"You look... really good tonight, Bella."

Bella watched Jacob Black drag his eyes down her body, and couldn't help but wish that she'd chosen more modest wear.

She was wearing a green cocktail dress that clung from chest to mid thigh, exposing the long, tanned legs that she was quite proud of. The shoes were a gift from Jessica, and as such were much more audacious than she would've bought for herself. The dark green open toed pumps that gave an extra five inches to her height, as well as extra definition to her butt.

"Thanks," she said, nodding curtly."You're looking pretty sharp too," she said politely, indicating his suit. She wished Edward would come back soon. She hated small talk.

Jacob seemed to take her compliment for more than it was worth, and stepped closer. He put his flute of champagne down, and rested a hand on her hip. His dark eyes closed as he looked down at her slight figure.

"Bella, I miss you." His brown eyes met hers beseechingly. "Ever since you started dating Cullen, we haven't-"

"I know Jake," she said, trying subtly to remove his hand. It wasn't that she didn't like Jacob. God knew he was the sweetest person ever. She loved him- as a friend. He however, had never quite gotten the hint, even when she told him about her relationship with Edward.

Suddenly, she felt a hand wrap around possessively around her waist. Looking up, she could see Edward, looking perfect in business attire. His build, much leaner than Jake's, was very much suited for formal clothes. A breath of relief escaped, and she relaxed into his arm. Jake dropped his hand.

"Cullen," he said curtly, the dislike lightly veiled in his glare.

"Black," Edward said. There was no love lost between the two. His eyes were stormy, and Bella knew, just from his body language, that he was furious. "I'd appreciate it if you kept your hands to yourself."

"Bella wasn't complaining," Jacob said, daringly. His fists were clenched too.

Edward made a move as if to punch the younger man, but Bella held him back. "Don't, Edward." She shot Jacob a warning glance, which didn't go unnoticed by Edward. "See you later, Jake."

Jacob's eyes moved to her and his gaze softened. Edward looked even angrier at this.

She steered them to a deserted hallway in the hall where the gala was held. The sounds of the party dimmed, and the lights from the chandeliers didn't quite reach where they were standing.

"What the fuck was that?" Edward said, turning a furious glance to her.

"Jake was just trying to be friendly."

"He wants to fuck you. I can see it on him." He was staring at her now, shaking.

"Edward, you know I only want you," Bella placed soothing hands on his shoulders. Edward was rarely the angry, suspicious type, but something about Jacob Black seemed to grate on his nerves.

"I know, baby," Edward lowered his head into the crook of her shoulder. "I'm sorry I'm being such an ass. It's just-" His voice broke here, and he hugged her tight to him. "When I see him with his hands on you, I want to tear him to pieces."

Bella took his face in her hands, and brought his eyes to hers. "I love you, Edward Cullen. Not any other man."

Edward groaned and dropped his lips to hers, moving frantically. Bella responded, wrapping her arms around him. The two moved further into the shadows.

"That dress looks good on you," Edward said, growling, "But it'll look better on the floor."

Bella jumped. Here? Where anyone could walk in on them? "I don't think this is a good idea-" Her words were cut off when Edward gave a particularly hard roll of his hips. She felt how hard he was and groaned. Arousal flooded down her body.

He pushed the thin straps of her dress down her shoulders, and opened the cups of her dress. Bella braced herself against the wall, as he sucked her nipple. With every graze of his teeth and every pull of his tongue, she felt her clit tingle. His hands were impatient today, touching her roughly and possessively.

Sometimes, Edward made love to her slow and steady and gave her orgasms that left her breathless. Other times, he just threw her leg over his shoulder and fucked her hard and fast. It seemed like tonight was going toward the latter.

His large hand crept between her thighs and shoved her underwear to one side. Her dress pooled around her waist. Bella drew breath sharply when her lips were exposed to the cool air.

Secretly, the idea of being pounded into against a wall drove her insane with desire.

Edward groaned when he felt her juices leaking out from her pussy. "Damn..." Before Bella could respond, she felt the blunt head of his member pushing aside the folds of her hole.

He filled her in one thrust. Before she could get used to the feeling of being stretched, his hips began to move.

"You're so fucking tight," he hissed.

"Oh, yes yes yes yes..." Bella moaned, unable to contain herself. She scrambled for hold, settling on grabbing the back of his shirt. He was still completely dressed, with his boxers and trousers hanging low on his hips. Edward picked up the pace, and the force of his dick slamming into her shook the pictures on the wall.

"Baby, yes, that's so good... oh fuck me fuck me.." she said into his ear, voice rising with desperation. He gave her punishingly hard thrusts in response, his own vocabulary having deteriorated into groans, curses, and her name.

Bella was close, and she wrapped a leg around his waist, balancing precariously on one wobbly heel. She could feel the muscles in his back working as he continued to ram into her at what seemed like an impossible pace. He moved both hands around her ass and held her up. His face was buried in the crook of her neck, where he was sucking on her skin.

Deciding that she didn't really care who walked in on them at this point, she abandoned all fronts. Wrapping her second leg around his waist, she found purchase on his strong shoulders.

Edward leaned back to balance her on his hips, and took her nipple in his mouth again. Bella arched her back and began to ride him. Gravity assisted her, and she could feel herself sliding up and down his thick, hard length. Her juices were soaking into the band of his boxers, but he didn't care. He thrust upwards to meet her humps, and she screamed when he hit that special spot inside of her.

