The most randomist reasons why gaara is so cute and loving

i dont own naruto even though i wish i did that way i can be next to sasuke 24/7! anyway this story isnt all that great but hey i tried comment and say what u like i only did it in about 5-10 minutes i promise i wont reply and say nasty stuff, promise and i promise i wont cry for what ever u say about this even if its mean.*sniff,sniff* WARNING:words that i dont even thind exists

1) he has pretty eyes

2) he WOULD look cute if he had dimples

3) he is the most adorablist kid in the world

4) u make fun of him he will kill u with any weapon he could find including his sand

5) he is so sort it is cute

6) u try to fight him he would win cuz u cant touch him! (unless u are rock lee)

7) he looks like he is 10 and that is what makes him cute!

8) he is hugable

9) he is bestest friends with axel from kingdom heart (I luv them both! .)

10) he has rights to be cute!