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just a mindless lemon


She moaned when she felt the last article of her clothes hit the floor. The cool air swept over her nipples, hardening them into pink peaks and she didn't have to look to know she was dripping down her thighs. He pulled her against his hard body and sat her on the kitchen counter. Again and again they had fucked and her pussy could hardly take anymore, but she didn't want to stop.

He bent down and kissed her navel. Then he pushed his head between her thighs and licked her clit. She threw her head back with abandon and pressed his head in, eagerly encouraging him.

"Oh, yes, don't stop!"

Her hips thrust to meet his licks, and she could feel her entire body contract with the pleasure. She was so close… then suddenly, he stopped and licked her juices off his face.

"What's wrong?," she asked.

"I want to try something different," he said and pulled out a cloth. He blindfolded her, and suddenly she felt vulnerable. She couldn't see, and she didn't want to move. Her body still tingled from that last almost orgasm. Jumping, she realized he had turned the faucet on.

"What are you doi- OH!" she was cut off when something large, phallic and hard was pushed against her entrance. It was cool, though, and felt vaguely like a dildo. He sucked on her tit and held the pressure there against her. Soon, she was wet and screaming again.

"God, more, more." She urged the pressure forward with her hips and felt empty inside. Obliging, he pushed whatever the cold thing was further in, and she almost screamed at its size.

"Oh, god! What is that?" It was way to big to be a dildo, and she could feel herself stretching like a virgin. The pressure moved up and she could hardly take anymore. Wanting more, but stretched to her limit, she just sat there with her legs spread and back arched. He was still lapping at her nipples, but the he moved down to her entrance.

He kissed her clit, and then sucked on it with the pressure still against her pussy. Then, in one smooth thrust, he shoved the object all the way in her taut entrance, until it bumped her cervix. Unable to contain herself, she orgasmed again, the fourth time since they had started. God she loved him.

He smirked when she came, and then removed the pressure in one swift pull. She felt the rush of all the juices that had been plugged up inside her flow out. The chill of her own juices against her sensitive sex was enough to arouse her again. She was up and ready for more in no time. After all, she was sleeping with a vampire. Amazing stamina was a must.

She felt his fingers creep inside her, and moaned. She thrust her hips, ready for him to reciprocate when she was suddenly pulled off the counter. He picked her up and then walked a bit. She still couldn't see with the blindfold on. Then, she felt him sit down with her on his lap. Squeaking, she scrambled a bit when he flipped her over.

Shivering, she felt helpless at her new position. She was on her elbows and knees, ass in the air, crouching over his lap. The helplessness she felt was a complete turn on. He pushed the thing into her pussy again, from behind this time. She felt the bumpy texture of the object scrap between her buttocks and trembled a little. Her stomach brushed against the top of his thighs as she arched her back.

In one thrust, he pushed the object completely inside her. Her walls clenched the foreign object with abandon. She moved her hips up and down furiously, trying to milk the experience of pleasure. As she shook, her clit somtimes slid against the rough denim of his jeans, hightening her pleasure even more. Eyes clenched shut underneath the blindfold, she was humping her way to sweet orgasm, when she felt a pressure on her other hole. In her ecstasy, she hadn't even realized that he had sat her up on his lap.

"Oh, baby, are you using lube?" She was so high, she could barely speak.

He didn't reply, but held her by the waist. Gently, he pushed the head of his member into her back hole. She screamed, unable to contain herself. Whatever he had pushed into her was huge, but he was even bigger. The feeling of being double penetrated was amazing, yet daunting. Her breasts shook up and down as she trembled against the pressure. He slid in slowly, careful to hold the other object in place in her vagina. When he finally slid to the hilt, he groaned.

Suddenly, he pulled off her blindfold, and twisted her around. His eyes hypnotized her as he commanded, "Touch yourself."

She looked down and was shocked to see the green skin of a cucumber poking out of her vagina. She blushed, and asked, "Is this sanitary?"

He smirked. "I guess not. We'll just have to shower, won't we?" With startling speed, he pulled the vegetable out of her, and rotated her so that she was facing him. He was still inside her though, and her back hole twisted to accomodate the motion. She moaned with pleasure.

He walked them to the bathroom and turned on the jacuzzi. While it was filling up, he turned the shower on and pulled out of her. They rinsed, and walked into the Jacuzzi, where she sunk into the hot water with bliss. There was nothing quite as great as a soak after a day of nothing but sex and him.

He crept up behind her and massaged her thighs. She leaned back into him.

Suddenly, he spread her thighs wide. She was very flexible, so her legs were almost horizontal.

"Wanna orgasm like you've never before?" he asked her.

She blushed and nodded. Secretly, she doubted she could come harder then she'd come today when he penetrated her doubly.

He pushed her over to the faucet from which the jacuzzi was filling up and sat her under it. The faucet protruded a foot from the tub, and the water level was just up to her hips where she sat on the tub. He slid her gently on her back, and pressed the backs of her thighs against the side of the tub so that she was curled in the inside of the tub. The stream of water falling from the faucet fell between her legs, and her pussy glistened in the air. Then, he moved her so that her clit was directly under the water from the faucet. She almost died.

The pleasure was excruciating. The warm water beat on her clit both was massaging and stimulating. After a day of hardcore pleasuring, this gentle stimulation was exactly what she needed. He was massaging her tits. Everything was pleasure and she could feel nothing. He met her lips with a long-awaited kiss and reached over her. She moaned, feeling her orgasm coming. She knew she needed more though. After a day with him, she was almost numb to gentle stimulation. Almost unconsiously, she reached down and pried her nether lips apart, freeing her bud of sex. The water beat directly on it, increasing the sensation on her clit.

"More," she panted. "I need more." She spazzed almost, her hips creating immense ripples in the water as she faught to raise her clit higher. Her abs strained, trying to lift her vagina even higher.

Obliging, he turned up the setting on the Jacuzzi and turned up the heat of the water. "How's this?" The pleasuring heat of the steaming water was enough to send her on yet another orgasm.

He smirked at her.

"See? I told you I could make you come." And he had. In a multitude of ways that she couldn't even remember.

She blushed and punched him. "That sounds dirty!" But secretly, she was looking forward to the next time she'd be alone. That faucet trick was definitely worth another try.