a/n: I've edited this one because at first it seemed so…run-on and sloppily written. I added some punctuation and corrected some spelling errors. I've also seperated out the stanzas because this site changes my formatting when I upload poetry. This was written last year during my third period Media Aide class.


Savoring another day,

Out to make it turn to gray.

Longing for a purpose here,

Knowing that the end is near.


Moonlight spills a vicious glow.

Claymore kills, a fatal blow.

Laughing as he goes insane,

Only to forget the pain.


Luck is far away from him,

Memories caught on a single whim;

Anger under eclipse's shadow,

Fear of what will break tomorrow.


Loyalty craved to be found,

Never drowning any sound.

Stumbling but he never falls,

Heeding Superior's constant calls


Staring at the heart-shaped moon,

Raging power clearing soon;

Never losing mindful desire,

Never to at last retire.


A/N: Well, there's the edited version. I hope it was better flowing and easier to read. Anyway, comment if you wish!