Edward has already left so it's in New Moon. It starts when Bella is with Jess in Port Angeles.

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"Bella? Bella! What are you doing?!" Jess shrieked. I ignored her, this guy intrigued me. He was tall, maybe 5'11" or 6' even, he had light tanned skin, and painfully smooth light brown eyes—probably Hispanic. He had a mischievous smirk set on his lips and he looked like trouble.

Bella, listen to Jessica. Go back. Edward's voice rang within my head. I ignored him too; I wanted to do something… well, something bad for once. I neared the guy, he was really cute.

Isabella Marie Swan! Go back to Jessica! Edward's voice ordered.

Bite me, leech. I thought icily.

"Bella!" Jess cried, still standing at the crosswalk. I waved her to go away.

"Fine, I'm just going to go and leave you here with that creep!" She shrieked. I looked at him again, biting my lip.

"Do you think I'm a creep?" He asked smoothly, his voice wasn't too deep, but not high-pitched. It was a little mumbled—a little gangster. And I liked it.

"Not one bit." I said sweetly, holding my wrist by my side and swinging my hips. He looked interested.

"Want to hang with us?" He asked, pointing at the three guys behind him.

"Hmm…" I pretended to think "…Sure."

"Aight. I'm Vinny." He said. I smiled.

"Is that short for something?" I asked.

"Vincent." Vinny said "And you are?"

"Isabella. But, call me Bella." I said.

Leave, Isabella. Go home. Now. Edward's voice grumbled angrily in my mind.

I thought I shut you up. I snapped mentally. Vinny put his arm around my shoulders, his hand touching my left arm.

"Dis is Tank. He onl' speaks Spanish. Tanque es Bella." Vinny said, introducing me in Spanish to his friend.

"Hola." Tank said gruffly. I waved my pale hand.

"Dis is Tank's brother, Turk. He onl' speaks Spanish too. Turco es Bella." Vinny said.

I waved to Turk before asking "Are you the only one that speaks English?"

"No." Vinny laughed, "Bernie can speak English too."

"Good, I don't know much Spanish." I said, Vinny laughed again.

"I can teach you sometime." He said.

"Why not make that sometime, tomorrow?" I asked, giving Vinny another sweet smile.

Isabella Marie Swan! Do not invite that… that thing over to your home! Edward's voice retorted hotly. It didn't hurt to hear his voice. I didn't feel the hole in my chest anymore—at least not that badly. Vinny, even Tank, Turk, and Bernie were helping heal it already.

Shut up. I ordered the imaginary voice. Damn, I depended on that boy too much when he was around.

"Sure. Where do you live?" Vinny asked.

"Forks, I live in the small white house down street from the high school." I said.

"Aight. See ya then." Vinny said. He and his friends—now mine as well—started to walk away. I grabbed his hand.

"Ya Bella?" He asked, looking back at me.

"I'll give you my cell number—incase my dad's home." I said, pulling out a sharpie. I wrote my number on his arm and he walked away smiling, so did I, but in the opposite direction. I rang a cab over and got a ride home. I was going to be a little late. Oh well.


The next day Vinny called me around noon. Charlie was out on rounds so I told him to come on over. I didn't get in any trouble with Charlie last night because he was just happy that I got out of the house. I heard the doorbell ring and half-expected to see a silver Volvo in the gravel driveway.

Don't let him inside Bella. Edward's voice growled.

Shut it, vamp. I growled back. I opened the door with a smile. Vinny stood on the porch, his short dark curls dewed with rain; he was wearing a leather jacket over a white t-shirt, which had an oil stain on it, and baggy jeans. I looked behind his shoulder and saw a motorcycle. Yes, a motorcycle.

"Hey Bell." He said.

"Hey Vinny." I said.

"Nice bike." I commented.

"Thanks, chica," Vinny said.

"Are you going to teach me Spanish?" I asked. I felt his eyes drifting up from my feet.

He smirked. I was wearing really short shorts, and a tank top. I was getting a little cold. ""


"No, Bell, you got ta roll da 'r' say it like dis Alimentar el perro." Vinny corrected. He was teaching me a simple sentence, 'Feed the dog'. He had a Spanish book, so I could practice while he wasn't there. I picked up the book. It wasn't a school book.

"¿Podemos tener relaciones sexuales?" I asked. His mouth fell open.

"What?" He asked.

"Can we have sex?" I asked in English. He blinked a few times.

"Do you really want to?" He asked.

"Yeah, do you?" I asked.

"I like you Bell, but not now. " Vinny said.

The front door opened, and Charlie shouted "Bells! I'm going to be home late!"

"Aight!" I called back, adopting Vinny's speech already. The front door slammed closed.


I was back at Port Angeles, waiting for Vinny and Bernie outside a small shop.

"Hey girl." A voice I didn't recognize said, unfamiliar arms pulling me to his body. I looked back and saw a tall black guy, wearing a football jersey and baggy pants. He pulled me into an alley, I knew what he wanted.

"Go ahead." I said. He looked at me in surprise. He pulled off his shirt, and I stripped myself naked, saving time. I don't know why but I wanted…sex.


Hehehehe… Bella's a bad girl!!! Getting sex from the random guy instead of Vinny or Edward! She's definitely more original peronsalitied than real Bella.

Hope you liked this chapter, and next chapter will contain adult content, but only in the beginning. Then the real drama will start…