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Walking down the street to the place she loathed and a semi-permanent half frown on her face, Inju Zetsumei glared at anyone deciding to stare at the hazel-eyed, black-haired teenage girl currently stalking to Karakura High in the most unpleasant of moods. "This goddamn skirt is rape bait." She growled, tugging at the offending piece of clothing. Thigh level; what the hell did the girls around here do about rapists? "Maybe they all know Karakura karate or some shit." She continued to complain and rant to herself, having no iPod to speak of because poor bitches can't afford iPods. "Fuck. I hope it's not all 'The entire town worships a demon god and must sacrifice people' in this damn place." Inju stated to herself, staring back over her shoulder to make sure there wasn't some cleaver-wielding executioner walking after her. Nope; but if she heard any cicadas, wedding bells or sobbing, Inju was running like a bitch.

Turning her eyes back to the road ahead of her, the woman reflected on her shit morning, and the reason her day was probably going to be equal shit. Waking up to a screaming alarm and trying to hit snooze, only to knock down a fucking spit cup onto her head. Nasty habit Inju had picked up; chewing tobacco. Nastier than smoking, she'd decided after pouring out around fifteen soda cans and random cups full of chew. And when you accidentally took a swig of one, it ruined the entire fucking day. Happened more than once. Probably going to happen after her first day too. That stain on the carpet from her morning tobacco cup escapade wasn't coming out either, probably. Not that Inju was going to try and clean it; who the fuck cleaned something they could ignore? One cold-ass shower later, fucking apartment building must have been built in the fifties because none of their shit worked consistently, and she was staring incredulously at a short porno skirt required in the female school uniform. "You're fucking joking. Who the HELL wears these things? I ain't no fuckin' porn star. People are fucking crazy."

And here she was, in a porn star skirt, walking to some dumpy little high school in a dumpy little town with porno rapist bait skirts for the female students. "This day's just going to be the BEST DAY EVER!" She exclaimed to nobody in particular, half-screaming it. Sarcasm dripped from her words, but apparently, some people don't get sarcasm.

"I know, right?!" A chick half-screamed right behind the dark-haired sarcastic teen, her tone happy and joyful. Inju must have jumped fifteen feet in the damn air; if she'd been chewing, probably would have swallowed the shit and died right there. Turning around very, very slowly (Could be a psychotic killer or rapist, after all), The once-brooding woman stared at a happy looking girl with long orange-colored hair, a warm smile and the biggest rack Inju had ever seen. Men probably fell at her feet, going into seizures. "…Hello? Who the fuck are you?" The mystery girl blinked, finally opening grayish eyes. Large and doe; this girl was the epitome of what men wanted. Cynicism kicked in immediately for the transfer student. She's probably a whore. That's what Inju had learned back in dear old Kyoto; pretty women are bitches and whores.

"Oh! I'm sorry; you said today was going to be a good day and I was JUST thinking that and I thought it was funny so I wanted to let you know that I thought today was going to be a good day too!" The girl said in one breath, combining at least three or four sentences like it was nothing. Inju must have had a stupid look on her face, because this random mystery girl with huge lungs blinked and held out her hand suddenly.
"Hi! I'm Orihime! Orihime Inoue! What's your name? Are you new?" Inju blinked, shaking her hand tentatively before retracting it to her side. "I…Inju Zetsumei. And yeah; I just…moved here." This Inoue chick smiled like a fucking airhead, the kind of girl men took advantage of. Scratch whore; this kid probably didn't even know what went where. "SO!" Inoue said suddenly, making Inju jump again. Bad day, for fuckin' sure. "Are you going to school too?" She blinked, as if remembering something. Inju glanced at her watch; ten minutes to the bell. Like she gave a fu-"WE'RE GONNA BE LATE!!" Orihime screeched, grabbing Inju by the wrist and dragging her along the road, the dragged moody chick not recognizing what was happening for a few moments before tearing her arm from Orihime's grip. Like fucking steel. "I can walk!" Inju spat, marching off in a pissed way. Orihime caught up, jogging slightly to keep up. "You're a new student? That's great! You'll love Karakura! There're so many fun people here, and there's good food, and the school system is awesome, and-" Inju tuned the rest out, turning to go into the school building itself. How the hell this chatty bitch snuck up behind her, she'd probably never know. Orihime followed, continuing to talk a mile a minute about fish and sailboats and God-knows-what. Orihime smiled, stopping her high-speed monologue and looking right in Inju's face.

