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Flashback of 5 years ago...

Knock. Knock. A young woman looked at her baby girl sadly. How badly she wanted to keep her! But for her saftey she must leave her. She had a note explaining everthing. The woman kissed her daughter on her forehead.

"Good-bye, my baby. Good-bye Uchia Akira." And she left.

When the couple opened the door, the woman was so far away the couple wouldn't ever find her, if they looked. They just took the baby inside and read the note. The wife, Shika, rocked the baby back and forth and said softly,

"Welcome to the Chena household, Uchia Akira."

End of flashback.

"Come on, mom! We're almost there! I'm not gonna be late, not today!" Chena Akira called over her shoulder to her mother, Chena Shika. Today was her first day at the Kohna Academy. She was going to learn how to be a ninja! Exciting!

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