Operation: E.L.M.O.




Only causes trouble

Chapter 1: Staging the Kidnaping On Air

It was finally time for everyone's favorite little red monster to show up on Sesame Street. As he was getting ready in his dressing room, the Delightful Children were right outside of his trailer. They were quite unsure if this was a good plan organized by Father to kidnap one of the world's most popular little monster.

"Father, are you sure this would go through?" asked the Delightful Children on their communicator.

"Sure my Children" replied Father who was sitting on his chair, "this is the perfect ploy for us to target kids when they are young by kidnaping one of their most beloved idols."

"Wouldn't it just be easier to destroy a Rainbow Monkey factory than to do something like this?" asked the Delightful Children.

"That company will only just build another one in its place" replied Father, "besides, this Elmo character is popular among younger members of the Kids Next Door. If you manage to get rid of him, they'll certainly loose all interest in opposing us."

"Fine, we'll go with your plan" replied the Delightful Children.

"I know you'll see it my way" said Father as he was signing off, "just bring him to the mansion and I'll do the rest."

Back inside the trailer, Elmo was just about to get ready to go on the show itself.

"Elmo's now ready to go greet Elmo's friends" said Elmo.

As the little red monster began to head outside, he noticed the Delightful Children right outside.

"Can Elmo help you?" asked Elmo.

"Why yes" replied the Delightful Children.

"Elmo thinks you talk strange, are you five special children which Elmo can greet on the show?" asked Elmo who was naive about the Delight Children's true intentions.

"Er, why yes" replied the Delightful Children.

"Then come with Elmo, Elmo will show you the way" continued Elmo.

The little red monster was quite well naive that the Delightful Children were indeed there for nefarious purposes. Elmo did not know that he was also quite an icon as Father mentioned with the younger members of the Kids Next Door. But as he was about to go live, the Delightful Children knew they had to act quickly if they wanted to apprehend him.

"Say Elmo, how do you feel before we began introducing ourselves on some free ice cream?" asked the Delightful Children as the camera was turned on when Elmo got into his position.

"Free ice cream, do you know such people which Elmo can thank who will hand out free ice cream?" asked Elmo.

"We do" replied the Delightful Children as they gave an evil grin.

Suddenly, an ice cream truck rammed itself right into the wall causing it to collapse. Ice cream men whom were working with Father immediately came out of the scene. Yet as the camera crew and everyone else on Sesame Street were distracted while the ice cream men really did give out free ice cream to everyone on the show, a large ice cream man placed a bag over Elmo, and promptly rushed out of the scene with the Delightful Children.

"Elmo wants to know what's going on!" cried Elmo as he noticed he was being taken off set.

"Hey, that's not in the script!" cried the director as he was busy having a large scoop of ice cream on a cone, "But I like it, roll with it!"

Poor Elmo was thrown right into the van, to which the Delightful Children and the large ice cream man leaped right into it as well. The van itself then drove right off. Yet it seemed like those whom were controlling the show were quite clueless on what was going on, and where was their most popular missing star going. But it seemed like this was going to be quite big for a certain Kids Next Door organization to certainly solve and the secret KND operatives on the Sesame Street itself were none too happy. The scene then immediately changes to Sector SS, where its leader Number 100-A wasn't too pleased with Elmo being kidnaped.

"Members of Sector SS, this is quite a breach of security, how is it that our most popular icon for us younger Kids Next Door gets kidnaped like this?" asked Number 100-A as he was with his other teammates in a command chamber shaped like a kindergartner's play area.

"I don't think we can handle something as big as this" replied Number 101-B as she was concern of the Delightful Children's involvement, "we need operatives whom are more experienced."

"Bah, those Delightful Children would pay dearly for this" continued Number 100-A, "once we smash into their mansion and take back what's ours!"

About several minutes later, the Delightful Children had arrived back in the mansion with Elmo himself whom was still in the bag he was placed in by the large ice cream man. As he was thrown out of the bag by the ice cream man, Father was very pleased by the Delightful Children.

"I'm so proud of you my Delightful Children" said Father, "you have systematically managed to ruin the days of the younger members of the Kids Next Door."

"Is this a new set for Elmo to be in on the show?" asked Elmo who was still a bit clueless on what was going on.

Father then at first was enraged by Elmo's clueless ways, but then began to think this would work to his advantage.

"You know what, we do work on Sesame Street" said Father as he turned toward Elmo, "I have been asked by the director to move you to a secret location where you'll be able to do your own show and have ten times the air time."

"Why didn't Elmo know of this in the first place?" asked Elmo.

"Er, the director wanted things to be kept secret" replied Father.

"What does Elmo wish you want Elmo to do?" asked Elmo.

"For that my little red friend, the Delightful Children will be your host" replied Father, "they'll know exactly what to do with you when the time is right."

"You mean Elmo's special new friends that were on the show when it began?" asked Elmo.

"Uh, yeah that too" replied Father, "take care now Children, I hope you manage to find a way to do in our new friend here."

As Father went toward his study area of the mansion, the Delightful Children would soon find out that this plan was more problematic and complicated than it sounded as simple as getting rid of a popular icon.