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Akira woke to the pleasant smell of corn muffins, her favorite breakfast food, wafting in from the kitchen. She got out of bed and ran to the kitchen. There she saw her mother looking in the oven, making sure nothing was burned or something. The woman heard her daughter's entry and looked up, a smile on her face.

"Hey, Mom." Akira greeted. She moved to sit at the table as she waited for breakfast. Shika came over kissed her daughter on the forehead and wished her a happy birthday.

"I have something for you. I know you don't care to much, but it's a family heirloom and I want you to have it. So come into the living room when you're finished."

After Akira finished her muffins, she went into the living room when like her mother told her. Shika was sitting on one of the chairs and Akira took the sofa. Shika had a box in her lap, which she gave to her daughter with a smile. She always smiled when Akira was around and in a good mood. Akira took the box and opened it. Then she gasped. Inside lay a silver necklace with a small diamond at the bottom, with a T ingraved in the middle. The girl guessed the T stood for Tensu, Shika's maiden name.

"Mom, I..I...Thank-you! But can I really have it? I mean, I know I'm your daughter in everything but blood, but this, this has been handed to Tensu woman for ages!"

"And you are as Tensu and Chena has I or your father was. This is rightfully yours." Akira protested, but when Tensu Chena Shika said something, it was firm. That was how she was.

Akira spent the rest of morning with her mother and friends, requiring a pack of kunai, a ring, a buch of reading scrolls, and a picture frame with a picture of her, Emiko and Mamoru after they had graduated. But the best gift besides the necklace (to be fair to Shika) came with her regular visit to Sasuke.

She arrived at the training grounds where Sasuke found out that he had a niece. She turned around to see her uncle standing on a tree branch. "Hey." She greeted. He acknowledged her with a nod and came down from the branch. Sasuke walked up to her and paused, as if he wanted to say something, but wasn't sure how to word it. Finally he said,

"Today's your thirthteenth birhtday,right?" She nodded. "Happy birhtday. Come with me. I've got something for you." Akira was puzzled, but did as he said. After a little while, she knew where they were heading. The Uchiha compound! Since Sasuke had started to interact with her, she had begged him to take her to the compound, but he had refused, instead asking what could be exciting about a deseased clan's old compound, pretty much a ghost town, except his house. But then she would say that not all of the clan was deseased. Then he would glare at her, and she would be the wise girl she was and no more was said on the matter. But now, he was taking her there! But why? Was this her present? If it was, it was a pretty good one.

"We're here." Sasuke said. They had come into the compound and Akira could see that the compound was a village itself, but so lonely. She wondered what it must feel like, living here alone, knowing why it was so void of life, because your own brother killed them all.. It must be horrible, Akira thought. She was suddenly glad she wasn't born at that time, so she didn't know what a feeling of lost was. Indeed, aside from her father's death and the reaction of the children when they had first discovered she was Uchiha, Akira led a fairly good life. But she knew what the families and friends of the ninja she had killed and captured, interrogated and questioned, must feel when they found out their loved ones weren't coming home, killed or captured by the enemy. But such was the life of a shinobi; as a person, you live and die, no matter how young or old, natural or murder. Actually, every death was natural, death was apart of life. Simple as that.

So lost was she in her own world, Sasuke had to nudge her to get her attention. In his hands was a katana with the Uchiha symbol on it. Akira gasped. A katana was a sword that she could channel her chakra in, making a very powerful attack. It could also be wieldedas a simple sword, Sasuke explained. He used his own to enhance his Chidori.

"And you're giving me this one? But why don't you have the one with the Uchiha symbol on it." "I have my reasons." Was his answer.

"Thank-you! Just going here was a good gift, but thank-you!" Sasuke allowed a smile to appear on his lips. "Glad you like it, kid. Now go home. I have to get ready for a mission tomorrow. Ah, man, that baka needs to give me harder missions, or I'll become a mission for him again." Akira smiled at that as she ran home. She knew he wouldn't do that. She looked over her shoulder to see the Jounin going into the house. She called out to him,

"Thank-you again, Sasuke-oji." That caught both of them off guard. Akira hadn't meant to say that, it just came out. Sasuke didn't look mad or anything, just surprised. Before he came out of his daze, Akira ran out of the compound, lost in a daze herself.

As she ran, her uncle looked at her retreating form, shocked. The girl had once called him that, just to gauge his reaction, and he had nearly jumped a mile. He told her not to call him that, it made him jumpy. Being the wise girl she was, she didn't press the matter. Sasuke shook his head. He would have to aske her soon.


A week after Akira's birthday...

Akira and Sasuke were sitting on the bench by Konoha's gate, the former waiting for the latter to say something, the latter trying to figure out how to ask her what he wanted to ask. Finally,

"Akira, what...what would you think of...of living...with me?" This caught the young Uchiha off guard. When she didn't say anything, Sasuke added hastily,

"I mean, you don't have to, but it was just a suggestion." Akira looked at him for a second and finally found her voice.

"I..I, uh..I'd have to think about it, but, I..I'd like it. If it weren't for my mom, I would. But I don't think it's very fair." Sasuke nodded. he understood. "Alright. I'll wait. Have a good night." Akira was confused, but then she noticed it was probably 11:30 by now. She nodded and the two went their seprate ways.

But when Akira got home, there were a buch of medic nins crowded around her house and an ambulance beinng loaded with a stretcher. Alarmed, Akira ran to the nearest medic and demanded to know what was going on. The woman sighed and, bending down to Akira's height, told her gently that her mother had died peacefully in her sleep.

Tears gathered in the girl's eyes as she ran to the stretcher, knocking a lot of medics aside. She reached her mother and let the tears flow freely. The people stepped back to give the girl one last moment with her mother.

Akira cried over her mother and apologized for spending so much time with Sasuke, leaving her alone, for everything she had done wrong over the last 13 years, so fulled with grief was she. She cried for her mother, her father, her birth parents, the children and parents who had shunned her, she cried for the world that night, it seemed. She was finally pried from her mother's side by a medic, who explained that they had to take Shika'sbody to the morgue. Then the girl was asked if she had anywhere to stay. Akira immediately thought of Sasuke and told the medic she did.

So that's how Sasuke found Akira in his doorway that night, a backpack on her back and a bag in her hand. His niece smiled shyly but sadly and told her uncle what had happened and asked if his offer still stood. In way of answer, Sasuke opened the door wider to allow her entry.