Chapter 7: Heading Back to Sesame Street

It was finally time for Sector V whom managed to elude Father's forces to head back to Sesame Street with Elmo. Elmo, the little red monster was quite still becoming quite troublesome for the remaining members of Sector V. He was obviously quite curious over the many buttons the shuttle indeed had.

"Elmo still wants to play some games" said Elmo as he was trying to touch some of the buttons on the shuttle.

"Could we tie him up please?" asked Number 4 as he was getting quite annoyed.

"How much trouble can Elmo really be?" asked Number 3.

"Elmo wants to play some games" continued Elmo as he continued to press some of the buttons at Number 4's console.

Suddenly, the boosters of the engines of the shuttle began to head into full throttle to which poor Number 2 attempted to control.

"This is too much!" cried Number 2 as he was at the wheel of the shuttle.

"Oh boy, Elmo wants to play with that too!" added Elmo.

"Grab him!" cried Number 5 to Number 4.

"With pleasure!" replied Number 4 as he began to tackle down Elmo and pin him to the floor of the shuttle.

"Elmo likes this new game!" laughed Elmo in a hysterical manner.

"Be glad that Father isn't chasing us" said Number 2 as he managed to gain control over the shuttle.

Yet Number 2 spoke too soon, as a certain Father on his private fighter jet had just come out with most of his fleet destroyed by friendly fire on the part of Sticky Beard's fleet, Father was quite angry and fed up.

"Those pathetic Kids Next Door think they can humiliate me?!" cried Father as he raced out of the scene, "I'm going to ensure they'll pay for what they did to humiliate me!"

Father then began to fire his laser weapons from his private jet at the shuttle.

"We're coming under heavy fire power!" cried Number 2 as he was trying to out maneuver Father.

"Who's firing at us?!" cried Number 4 who was still trying to pin down Elmo to the floor of the shuttle.

"Looks like Father" replied Number 5 as she noticed in the rear mirror, "and he seems pretty angry."

"Get back here, you pathetic Kids Next Door!" shouted Father, "I'm going to shoot you out of the sky, like how you shot my entire fleet out of the sky!"

"Do something!" cried Number 5 to Number 2.

"I'm on it!" replied Number 2.

Number 2 attempted to do his best to avoid Father's laser weapons that were coming toward the shuttle. Yet he was no match, as one of the lasers managed to knock down one of the engines of the shuttle.

"One of our engines is destroyed!" cried Number 2.

"Oh boy, let Elmo use it, please!" cried Elmo as he begged toward Number 5.

"No cruddy way, you're going to get us all killed!" cried Number 4 to Elmo.

"Number 5 says let the little red menace have his fun for now" replied Number 5.

Number 2 had no other choice but to allow Elmo get the wheel. The little red monster then started to have his usual fun. Father couldn't believe that he couldn't target the shuttle properly.

"Stupid Kids Next Door, these bratty kids are doing it again!" cried Father.

Father attempted to continue to fire upon the shuttle. He still couldn't believe how skilled those kids were. Yet really a certain little red monster was just having his fun. Those poor members of Sector V, however were getting a bit sick as Elmo was in control of the shuttle. The little red monster was happily laughing his head off, while everyone on the shuttle had their faces turn quite green.

"Elmo enjoys this game, Elmo can't wait to head on home!" laughed Elmo.

"Stand still stupid!" cried Father as he kept on firing.

Suddenly Father realized that he was out of ammo as he attempted to fire some lasers at the shuttle. As Father was about to press a button to switch toward his rockets, Elmo decided it was time to turn around to which the little red monster changed the course of the shuttle heading straight toward Father.

"What the?!" cried Father as he realized what was happening.

Father immediately pressed the reject button on his private jet which sent him in the air where he'd eventually pull the string revealing a parachute. After Father's private jet crashed landed on the ground, Number 2 took back the wheel.

"Now let's get this little red menace home" said Number 2.

As Sector V headed to Sesame Street, members of Sector SS were waiting for them as the shuttle struggled to land.

"It's about time" said Number 100-A, "did you bring Elmo back?"

"Like we promised" replied Number 5 to which Elmo was handed back.

"Thanks" said Number 100-A, "we'll notify those whom control the show about his return."

"Not so fast!" cried Father as he was still on his parachute about to land on the ground, "I'm going to finally get rid your precious Elmo has your icon!"

"Oh boy, Elmo has a new friend to be on the show!" cried Elmo with joy.

"Wait, no I didn't mean that!" cried Father as he landed.

A few minutes later, a certain Father found himself where Elmo was who was back on the show itself.

"Elmo would like to thank Elmo's friends for bringing Elmo back on the show" said Elmo, "nad oh, Elmo would like to introduce Elmo's new friend."

"No, I can't do this!" cried Father as he really wanted to get out of the show itself.

"Not until you say your lines" said the director.

Poor Father struggled with every ounce of his body to say the lines in question from the script. Back at the tree house of Sector V, Number 2 was having a blast watching poor Father struggling to be on the show with the little red menace.

"I guess this certainly backfired on Father" laughed Number 2.

"Number 5 hears that" added Number 5.

"Turn off that cruddy show" said Number 4, "I can't bear to see that little red menace again."

"Oh, just look how happy those two seem to be" said Number 3.

"Please, let me out of this show, I don't want to do it" cried Father.

The scene then ends with poor Father crying on Sesame Street, with Elmo trying to cheer him up.