself was . . . a feeling he wasn't sure how to describe. He wasn't the malicious type, never wanted to actually physically hurt people, just look out for himself, be sure of putting himself first. He'd spent enough of his life fighting to survive and overcome hurdles. This had been good. He'd liked it.

It was a good run while it lasted!