"Who I Am Hates Who I've Been"

I'm sorry for the person I became.
I'm sorry that it took so long for me to change.
I'm ready to be sure I never become that way again
'cause who I am hates who I've been.
Who I am hates who I've been.


Draco Malfoy stared in horror as his aunt Bellatrix screamed, "Crucio you little mudblood! Crucio!" Hermione screamed out in pain. "I am NOT playing with you mudblood…I will cut you from ear-to-ear! NOW TELL ME THE TRUTH…WHERE DID YOU GET THAT SWORD?" Draco could only watch as his former schoolmate dropped to the ground screaming in agony while tears poured down her cheeks. "I swear, it's fake, we just found it…please…" Hermione's pleas changed to screams as she was hit with a fresh wave of agony while Bellatrix hit her with another curse. Draco felt the bile rise in his stomach as he turned away, no longer able to watch the torture of the brightest witch of his year. Guess those 10 OWLs were really helpful to her, he thought…a weak laugh escaped his lips at the ridiculous thought…as if OWLs mattered for anything anymore, whether the Dark Lord won or was vanquished by the bloody boy who lives…who in their right mind would give two flying sickles how many OWLs you managed to get during a bloody war. He slowly turned as Bellatrix shouted, "Draco!" As he turned to face his deranged aunt, his steel gray eyes met a pair of red-rimmed brown eyes…and a decision was made that would alter his life forever. "Forgive me mother."

Hermione felt the hot tears streaming down her cheeks; she had never felt pain like this in her entire life. She collapsed to the ground, unable to stand any longer; Hermione felt herself growing weaker and could dimly hear Ron screaming her name. She fell to the ground and hit the cold marble floor, Hermione numbly watched the floor beneath her puddle with blood. As if crucio wasn't enough, it appeared Bellatrix had made good on her threat of using her dagger. Hermione weakly turned her head as she heard her torturer scream for her former classmate…was this really how it was going to end? Her brown eyes met his steel gray eyes…was that fear she saw? She closed her eyes and bowed her head…when suddenly a cold hand grabbed her own and a feeling of darkness and suffocation closed upon her.


"Granger…Granger…GRANGER! Get up! You have to get up NOW!" Hermione opened her eyes and blearily looked around. Malfoy was on his knees and shaking her, his normally sleek blond hair was in disarray and his eyes were wide and panicky. She looked around at their surroundings; they were surrounded by trees with ominous looking ivy hanging from them. "Granger, snap out of it! I know you're in pain and you hurt but you HAVE to do something or THEY WILL BE ABLE TO FIND US! I have the Dark Mark, they'll track me and my protections won't hold up against them." Hermione weakly rose to her feet and limped in a large circle around Malfoy, muttering spells and casting protective charms around them. She slowly made her way back towards Malfoy…her steps faltered and she began falling to the ground. Malfoy jumped forward, caught her by her arm and lead her back to the center of the clearing. Hermione instantly dropped to the ground, curled into herself, and with tears still trickling from her eyes, passed out from the pain and sheer exhaustion. Malfoy sank to the ground and sat indian-style beside the sleeping witch and buried his face in his hands. 'What have I done? What is he going to do to my parents? My father is going to…' and for the first time since that horrible night his sixth year, Draco bowed his head to his knees and cried.