Warning lemon in this chapter. Ok so this is the very end. after a convincing review I decided to give a recap of Bella's new life. I hope you like it and please read ALL of it before you exit out I promise it will be worth it.

A Year Later

After everything that's happened to me people would think that I would shy away from anything involving intimacy at all. I am proud to say that is not the case with me. I'll admit I'm not perfect and sometimes I can't help but shy away from certain people. I talk to people about it though and I don't keep it all bottled in. In the beginning I was ashamed of what happened to me, but after I went to therapy I finally believe in myself to know that, that's just not true.

Recently with the help of Carlisle and many of the dedicated staff of Forks hospital I have created a support group for all rape victims, men, women and children. For obvious some people must be kept apart and extreme cases must be counseled separately. I proudly named it Arizona Rising, after my dog who changed everything for me. Some people who have heard my story thinks it's entirely stupid to pin all my success on my dog. I disagree, Arizona needed me, with her around I wasn't able to sink down so far into myself I might have never resurfaced, she gave me cause to wake up in the morning and face what the day had in store for me. In return for caring for all her basic needs she gave me unconditional love, the type of that even when I yelled at her for pooping in my favorite pair of slippers and she would cower away knowing she did wrong, she will still come and rest her head in my lap and lick my hand if I had a bad day, that she would risk her life if need ever arises, again. She would do it in a heart beat.

Arizona died five months after coming home, the internal damage was too much. If I had wanted I could have kept her alive for longer, but she would have been in too much pain, she would have endured to many surgeries that would have endangered her life and hindered her quality of life. The night she passed I rested her head in my lap as my tears feel on her soft fluffy head. I told her how much I loved her and how she changed my life and I could never in my life repay her for that. I looked into her blue eyes as I told her one last time that I loved her, she had tear tracks running from her eyes and gave one last lap at the hand I had near her muzzle. She slowly let out one last breath and cuddled into my embrace. I cried for a week straight and I refused to talk to anyone, not even Edward could force me from my self imposed exile. She's buried in the Cullen's back yard under a weeping willow tree.

In the spring the tree sprouts beautiful pink blossoms, as even the softest breath from mother nature wisps by the petals fall from the tree and dances along the green vast land. I like to think that's her basking in her eternal home, the perfect yard full of life and everything that Arizona embodied. Sometimes as I'm standing near her grave talking about my day I find myself wishing I fought harder for her.

"It was her time." Alice said as she sat next to me gently patting the ground next to me.

"But maybe-"

"No Bella, she fulfilled her purpose on this Earth. I saw what would have happened if you decided to keep up with trying to get her back to her once spotless heath. Her fist surgery would have left her unwilling to eat for three days, she would have lost almost all her fur from stress after her second surgery, her third would have forced her into unbearable pain and on her fourth well she would died before they could have even opened her up. I know it sounds harsh but that's exactly how it would have happened. Bella by letting her go you saved her life." I looked at Alice with wetness seeping down my cheeks.

"Really?" I sobbed, Alice smiled and nodded. Suddenly a breeze rolled by causing the pink petals to caress my cheek. I took that as I sign from Arizona that she still loved me and that she was thankful that I let her go with her dignity intact.

Though even after everything I never though I would make it to this day. The day that has made every pain worth having. Every hardship that much easier to endure, looking into Edward's topaz eyes and seeing nothing but unbridled love as he said, "I do."

My Wedding.

God I never thought those words would ever pass from my lips. But they did and now it was the moment of truth. Every therapy session, every talk every tear was leading me up to this moment, the night I would consummate my marriage. The night I would give myself whole heartily to Edward and it would be completely willing.

"are you sure you can do this Bella." Edward asked as his lips ghosted over mine his cold hands trailing from my sides to rest lovingly on my shoulders, his fingers playing with the thin straps.

