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This explains what happens to all the characters after the wedding.

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"Thanks again for coming over to help with the kids, guys, they've really missed you." I said, smiling at four pale figures at the front door.

"It's no problem at all, Bella, we love the kids." Rosalie said with a big smile. When my old friends came into the entry hall, a chorus of small cheers filled my ears. I balanced my youngest daughter on my hip—little Samantha was only eighteen months old, and our fourth child.

Three tan children ran in from the kitchen, each jumping into the arms of one of their "aunts" or "uncles".

"Rafael, Zack, Marisol, get back—oh, hey Rose, Em, Jazz, Alice." Vinny said as he came running in after our four year old triplets, "How've you guys been?"

"We've been great," Alice beamed, setting down Marisol and directing her smile at my husband.

Our triplets were identical twin boys plus a girl—Rafael and Zack were our boys, both donning black curls and smooth brown eyes. Marisol inherited the same black hair, and big, chocolate brown eyes. Sammie, our youngest, was paler than her older siblings and had so far inherited my brown locks and Vinny's brown eyes.

"But how have you six been?" Alice asked as Emmett and Rose set Rafael and Zack down.

"We've been great—my book has finally gotten accepted by the publishing company, and Vinny's business is going great." I said, adjusting the tot on my hip. After just graduating college, and taking care of the triplets at the same time I was getting my degree in Literature, I had finally finished writing my first novel and got it accepted by a publishing company. Meanwhile, Vinny had started out opening an auto shop, but when he got his degree the small shop grew into a Classic Car and Motorcycle dealership and an auto shop. Today, Barceló Classic Cars and Cycles is one of the most popular dealerships in Seattle.

"And how have the kids been doing?" Rose asked after Emmett took the boys and Marisol, our resident tomboy, out to toss the football around.

"They've been great, Rose. Marisol and the boys adjusted to having a new baby around the house quickly." I said with a smile, setting Sammie in her playpen as we strolled into the living room.


Angela's POV

Life's been going great for Ben and I; we're expecting twins in a matter of months and I'm halfway through med school! Ben is part of a rather small law firm right now and is working as a prosecution lawyer. We've moved from Forks to Seattle and were married three months after Bella and Vinny's wedding.

We still see the Cullens from time to time and we try to visit Bella, Vinny and their four children at least once a month. Sometimes Bella and I will go out and go shopping, or get lunch, or something fun like that. Ben and Vinny hang out sometimes too; like last year we had a super bowl party at our apartment and the boys had a lot of fun talking about football, and teaching Bella's boys the game.

Ben and I are absolutely thrilled about having twins—we found out that we're having one boy and one girl. We've also picked out names already—Spencer for our daughter and Nicholas for our son.


Vanessa's POV

Bernie and I got married just after my brother and Bella's wedding; it didn't smooth to well with Vinny, but he got used to his best friend being married to me. It's a good thing that they were always like brothers, or else it probably would have been a lot worse.

I was thrilled when Bella and Vinny told me Bella was pregnant, and I soon found out that I was pregnant too. We—Bella and I—were both supposed to have triplets, but one of my little girls died in the womb. But we have the two surviving triplets, Manuela and Daniel—Manny and Danny—our second little girl was going to be named Andrea, or Andy.

I'm studying to become a teacher online and Bernie is working on his own degree in Music Production; he wants to become a big shot record producer.


Edward's POV

Since Bella's wedding my family and I have moved from Forks to Mobile, Alabama—another small, rainy little town. Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, and Jasper still visit our, no, their old friends from Forks. The humans in question: Isabella, Vincent, Angela, Benjamin, Vanessa, and Vincent's friend, Bernard.

I refuse to call anyone by their nicknames anymore and it gets on my family's nerves sometimes. I don't care. I don't care about anything much anymore. I don't have my Bella, my Isabella.

But it seems that I cannot do anything to get her back. She has a family now, and she deserves her happy ending with her human prince.

Everyone had a happy ending.

Everyone except me, of course.


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