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Fairy Tale


I never believed, nor liked, fairy tales. In fact, I ignored them completely. They never interested me. But, to day, I know that I can't ignore them any more. The person in front of me is proof of that. So, how do I cope with the troubles that hit, when I'm not familiar with my surroundings? Well, you – and me – will have to wait and see.


I walked down the sidewalk, watching the road. Miss Amherst was letting me stay out longer then usual, so I was taking my time. Let me tell you a little about my self: My name is Isabella Marie Swan. "Bella" for short. I have long brown hair, brown eyes, and pale skin. Very plane Jane like. I'm an orphan. I'm living in an orphanage in New York City. Why? My parents died in a car accident when I was six, leaving me with no family. No one wanted me. I'm alone in this world. Sucks, right? Yeah, big time. Especially when you get Miss Amherst. She's mean to the bone. Cold hearted all right. Now, don't say I'm over reacting, 'cause I not. Just wait and see.

Chapter 1.


I walked on my way to the orphanage, not exactly excited for what awaited me. I just got back from work, the Mc. Donalds a few – or several – blocks away. I hate it. My boss is a jerk, so I get tossed around all day. To day's Friday, so I got my paycheck. I love paydays. I get to relax – well, mostly.

I edged around the corner, the orphanage coming into view. It was very big, white. It had two white pillars holding up the front, a big porch under them. There were several windows on each side, light green curtains showing through window pains. I walked up, sneakers squeaking under my feat. I knocked on the door, waiting patiently. The door opened to show the kind made, Miss Clara. She was in her late twenties and taught me how to do several things. If I left, she would be the only one I would miss. Well, her and my room mate, Angela. She was my age as well. The orphanage being very wealthy, there were either two or three girls in each room. Only Angela and I had a room to our selves. We were considered outsiders to the rest of the girls. I forgot, its an all girl orphanage. All of the other girls are a bit self centered. Angela and I are the opposite. We stay to our selves, only talk to each other, we're not rude to the other girls – even though we want to sometimes – and we stay quiet when Miss Amherst is yelling at us. That's us. The outsiders.

"Hello, Bella," Clara greeted, smiling. She was more like an older sister than a mom. I smiled.

"Hi, Clara." I started towards the stairs. I waved at her, heading to my room. I walked through the huge hallway, counting the numbers next to each door. I soon reached room 122 and opened the door. Angela was on her bed, searching through a book I got her last week. We got each other stuff every once in a while, since we weren't friends with every one else. It was Romeo and Juliet. She loved it. Just like me. This is her second time reading it. She looked up from it and smiled at me.

"I thought you were Miss Amherst," she said, looking relieved. I laughed softly, plopping on my bed. I laid back, sighing.

"Never," I responded. She chuckled.

"How was work?" she asked, raising her eye brows. I looked up at her and she laughed at the look on my face. "Mr. Jefferson was that bad?" she asked, grinning. She thought It was amusing, did she?

"He always is!" I cried. Exasperated. "He's a jerk, that's what." She just shook her head, going back to her book. I sighed, going over to my dresser. I grabbed my version of Romeo and Juliet. I always doubted that there was someone out there for me. Juliet got Romeo. Sadly they both ended dying in the end. Angela said that there had to be someone for me. She said I was to "pretty" for there not to be. Yeah right. I liked that she tried, though. I sat back down on my bed, about to read. But, Miss Amherst opened the door saying that we had five minutes before she checked on us to see if we were in bed in a gruff, angry voice. I forgot to tell you that my shift is a big one. I go from nine to eight o'clock. We nodded, getting into out pj's. Angela handed me the tray she stole for me so I could stuff my face with dinner. I ate hurriedly and jumped in bed. Angela copied, turning our lamp off. I got under the blankets, ready for sleep to take over.

Two Hours Latter

I woke up on something scratchy. I turned over, uncomfortable, to find that I didn't have my pillow. What the heck? I got up, bleary eyed, and looked around. What I saw shocked, and scared me at the same time.

I wasn't in my room.

I stood up quickly, walking around. Where was I? I was in a big open field, surrounded with trees. There was a lake near by, and the sky was pitch. The moon was brighter than normal. It was glowing a bright light. It wasn't as bright as the sun, but it was enough to see the objects before me.

I decided to walk around – as stupid as that sounds. I walked through the maze of trees, trying to decipher where I was. I stumbled on a huge root and fell down. Stupid clumsiness. I looked up at the tree, and instantly felt small. The tree was giant – more giant than normal – and the trunk was the size of three trees put together. I got up, bewildered, and started walking again. I soon ended up in a clearing. I looked around once more before hearing a noise. I jumped slightly, falling back words. I heard it again. I got up and ran to the tree. I tried desperately to climb it, and succeeded in time. I was able to get high out of reach from any thing on four legs. I waited quietly, wishing with all my might that I would wake up from this horrible nightmare. I heard the noise get closer and closed my eyes, not wanting to see what it was. After a minute, it got quiet. I opened my eyes to see a boy, no older than me, standing in the middle of the clearing. He had bronze tousled hair and a pale complexion. He was wearing black pants and a white long sleeved shirt with buttons going down the middle, and the sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. He was tall and fit.

I stopped breathing, hoping that he wouldn't hear, nor see me. He walked over to the tree next to the one I was in, looking around. He whistled, and a really big dog came in. It looked a bit wolfish.It walked over to him and sat. The boy ruffled its hair, looking around once more. The dog started sniffing, nearing my tree. My eyes widened. The dog then howled loudly, right in front of my tree. Startled, I fell out of the tree.

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