"Yes, God yes. I want you, all of you. I want it all." I moaned as I pulled his white dress shirt from its proper place tucked in Edwards black pants. My fingers slowly unbutton each of the little plastic baubles from it's tiny slits. I marveled at each inch of exposed flesh that was offered for me. I swallowed thickly in desire and gave Edward a seductive look and flicked out my tongue as I licked him from his toned abs to his nipple where I nipped and suck. Edward thru his head back and moan as it ended the beginnings of a growl begun.

"You Mrs. Cullen shall pay for that delicious maneuver." Edward growled out as he picked me up and jumped onto the soft bed where he placed sensual kisses from behind my ear down to my cleavage. Edward lifted my shoulder blades and unzipped the cream colored dress, as the dress was removed from my body Edward fierily cold lips followed. Once my dress was removed he trailed his nose from my ankle to the back of my knee and placed a soft kiss there. His lips then left a fiery wake up my thigh. By now I knew I had soaked thru my virginal white panties making them useless in hiding my virtue. Edward smirked once he reached the juncture between my thighs, with a flick of his tongue he lapped at my sex thru the thin barrier. Sudenly for once I saw Edward in a different light as he glanced at me. I saw him as a man who had no idea what he was doing. I lifted his chin and lead him up to my lips to give him a soft loving peck.

"Hey it's ok to be scared, I am too. Remember this is my first time too." Edward smiled as he tucked his nose into my neck and chuckled.

"I just don't want to hurt you." He mumbled, his cold breathe causing delicious things to occur over my heated flesh.

"You won't Edward your control is spotless and I love you far to much to not tell you if something doesn't feel right. I could never let you live with that kind of guilt. Now dear husband of mine you have on entirely to much. Let us rectify that huh?" I asked trying to sound seductive, as I felt Edward smile in my skin I had a since of pride to realize that to Edward I was sexy and sensual.

"Yes love, lets." I slipped my hand down Edward's snowy chest to the waist band of his pants where I unbuttoned him. Using my feet I rid Edward of his offensive garment and smirked as his man hood sprung free. Edward went commando? Yummy.

"All for you love." Edward whispered into my ear licking the shell before taking my ear lobe into his. I arched my back as Edward cupped my left breast pinching and pulling at my sensitive nipple.

"Yes." I hissed. Edwards mouth enveloped the right breast lapping and pulling with his lips being careful with his venom coated teeth. By now my lady parts were tingling and begging for friction. I shifted my hips upward letting out a loud moan as I came in contact with Edward's erect cock. He sat up slowly hooking his thumbs then pulling, ripping the delicate material from my hips. And there I was laid bare for Edward only and under his penetrating gaze I felt loved. He took a deep breathe and lined his man hood with my tender opening. Slowly he slipped in, no resistance, never for him.

Edward had to clench his eyes shut to catch himself from letting go to early. After a few ragged breaths his orchard eyes met my milk chocolaty ones. With my smile and a tender touch I told him I was fine, and I was. With that he pulled out and thrust in, soon enough we had a rhythm going but it wasn't enough.

"Harder." I moaned wishing my coiled body would give way to ultimate ecstasy. Edward's brows scrunched together as he lifted my hips from the bed and sped up his pace. So close I heard him murmur. I groaned as I fisted the sheets. Once of his hands lift my hips but his fast paced tempo continued unaffected. With his free hand he used the pad of his thumb to stroke my bundle of nerves causing my tightly wound body to burst into a million pieces.

"Edward." I screamed with my release, spurring him o let go. He roared my name as three long cool spurts of his seed was emptied into me. Edward pulled out and quickly flipped us to where he was under me holding my over heated body to his chilled form. As my heart calmed I snuggled into his side smiling and kissing him anywhere I could reach.

"I love you Edward, I'm nothing if not grateful for your love." I mumbled as sleep was over taking consciousness.

"No need to thank me love, for I am nothing but a monster with your love." I wanted to argue, but I knew I'd have and eternity to convince him of his innocence, and eternity to show him his self worth.

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