"You've got to meet my friends! Oh, but we have class…well, you can eat with us at lunch!" Before Inju got a chance to speak, Orihime pretty much shoved her into the office saying something about getting a schedule, before running off to her first class. Inju blinked. "What…the hell was that?" She asked nobody in particular, before noting that an annoyed office woman stared at her crossly. "What do you need?" Inju immediately shut down, glaring back hotly at the old woman with the pinched face. "Transfer. Schedule." The woman tsked and dug around in nameless stacks of files and papers. "Name?" "Inju Zetsumei." The woman clicked a couple things on her computer, before blinking at what came up.

"Former residence: Kyoto, Japan. Transferred for reasons of-" She was cut off as Inju spoke loudly, interrupting her. "Look, I just need my schedule! Not a lecture!"

The office woman tsked again, handing Inju her schedule. "You'll get a tour from the class ambassador." "I don't need one, thanks." "Tell him that yourself." They went back and forth, before the office door opened and a semi-nasally voice cut in. "If you'll excuse me, I'm very busy and I would like to get this over with, Zetusmei-san." 'Oh God, please don't let that PMS-sounding guy be the ambassador. Please let it be Orihime or someone like that, someone who I won't cold-cock into a locker'. Inju turned around, staring directly at the definition of 'nerd'. Short black hair, square-rimmed glasses, and a serious non-fun look on his face. If Inoue was the epitome of what men wanted, then this guy was the epitome of what women laughed at.

"My name is Uryuu Ishida. Let's get this finished and done with, Zetsumei-san." He turned and began walking, leaving Inju to scowl and catch up. On the tour, Uryuu pointed out various things that were highly obvious from the beginning and something Inju could have figured out on her own, but hey; she wasn't in class. Which seemed to be Algebra, from her schedule.

"And this is the gymnasium, where we hold pep assemblies. I doubt someone like you would understand the importance of school spirit." He sneered the word 'you', pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose. Inju's eye twitched, her hands flexing. Them's fighting words where she came from. "Yeah, I guess I wouldn't. After all, I have a life." She shot back. He seemed to ignore her, continuing on to show the various stupid things she didn't care about. "I would advise you don't vandalize the side of the building. Your kind has just finished tagging it." He snipped. Inju had to consciously snap her hand back from grabbing the back of his collar and jerking him around. 'New school, new school. Don't do it again; you just got here. You're not in Kyoto anymore, Inju'. She repeated to herself mentally, settling for words. "If you're gonna fuckin' badmouth me, then I'm out of here." Turning on her heel, she blew off whatever he was talking about as she left the gym and reentered the hallways. Easily finding her room thanks to the wonderfully NOT AT ALL CONFUSING room numbering system, she made it to second hour somewhat on time.

"Ms. Ochi's English." She stated outside the door amid the bustle of the students, walking in. The teacher looked up to Inju, blinking. "Oh, who are you? New student?" Inju gave a nod. "New student." Ms. Ochi shrugged, pointing to an empty seat in the back corner of the room. "Right next to Kurosaki." Rolling her shoulders, Inju traced her path to the desk. A hand caught hers; catching her attention and alerting her to a certain person she couldn't exactly say she was ecstatic to see again.

"Inju!! You're in my class too!" Orihime half-squealed, Inju raising her eyebrows. "Uh…yeah…yay…" Orihime didn't catch the unenthused tone her captive held, now looking back to an orange-haired thug looking kid. He seemed to be scowling, frowning or just PMSing. "Ichigo; look at my new friend I was telling you about earlier!" Inju blinked. Since when were we friends again? The Ichigo kid seemed to look her up and down, sizing her up. It got really annoying after around ten or so seconds.

"I really that interestin'?" She deadpanned, staring him down. Kurosaki looked up, scowling. "Hell no. Just making sure you don't cause trouble." Inju had to suppress a snort. "Oh, you think a kid like you could take me? What a laugh. Some small town boy really scares me." His scowl deepened, Orihime letting go of Inju's wrist as the starting bell rang. Inju dropped her shit in the empty seat behind Kurosaki Ichigo, as a blond freak sat on Ichigo's right. He had a remarkably stupid haircut, a freaky smile and was staring at Kurosaki. Kurosaki didn't appreciate. He gave a glance back to Inju, who was now sitting in back and thinking of ways to pass the time for the next year. One year, and she'd be gone. Not that she planned to live long anyway; that's not the code. Live rough, die young. Old age didn't suit Inju's tastes. Especially not the dia-

"Hello! And what is your name, lovely lady?" The blond kid's voice cut her thoughts like an annoyingly high-pitched jackhammer. She turned her eyes to Blondie, staring at him.