"Ahh!" She rode him hard and fast, her breasts bouncing out up and down. Edward's hands clenched on her hips, kneading her ass.

"Come on baby," he muttered, panting with exertion. "Cum for me." And then he began to thrust into her so fast that she couldn't keep up. Gripping his arms, she could only cling for dear life. She couldn't even feel him pull out of her anymore. It was just one never-ending wave of pure, intense pleasure. With a scream, she threw her head back and orgasmed. Her toes curled and every muscle in her body clenched.

He thrust into her through the pleasure, prolonging it. When she came down from her high, she kissed him, sucking on his lips, tongue. She loved being fucked hard.

Completely satisfied, she moved her hips gingerly, still sensitive. Edward was still hard as rock.

He began to thrust again, and she moaned, each brush against her clit magnified thousandfold. She clenched and her juices rushed out.

"Wait..." she said, clenching on his arms. He didn't listen, and began pounding her again, almost as hard as he was while she was cuming. This was different than before. Having just hit her high, every motion was intensely pleasureful and she squeezed her eyes shut.

"Ahh Edward-"

"Yeah," he growled. "Say my name." She was helpless now, her body recoiling with each one of his thrusts. He was driving into her like a jackhammer, and she felt sure that the pleasure would split her in two. "Whose fucking you right now, Bella? Whose dick are you riding?"

She moaned. His hands were clenched on her hips, keeping her pleasure was intense, heightened when he slipped a finger to the apex of her thighs where he fingered her clit. "You, Edward.. Only you."

Jacob walked into the dark hallway. He thought he'd seen her come in here. Suddenly, the sound of moaning and and rhythmic thudding sounded. Closing his eyes, he wondered if he really wanted to see what was beyond the stairwell.

But he was a selfish person. Even if it was with Edward, he wanted to see Bella.

He found them, and almost came in his pants.

Bella was gorgeous. Her skin milky and her hair unbound. She was covered in a light sheen of sweat and panting. Jacob dragged his eyes over the curves of her shoulder, the plane of her breastbone and then... The twin globes of her breasts were tipped in pink nipples- they were jiggling up and down with each one of Edward's thrusts.

Edward had her bent over, and was thrusting into her viciously. She looked almost like a ragdoll, her hands clutching onto the wall in front of her. Her gorgeous, long legs, clad in heels, spread apart and supporting her body. Her thighs were glistening with liquid that dripped from her pussy.

His eyes traveling to where Edward was ramming into her with his thick dick, Jacob was relieved to find that he was still fully dressed. Thank god. He didn't need to see nasty shit like that.

"Oh GOD!" he heard Bella scream and he saw Edward's hand creeping near her clit. "FUCK me Edward! YES YES-" Bella's voice was magnified and then she was reduced to simply screaming, her voice wavering with each one of his thrusts.

Jake's eyes narrowed in jealousy. It should've been him touching her, HIM making her cum, HIS name she screamed. Just as he made to interrupt the two, Edward raised his eyes and smirked at him, still thrusting into his girlfriend.

Bella hadn't noticed. Momentarily taking his eyes away from him, Edward murmured to Bella "Lift your ass, baby," just loud enough so that Jake would hear.

Jacob flushed with anger. Edward was obviously flaunting what he had, riling him on purpose. Bella obeyed, dropping her hands to the floor and keeping her legs straight with surprising flexibility. Jake groaned. She was so fucking beautiful. The round, perfect cheeks of her ass rode up on Edward's stomach, and he smacked one, leaving a red mark.

Jake jumped up to defend her, but then realized the sudden look on her face that passed wasn't pain but pure pure bliss.

Edward groaned, tilting his head back. "You like that don't you?"

Bella moaned in response, moving her ass even higher. Edward began to spank her, each hit making her flesh vibrate. "Oh yess baby," she said, thrusting back. Her face was flushed from exertion, but she hadn't seen Jacob. Edward, it seemed, had forgotten all about him as well in his pleasure. She was sobbing by now, and Jacob could see more of her juices sliding down her legs.

"I'm going to make you forget his name," Edward said quietly in a surprisingly coherent sentence. Then he began to take her ass so hard that Jacob thought she was going to tip over.

"Ahhh-" she screamed. The sound of their flesh slapping against each other was drowned out by the sound of Jacob's racing heart. As disgusting as it was to watch another man take his girl, Jake couldn't help but be aroused by the sight of Bella bent over and taking it.

Then, he watched her hit her peak. She came so hard that she started, each part of her body freeze and tense up. Edward kept pounding into her, reaching forward to play with her breasts. She screamed and then began moving back at almost the same speed, prolonging her pleasure. Her hair was flipped over a shoulder and Jacob could see her face clearly for the first time. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open, screaming. She looked like she was in heaven.

Her orgasm must've lasted for a solid minute. Somewhere along the way, Edward must've hit his as well because the fucker finally stopped pounding into Bella. He could see red marks on her hips where Edward's fingers were.

Limply, he watched as she straightened herself and rose to kiss her boyfriend.

"Oh god baby, that was- wow." Jacob watched in morbid curiosity as he watched them kiss and the love in her eyes killed him. "I love you, baby, only you... but if this is what happens when you get angry then I think I need to hang around Jake Black more often."

Jacob started when she said his name. Edward turned his face towards where he knew Jacob was standing in the shadows and smirked. Asshole.