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The afternoon sky was a perfect cloudless blue. Not a single cloud in sight. The sun shined brightly down onto the ground, a deep contrast to what I was feeling. It seemed impossible for a day like this to exist while it seemed like the world had suddenly come to a painful stop. I balled my fists up, looking down onto the grass, trying desperately to stop the tears from falling. I felt sick to my stomach, the kind that wouldn't go away with time, it was forever stuck, like an unwanted scar.

My right-hand man, and also my dear friend was lying in a grave. And it was my fault. If I had never asked Maes to help me in a most dangerous job, defying the Military. Why, I have no idea and I was seriously regretting it, though Maes had been my best friend through those days in Ishbal, where one could became depressed from all the killing. At least those few who were involved, and regretted each and every kill.

Painfully, I could recall every single face whose live I had taken, the men, the women and even the children. Especially the children. I don't know how long I stood standing there, but a sudden wind came and broke me out of my reverie. The grief that suddenly washed through me was almost uncontrollable and I fought the urge to fall down and start sobbing. I looked over to Riza, she was standing a distance away, giving me my own time to grieve. A sudden tear fell down my face and I squeezed my eyes shut.

I looked away, biting my lip when I felt her soft hand on my shoulder. I shivered, but she felt this and pulled away.

"Sir…" she trailed off. "Sir, it's getting quite late. You need some rest…" she stopped again.

"You're right…it's starting to rain." I mumbled, shaking in my attempt not to break down.

"Yes…" she said, obviously trying to be gentle. She started to walk away and I followed her, side by side.


I looked over to the Colonel, and saw him standing on the edge of the burial site. I looked away and thought about Maes. The annoying, but lovable Hughes who loved to shove his pictures of Elicia in everybody's faces. We all missed him, though you would never catch us saying that before, while he harassed the Colonel or his wife using the military phone lines.

I was worried about the Colonel, I knew he was going to tell himself that he was the cause of Maes' death, though it was out of his control. I looked over to him, but quickly looked away when he caught me staring. I really hoped that he wasn't going to go home and get himself drunk and pass out, or do something stupid.

I walked over to him, and gently placing my hand on his forearm, and said "Sir…", I didn't quite know what to say so I paused. Starting over I said, "Sir, it's getting quite late. You need some rest…" and I stopped, waiting for him to respond.

"You're right…it's starting to rain." He mumbled, shaking a bit. I shot him a quizzical look, but then understood when I saw a lone tear roll down his cheeks. I looked away, feeling awkward and said,

"Yes…",very gently and looked one more time at him and started to walk behind. He started to follow and we walked away from the grievous site, side by side.

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