Sorry this chapter is so short. I was going to make it longer, but I thought that you have waited long enough for a chapter. So this is Bella's first day of school.

I woke up to the alarm clock that I set on my cell phone. I groaned, rolled over, and then went back to sleep. the alarm went off five minutes later and I finally got up. I stumbled over to my duffel bag. I hadn't unpacked yet. I was trying to put it off for as long as possible. I through on a pair of skinny jeans, a tank-top with a feather design on the side, my green converse, and my blue jacket. (Outfit on profile). I went down stairs and ate a quick bowl of cereal. After throwing it into the sink with a loud clink I turned to Phil and Rene.

"How am I getting to school?"

"I'll drive you." Rene said.

I nodded and made my way towards the door while grabbing my bag.

The car ride was silent for a few minutes before I spoke.

"Are we ever going to talk about this?"

"What is there to talk about?" Rene retorted.

"There is a lot of things that you don't know about the Cullen's and I think we should talk about this. You hardly know anything about vampires and you automatically hate them. I would have expected this from Charlie, but not from you Mom." I spat.

"Fine. When you get home."

She stopped the car. At school got out without another word. Some kids looked my way and whispered to their friends, who followed suit. I knew that the rumor hadn't spread that their was a new kid coming to town, so I'm sure that they were trying to make up for lost time on making up rumors about me. I walked into the school and found the office on my own, not in the mood to talk to anyone at the moment.

The women at the front desk gave me my schedule and a map. The school was much bigger than Forks High School, but there were much more students here than there were people in Forks. The halls were very crowded as I made my way to Algebra.

I introduced myself to the teacher, Mr. Brown. He was nice and helpful. There were assigned seats in his class. Thankfully I was blessed with a seat in the back. I passed the few students in the room. It seemed as if all of them were staring at me. This was worse than Forks. After a few minutes a girl sat in the seat next to me. She had dirty blond hair tan skin and somewhat tan skin. She smiled at me.

"Hi, I'm Mikayla." She said happily.

"I'm Bella." I said.

"I take it you're new here."

"What made you think that?" I said playfully. I liked her.

She laughed.

"So what brings you to Jacksonville?"

"I moved in with my Mom."

"From?" She was asking a lot of questions.

"Forks, Washington." I told her.

She gasped. "Really?! You're from Washington!? I heard that there a tons of vampires there. Have you ever seen one?" She talked so fast it was all one word.

I smiled, thinking about Edward, and nodded my head. "I've met a few."

Her mouth formed a small 'o' and her eyes got wide. For the rest of our time together she asked me questions about the Cullens. I didn't tell her how well I knew them, I didn't want to be labled as the vampire freak on my first day of school. She invited me to sit with her and her friends at lunch. Of course, I accepted.


I sat with Mikayla and her friends in the center of the cafeteria. Almost everybody was looking at me. The kids that sat at the table with us were very sweet and funny. They would tell bad jokes and rant about teachers and students. They tuned me into everything that was going on in the school; the people to avoid, the people I should meet, and the drama that was going on. At some point they started talking about vampires, of course. I mean, who wasn't? I added my voice into the conversation very little, even though they tried to include me into their conversation many times, probably trying to me feel a little more comfortable.

After lunch Nate, one of the boys from the table, and I went to our next class together; Social Studies. He sat next to me and we talked for a while. Nate was a chubby and awkward boy, he had long black hair and an adorable baby face. He was very kind and funny. He told me about the Social Studies teacher here; Mrs. Foster. Apparently she was terrible and only liked you if you sucked up to her. When the bell rang she walked into the room.

She had salt and pepper hair and was very large. Her face seemed to be set in a permanent scowl, I knew right off the bat that I did not like her. She stood in front of the class ans began her lesson.

"Hello class, as most of you may know, we have a new student. Isabella Swan." She gestured towards me. The class turned to lookat me and I blushed red and tried to hide my face. "Today we will revisiting the last classes lesson." She said then turned to the black board.

"Which is?" I whispered to Nate.

"Vampire 101. They have to teach us about them now."

"Now class... Who can tell me the characteristics of a vampire?" Some hands in the class shot up. It looked as id some other paople knew the answers but didn't want to bother.

"Bella." She chose on me all of a sudden. I didn't even raise my hand.

"Ummm.... Pale and cold skin." I offered.

Mrs. Foster wrote it down on the board. She chose on other students then. The board soon had a fairly long list of things. Then a girl from the back of the class was chosen on.

"Fangs." She said in a monotone voice.

"Correct." Mrs. Foster said and then turned towards the board to write it down.

I snorted.

Everyone turned to me.

"Do you ave something to say, Isabella." Mrs. Foster asked.

"Actually, yes. I would really appreciate it if you called me Bella." I said trying not to sound rude. "And vampires don't have fangs."

"Bella, I am the teacher here. Vampires have fangs, that's common sense." She said dismissively.

"Dracula, has fangs." A random boy said.

"Dracula also sleeps in a coffin, dies in sunlight, and is scared of garlic." I retorted bitterly.

"Do you have a point to your rant, miss Swan?"

"Reall vampires are nothing like that."

"Have you ever met a vampire, miss Swan?"

"Yes, have you." Nate was right, this women was terrible.

Then my words caught up with me. Everyone was staring at me, wide eyed. I could really be an idiot sometimes.

The bell rang, signalling that it was time to go to the next class. I bolted out of the class room and made a B-line towards PE. Gym was the usual torture. I was forced to play volleyball. People learned to avoid me after a few minutes.

When class was over and I had changed, I rushed out of the gym and towards the parking lot. I found Rene's car in the corner of the parking lot. I got in and slumped into my seat, thinking about he used bring me home after school.

"How was school?" Rene asked.

"Just peachy." I said bitterly.

Other than that the ride home was silent. When we got home Phil was in the living room, reading a magazine. When he looked up and saw us he set it down on the coffeee table. Rene sat on the couch and I sat on the love seat, not wanting to sit next to her and this particular moment.

"You wanted to talk to us."

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