Author's Note: I don't like Shoutaru, but he kept nagging me about giving him a fanfic with Kyoko. That as well as the fact that this idea has been lodged in my head for a while and it refuses to let me write any Ren/Kyoko fiction until I have this done. You don't need to enjoy this, mostly because this is self-fulfillment, but it would be nice if you did.

Disclaimer: If I owned Skip Beat this wouldn't be a fanfic and it wouldn't be on fanfiction.

Kyoko hated this. She wanted to hit her head against a wall every time she remembered that it was him who saved her. Fate must hate her, was the only conclusion that she could come up with that made any sense. When she loved him and shamelessly followed him around like a lost puppy, he couldn't care less about her. However; when she hated him from the bottom of her soul, he swears he loves her. Yes you heard right, he told her that he was irreversibly in love with her. The worst part was that instead of yelling at him that it was too late or that she had moved on, Kyoko was completely speechless.

The events that lead to his confession were also closely related to Kyoko's despair. It's amazing that so much could change in one month. At the beginning of March Kyoko was excited beyond all reason, in fact she was so excited she was skipping, she had been recently gotten a job offer in America. Kyoko wanted to go to America, see Kuu, meet Julie, and possibly find out more about Kuon. However; she now got several job offers a day now, so she would have to pick and choose between the selection had given her. Kyoko's schedule was tight as it was, if she choose to accept the American job that would require for her to either finish all of her other jobs by the time she had to leave or she would have to forfeit her other jobs.

None the less Kyoko decided to accept the offer and finish all of her jobs with quick professionalism. She was talking a walk in the park during her break to relax herself and let go of herself for a bit. This was an almost daily ritual for Kyoko and everything was perfectly normal, at least until she bumped into Shoko, Shoutaru's manager. Kyoko rapidly apologized, but she realized that Shoko looked down before she could ask Shoko what was wrong Shoko explained herself.

"Do you mind if I ask you something about Shou?" Kyoko shook her head silently wonder what Shoko wanted to know about Shoutaru that was so important.

"He's decided to go to New York and I'm worried about Via Ghoul." Kyoko made the connection easily. Shoko was worried that they'd start stealing Shoutaru's music again, although they wouldn't but Shoko didn't know the whole story, so she went to Kyoko to ask if she had any advice on how to cheer Shoutaru up/motivate him if the Bagels got him down again.

"Don't worry about Shou he'll be fine. If you need a method of cheering him up though, get him chestnut pudding and don't let anybody but him know about it." Shoko was surprised about the pudding, but this only reconfirmed her belief that Kyoko knew Shoutaru better than anyone else and that she was the only one who could truly be by his side. Thus a new meddler was born, except instead of pulling Ren and Kyoko together she tries to pull Shoutaru and Kyoko together. Shoko, being a new born meddler, did what all meddlers do she created a meddlesome situation.

"So Kyoko-chan what's on your mind?" Kyoko being oblivious didn't notice the double meaning in the seemingly innocent question, but as Ren would say that's one of Kyoko's endearing qualities.

"I was just thinking about the job offer I received, it's all the way in America." Shoko took this opportunity without second thoughts.

"Do you know what time you'll be flying over we might be able to fly together?" Kyoko got along with Shoko and if she stayed by her side maybe she could avoid Shoutaru completely (after all she didn't know how persistent he would get about being by her side). With this in mind Kyoko turned to Shoko with her reply.

"Yes, I should be flying out in about a week. I'm sure that going with you part way would be no problem." Shoko smiled and went into a deep discussion of America to Kyoko. Apparently Shoko was just as excited as Kyoko about visiting America. Whenever Kyoko asked Shoko why she was so excited she would grin and tell her to wait. After about an hour after Shoko arrived Kyoko had to return to her home and pack her items.

At the time Kyoko remembered about the first time she went on location. She wondered if Ren would call her again like before, but she was slammed in the face with a sharp bitter memory. She and Ren were talking about recent events and acting over the phone, and then Ren said something that surpassed even Kyoko's imagination.

"Kyoko-san after I leave today I'll no longer be your sempai at LME." Hearing Ren's serious tone confused her, Kyoko wished she had her epiphany then instead of later, for she had foolishly thought that he was going to America for a LME job. Ren accepted her silence as an understanding before he told her words that still sting her now. "You're a talented actress so you wont need my help anymore. Good bye Mogami-san."

Those words had made Kyoko's heart hurt, for she translated his politeness as "I don't want to have any connection to you whatsoever because I hate you." This is the conclusion Kyoko came to after thinking about it in every spare moment that she had for weeks. She regretted that she couldn't have found out what she did to Ren that made him hate her so much, but she knew that she wouldn't be able to go out and meet him nor would he contact her. Kyoko let a single tear fall as she continued packing her items and preparing for her trip to America, she finished before 9 then quickly fell into a deep slumber. For even then Kyoko knew somewhere deep inside that she would need all of energy for the forthcoming events.

Author's Note:I've always wanted to put a memory inside a memory, and before I forget this perticular work of fiction is a tradegy of sorts so do not expect a happy ending.