Full summary- Six incredibly different people, who don't want anything to do with each other are thrust together. How will they take it? Will they remain enemies or become friends. Will love interest be struck or will hate remain the dominant feeling?

Alice- In a world where everyone was trying to fit in, she refused to blend in.(Nonconformist)

Bella- When everyone else wanted to spotlight she preferred to be a wallflower. (Bookworm)

Rosalie- Everyone wants to be perfect-she was without trying (Queen bee)

Jasper- Surrounded by big names, he'd rather be anonymous (Punk)

Emmett- Under his easy going cool calm and collected mask, he had to be the best (Jock)

Edward- Despite his player status and daily one night stands he was looking for true love (Player)

But whether they'd admit it or not they all really wanted one thing-Acceptance.


I sat down in the cafeteria next to Angela. She smiled as I sat down but didn't say neither did I. I didn't talk much even to Ang-who was one of my only friends.

We were sitting near the doors-where the "nobody's" sat. I really didn't care about social status though I was only here to get an education so that I could be a lawyer/writer/musician . I wasn't so crazy about the first but my mother had always dreamed of being a lawyer-but then she got pregnant with me and well it turned into a pipedream. So I felt as if I sort of owed her for that.

The door opened with a chilly gust and three girls walked in all of them were wearing cheerleading outfits despite the cold weather. They were all blond too though the one in the middle was the only one who was so naturally. Rosalie Hale she was gorgeous you had to admit that much. She was also the queen bee of Forks High. She had a perfect figure that every girl envied (even I who thought nothing of outer appearances wouldn't have minded borrowing some of her cleavage).

She turned to one of her "henchmen". Jessica and Lauren ugh! They were insanely materialistic and stuck up. The girl she had turned to laughed. Then Rosalie continued through the cafeteria waving and winking to the football guys.

"Slut" someone said behind I turned around and there stood Alice Brandon she was talking to one of her friends from one of the arts clubs she was in. Alice Brandon was truly a piece of work.

She was into every art imaginable and good at them too. She was the president of the Thespian troupe always got the solo's in the school concerts, took art class and even had framed pieces hanging in some of the halls courtesy of the principal. She also made her own clothes.

At the moment she was wearing what looked like a dance tutu except it was black and lime green. She was wearing it over a pair of green skinny jeans that looked as if she had bedazzled them. She was wearing a hot pink peasant top over a matching hot pink cami and she was wearing black wedge heals to top it all off.

Her black hair was in it's usual spiky disarray. "Yeah I know" her friend said and they both rolled their eyes before walking away.

I continued looking around the cafeteria. I saw the jocks in one corner they were laughing loudly and obnoxiously calling over to the cheerleaders. Emmett McCarty was the alpha of the jocks if you could even call it that. He was THE jock like honestly I couldn't think of a sport he didn't play.

I moved on to the -well I didn't know what exactly to call this group without sounding judgmental but punk sounded the best way to put it. They wore skinny jeans and black for the most part though there was some red in there too. They all had black hair too except for one. Jasper Whitlock.

He had blond hair, beach blond. He stuck out from his friends but that didn't seem to bother either of them. They were talking to each other occasionally laughing quietly-not anything like the jocks in fact every once in awhile they would scowl over at the jock corner.

Then there was another section where the "cool people" sat but there was a lot of different types of people. There was the rich kids then there were the players and then there were the all around nice people that actually deserved to be considered cool-well a few at least.

Edward Masen joined them then an arm around the waist of a stawberry blond girl( Tanya I think but I'm not sure I don't keep track of the girls that the great Edward dates.) When he joined the group with the girl everyone at the table looked to him and pulled him into a seat in the midst of their group. The girl having no chair to sit now decided on his lap instead.

I turned away and rolled my eyes. The reasons that these five had drawn my eye was because we were in theory supposed to be best friends, all of our parents were best friends. They had been since they were in high school. In fact right now they were all vacationing together in Florida. But we couldn't be on worse terms. They had thought we would all be best friends. But ever several "play dates" they gave up on that dream.

Rose thought that we were all freaks and below her (well Emmett was ok he was near her because of his jock status she claimed to only date college boys and therefore Emmett was not suitable company for her to keep).Alice thought they were all too main stream (and she found Jasper to be depressing) Edward never hung out with guys that weren't his close personal friends and only hung out with girls that were willing to give him their virginity. Jasper well he didn't talk much ( a lot like me). And Emmett well he really didn't care but none of us were particularly interested in talking to him.I was far too shy to talk to any of them(not that I particualarly wanted to).

Ang was watching me watching the cafeteria.

"Interested in anything in particularly" she joked.

"Nah just the way of society- all the groups it's ridiculous" I said indicating the rest of the cafeteria.

And in a way it was we were all in complete groups and it was all so painfully obvious. No one denied that our school was clique central because they knew it was. It was what happed with a small school. But everyone seemed happy that way. They all had their "groups" and as long as no crossed the invisible but incredibly obvious lines nothing went wrong. As long as every stayed in their "place" . The peace was kept, as long as the lines were left uncrossed and not tampered with everything was fine. And no one wanted to cross that line anyway.

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