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The Girl


Rorschach's Journal:

September 18th, 1978

Met a strange girl today. Young girl, blonde hair. Saw her walking down street, singing, attracting attention to herself. Didn't seem to notice. Maybe didn't care. Just kept walking and singing, looking at the sidewalk. Didn't recognize the song, but the singing was nice. Girl not very small or pretty, but small and pretty enough that she shouldn't be walking along the streets when it's starting to get dark by herself and she shouldn't notice me. But she did look at me. Most people don't look at me when I don't have my face on. She looked at my sign, then at my mask. Smiled. That's how I knew she was strange.

Watched her as she kept walking. Some men follow her into an alley. I went and got my face. Wasn't far, didn't take long.

When I got back, she was fighting them. Not winning, but fighting. Tallest man hit her in the head, knocked her down, before I broke his leg. Quickly, broke face of another with my fist, blood splattering up my arm, and arm of last one against dumpster. Would have finished them, but girl in the way. Moved toward me and touched my face. Felt her fingertips through the cloth against my cheek. She smiled again. Not afraid of me. Confused me that she wasn't afraid. Caught me off guard. Wasn't sure what to do and screams of attempted rapists attracting attention, so turned away and left swiftly.