There's a door up ahead and Hawkeye feels the need to open it and find out what's beyond.

Just as he's about to turn the knob, a disembodied voice stops him with, "No, you can't go in there, Hawk."

This time he recognizes it as Trapper's voice immediately, and his face breaks into a grin. "Trap? Hey, great to hear you again! D'you know that you gave me some pretty damn good advice the last time… even if was cryptic as hell?"

"Glad I could be of service," Trapper says, and Hawkeye can hear the smile in his voice. "I actually have one more thing to tell you, though."

"Uh oh. More danger?" Hawkeye asks with dread. He's turning in slow circles, looking around for Trapper even though he knows he won't see him. There's nobody here at all… it's just a big, brightly lit room, stark and empty.

Trapper doesn't answer the question directly. Instead he says, "You need to do me a favor, OK?"

"OK." Hawkeye's on edge now, worried and tense. His mouth has gone dry.

"You'll have to remember this… It happens further down the road, but I can't come back and tell you again. So remember this, OK? You listening?"

"Yeah, Trap. Go ahead."

"You need to keep your big mouth shut on the bus," Trapper says, and of course he's being annoyingly cryptic again.

But the tension in Hawkeye's body dissipates, and he actually laughs. This advice sounds about as weighty as "always wear clean underwear" or "don't cross against the light." It doesn't sound ominous—or even serious—to him. "Got it, Trap. Keep my big fat mouth shut. Yeah, that sure sounds like something you'd tell me to do!"

"This is serious, Hawk. You're going to want to talk to the mother… she has a crying baby and you're going to want to say something to her. But don't. Just trust me. Everything will actually turn out all right, in the end… as long as you don't say anything."

Hawkeye nods, mostly just to humor Trapper, but at the same time keenly aware that the man's previous warning had been quite helpful. "OK, you got it, Trap. Whatever you say, my unseen friend. Hey, why don't you come on out of hiding and let's play a little chess or something?"

But there's no response, and Hawkeye instinctively knows that Trapper has gone. He sighs, feeling a little empty, feeling a little lost. Not knowing what else to do, he reaches for the doorknob he was about to turn before Trap stopped him.

Even as he does, he tries to file away in his brain something about a woman on a bus… tries to sear it into his memory, just in case…

But when he awakens the next morning, Hawkeye no longer remembers his friend's advice… or any part of the dream at all.