"…Inju. Inju Zetsumei." Blondie blinked. "Inju? Ribbon? That's a lovely name." He didn't comment on her last name; Inju herself hated it. It was a freaky last name; more suited for a goth or an emo than for a thug. "Uh…yeah, thanks?" Kurosaki shoved him slightly, snapping his attentions away from the confused and creeped-out Inju. "Quit talking to the PMS freak." He stated, destroying any thanks about to leave Inju's lips. "Look who's talking. Someone seems to be on the rag."

Blondie giggled, Ichigo looked like he was about to hit her. "My name is Shinji Hirako. Happy to meet you." Blondie said back to her, Inju giving an affirmatory nod. Her short black hair was cut shoulder-level raggedly, as if someone did it with a knife in a hurry. Bright hazel eyes stared off in space through boredom, a hand supporting her chin. Her body was thin and muscular, pointing at there having been some past formal training or experience in fighting or gymnastics. Skin tone was slightly tan, not enough to suggest regularly going out in the daytime. She'd be pretty if she weren't a bitch.

Class was uneventful, and third hour was similar. Finally, lunch rolled around and Inju found herself being dragged by a certain hyperactive girl towards the roof. Orihime stopped suddenly, nearly sending the inattentive Inju into the lockers.

"Inju-chan! This is my friend, Tatsuki!" Inju blinked at the girl now staring oddly at her and Orihime. To be sure, they weren't two girls that looked like they would hang out together. "Hey. Arisawa Tatsuki." She finally said, smiling and holding her hand out. Inju wrenched her hand free of Orihime's grip and shook Tatsuki's hand. "Inju Zetsumei. It's a pleasure." Tatsuki blinked, pulling her hand back when the handshake was through. "Firm grip. You been in karate or something?" She queried, looking slightly curious. Orihime cocked her head like a confused puppy, and Inju could have sworn she heard someone run into a locker.

"Uh…no, nothing…formal."

Like she'd be able to tell them what she had done back in Kyoto. They'd act like all the others; start avoiding her. Better to wait for that to happen until later in the year. Maybe tomorrow.

"Ah, well you just looked like it. Sorry." Tatsuki stated, her tone slightly disappointed. Must have wanted someone to spar with or something. Inju waved it off. "Don't worry about it; happens all the time." She took a look at Tatsuki for the first time. They were built similar, lean and muscular. "What about you?" Inju queried, looking for her locker. 359; should be on the way to the roof. Tatsuki grinned slightly at the question. "Karate. I'm the number two of Japan." Her tone betrayed obvious pride in the accomplishment; it meant she was dangerous.

'Shit, I'd be proud as hell if I had the title. 'Cept I'm pretty sure my kind of fighting'd be frowned on in competitions'. Inju pondered offhandedly, running a hand through her short and ragged black hair. "Damn. So that means ya could pretty much kick anybody's ass in the entire school, huh?" Her statement seemed to make Tatsuki grin a bit more. "Yeah, I guess I could." Her face darkened a moment, and the grin lessened. "Well…nah, not really. There's one guy that can beat me." She stated, looking down the hallway. Orihime smiled again, alerting Inju. "So…who is this tough guy then?" Inju queried nonchalantly, leaning against someone's locker. Tatsuki was about to speak when a semi-familiar voice cut her off.

"Yo, Tatsuki! Orihime!"

Inju sighed, glancing listlessly sideways and down the hall. She spotted Kurosaki waving slightly to them, a girl trailing behind him. Ichigo's face darkened as soon as he spotted a similarly scowling Inju. The girl behind Kurosaki whispered something to him, short black hair bobbing slightly as she leaned up to him.

'She's pretty. And…she's got purple eyes?'

Inju blinked at the oddity of her eye color, only to realize the two were coming to a stop in front of them. Now the black-haired girl was giving her the stink eye, looking her up and down. She met Inju's black stare and quickly looked to Orihime.

"You. The PMS one." Ichigo stated, obvious animosity between the two of them.

"You. The PMS one." Inju aped him, sharing the same expression. She wasn't going to back down from this kid, even if he thought he was bad. Bad is not small-town badass. Bad is bringing a knife to a gunfight and not dying.

"SO!!" Orihime said way too loud and way too suddenly, causing Inju and Ichigo to jump three feet in the air. Everyone stared at her for a moment, before she started speaking again. "It's lunchtime, and we've missed some of i-WE'VE MISSED SOME OF LUNCH!!" Some sort of horrific epiphany seemed to come to her, and she tried to drag Inju off again.

