Dean glanced at his brother again, slightly worried by the pinched expression on Sam's face and the jiggling of his leg. He looked like he was in some serious pain, but Dean couldn't remember Sam getting hurt. It had been a straightforward salt and burn, not even any freaky spirits throwing them around…

"Sam? Are you okay?" Dean asked, and Sam let out a low laugh. Dean was startled. "It's not funny, Sam. What the hell is wrong?" Sam shook his head.

"Can't tell you," he said, biting his lip.

"Like hell you can't. What's going on?" Sam turned red.

"I have to pee." Dean did a double take.

"You have to pee? All this because you have to take a piss?" He didn't bother trying to keep himself from laughing. He roared. Sam scowled at him.

"I've had to go for a long time, okay?"

"What, last rest stop not good enough for you?" Dean asked in a teasing tone.

"I didn't have to go then, Dean!" Dean shook his head.

"Fine then, Sammy, we'll stop so you can have your pee break." Dean made sure to drive until there were absolutely no trees or bushes to be found and stopped the car. Sam glared at him and scrambled out of the car. Dean took the opportunity to stretch his legs, snickering as he saw his brother go a little ways off and fumble with his zipper. His eyes widened when he saw a car full of girls go by, obviously giggling at seeing his brother relieving himself. With a grin, Dean stepped next to Sam, letting his own fly down. Sam was still going. He really had had to go. Another car drove past, again filled with girls, and Dean smiled and waved as Sam blushed.

"Hot damn, Sammy! Where are all these girls from?" Sam mumbled something about a cheerleading convention as he rezipped his pants. "We should do this more often!" Sam just glared at Dean and made his way back to the car. Dean finished up and followed his brother to the car, smiling contently. Sam always knew how to make his day.