"Hey hey HEY!!" Inju exclaimed, getting her wrist free again and stalking to her locker. She dug into it, dragging out something she really needed right about now. Pulling out a small can of chew, she got a pinch and shoved it in before hiding her shit again, right as the group walked past her.

"Come on or we're leaving you." Ichigo growled, obviously annoyed she was coming along at all. "Suck one." Inju growled back, her words muffled only to a very slight extent. She turned and walked after them, quickly inducted into the Orihime steel vice grip again and dragged along to the roof. On the way, they picked up some gay looking guy with feathers on his eyebrows, along with a bald guy that was packing a bokuto. They glanced at her as well, as she ignored them fully. Inju Zetsumei had her chew; very little could ruin the euphoric moment.

Arriving on the roof, finally, she was dragged to a corner already having a small group there. Wonderful. More people to meet. Among them was a huge Mexican guy, some white haired kid that looked like he was in middle school and had the most pissy stare Inju had ever seen on a kid, a red haired guy that had his hair up in a pineapple 'do and tattooed eyebrows, and a woman with the biggest rack Inju had ever seen. Trumped Orihime, and that was a near universal impossibility. AND URYUU ISHIDA, JOY TO THE FUCKING WORLD. He spotted her at once, and the both of them gave their own versions of the expression reading, 'Aw fuck, it's you again'. Ishida pushed up his glasses, Inju's scowl was brought from the dead.

Good mood gone, thanks you bastard.

Inju thudded down as far away from Ishida as possible, on the other side of baldy. Only then did she realize that she hadn't brought a lunch, and was now lunchless. Orihime picked up on it like fucking lightning, shoving some oddly-coloured rice and chicken-thing mix into her hands.

"Try some! I made it myself, and you don't have anything else to eat so I thought I'd share with you!" She chirped, pulling out a second bowl of the exact same thing.

What…the hell… Inju thought to herself, staring at Orihime and then to her newly acquired mystery meal. Everyone else was making a face suggesting that it was an ill-advised idea to eat this mystery concoction. Fuck them; she was damn hungry. Couldn't be that horrible, could it? Getting her own chopsticks from Orihime, 'why the HELL does she have a second pair of everything', Inju took a bite amid the stares of everyone.

She immediately turned a lovely shade of yellowish green, hacking and coughing as she accidentally swallowed the hellish food amalgamation.

"What…the HELL…was that?!" Inju hacked and coughed, getting a drink from the bottle of water she'd bought earlier. Orihime smiled, unperturbed by the horrific reaction to the food.

"Rice, chicken, soy sauce, chili pepper, fish, mayonnaise and some bananas, for consistency!"

Inju turned a deeper yellowish green, setting the food aside. "I'm done. Thank you Orihime." The girl seemed unawares of the horrible taste, eating hers like it was candy. Everyone just stared, as Inju chugged water like it was going out of style.

"Well…anyway…who the hell is she?" Baldy pointed at her, getting ignored. Ichigo shrugged, letting Orihime do introductions.

"This is Inju Zetsumei, a new student from some other city! Where are you from, Inju?" "Kyoto." "Inju is from Kyoto!!" She announced, as if nobody else could hear the choked answer. Looking at Ichigo, she let him take the part of introducing everyone else.

"Alright, Inju. I'm Ichigo Kurosaki, you know that. This is-" Purple-eyed girl cut him off, announcing her name. "Rukia Kuchiki. It's nice to meet you." She motioned to pineapple, and he spoke. "Renji Abarai. That's Ikkaku Madarame and Yumichika Ayasegawa." Baldy and Feathers glanced to her at their names, before ignoring Inju as much as she was ignoring them. Only passing glances were exchanged between herself and whitey ten-year-old, who she found was named Toshiro Hitsugaya and who actually did belong here with the rest of them. Surprising enough. Now, huge rack chick didn't just say hi like everyone else. She grabbed the unprepared Inju into a crushing hug against her chest, not letting the flailing kid go.

"Rangiku Matsumoto! It's good to see another girl in the group!"

Tatsuki had said she'd eat with friends down on the grounds, so there were only four women in a group of seven men. After Inju was released from Matsumoto's hug of suffocating death, she was acquainted with the Mexican guy, who was really fucking quiet. "Sado Yasutora." He said, his voice deep. Inju shook hands with him and all the guys, merely giving the women nods.

"Inju Zetsumei, like Orihime said."

Ichigo attempted to introduce Ishida, when the both of them cut him off.

"We've met." They both stated in a growling monotone, ignoring each other's existences. Ichigo just blinked and dropped it.

Orihime, at about that time, must have noticed the slight bulge of Inju's lip because she pointed it out to everyone. "What is that, Inju? In your mouth." Immediately, Inju cursed the airhead for pointing it out.

"'S nothin'." She stated, hoping they'd drop it. Kurosaki wouldn't.

"That looks like chewing tobacco." He stated, causing everyone to lean in and stare more. Inju turned her head away from them. "Gum." "Then why aren't you chewing it?" "Because it's got no flavor. Now fuck off."

Someone grabbed her face and pulled her in close. It was feathers dude; Yumichika or whatever. He took a quick sniff of her breath and let her go, practically tossing her back with a disgusted look on his face.

"Ladies shouldn't chew tobacco; it's very unbecoming of a woman." He stated, as a dazed Inju lost the slight tint of her face and scowled.

"Yeah? Well ain't you just the authority on femininity. Go fuck off, feathers." She spat out the wad of chew at his feet, causing him to scoot back to avoid getting any on him.

"Disgusting! Your habits are as dirty as your mouth." Yumichika huffed, as Inju spat over the side of the building and took a drink to swish around her mouth.

"Yeah, fuck you too buddy." Inju growled, now ignoring him to talk with a slightly worried Orihime. Probably didn't want Inju being mean to all her friends or some shit. She changed her glance to Pineapple. Renji. Whatever. He was talking to Rukia and Ichigo, more or less whispering about something. Something that was very obviously not allowed for her to hear, judging how quickly they stopped when they saw her staring. Just before she could ask, Ichigo jumped like someone had started screaming in his ear, even though Inju didn't hear anything. Rukia and Renji jumped too, as did Orihime. Ichigo looked down at something on his belt that he hid from her view, before starting to move around.

"Bathroom!" Ichigo half-shouted, jumping up and running off the roof and inside the building with the two he'd been speaking with. Inju blinked. 'What the hell just happened?' she asked herself, quickly looking at the group. Madarame and Ayasegawa were avoiding meeting her eyes, Hitsugaya was ignoring everything while focusing on a phone and Matsumoto was trying to change the topic of interest.

"Inju-chan! Where do you live? Is it in town?" She inquired, moving to sit on her knees as her chest bounced with the movement.

'When the fuck did I become Inju-chan to the female population?'

"Uh, yeah. It's the Falling Apartments Complex, edge of town." Inju answered, half embarrassed she had to admit being too cheap to afford living anywhere other than an apartment complex named 'Falling Apartments'. Matsumoto blinked.

"That doesn't sound like a safe place to live." "Believe me, it's not." They both exchanged answers, Inju already realizing she didn't have smokes either. Dammit; need to find someone that'd sell some to her. Great. Kyoto, you could find anything if you looked hard enough and knew the right people. From smokes to coke, as one of her favorite haunts' employees always said. Not saying that it'd be cheap; but it'd be there.

"-ju-chan!" A voice snapped her from her reverie. Matsumoto was waving a hand in her face.

"N-neh?" Inju queried stupidly, trying to recover and not look like she wasn't paying attention. Matsumoto huffed, but smiled and spoke again.

"Lunch is over, Inju-chan." She stated, as Orihime glanced to the door and started smiling. Inju stared over to the door and noted that Kurosaki was back, out of breath but otherwise fine. Why was Orihime staring at him with doe eyes anyway? Nevermind; it didn't matter. Inju stood up, following the group back into the school.

The rest of the classes were uneventful; some homework, some reading. Neither of which Inju was planning on doing. She was walking out the front doors when Orihime snapped onto her wrist again, smiling at her. Inju noted how Orihime always looked happy; something the dark-haired girl somewhat envied. And that was odd, actually; Inju didn't want for much. Well, other than a working apartment. Didn't want for much in the soul and personality department.

"Inju-chan! Do you like Karakura so far?" she looked up at the moodier girl, a questioning glint in her eyes. Inju was tempted to tell her no. REALLY tempted. But that look killed her tell the truth; some things couldn't be said to some people. Orihime was too nice to tell the harsh truth to, and the hesitation to say the gruesome truth really bothered Inju. Since when did she hesitate?

"Y…yeah. It's…it's great here." Inju replied, somewhat shakily. If Orihime noticed, she didn't say anything. She looked happy that Inju liked it there, and began to drag her off somewhere speaking a mile a minute. Inju just half-smiled at the girl's eagerness, letting Orihime lead her wherever she felt like.

"Yeah…and I never could have known it at the time … but this little town was going to be the death of me."


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