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Chapter One: Crimson Red


That demon…

The horses were neighing, the pain and hard metallic thing that hit them made them cry. Clicking and shooting sounds were perceive, another shoot fired the wheel and the carriage then stop from moving. A man with enticing red eyes came out and shouted something to the person that was left inside the carriage, and then he step out. It was him, the ferocious and powerful butler who serves an earl to the full extent. Holding nothing on his hands, he faced the group of bandits alone and on his face there was no fear you could distinguish. A bandit gritted his teeth and attack first the butler, but he should have known…that that butler is unmerciful to anyone who dares to hurt his master. They should have known that he is a demon…who fears no one. He can stand and annihilate that great population of bastard bandits that surround him, not only him but around the carriage as well. He was being committed to fight those bandits and so unable to undertake neither to sense that someone's already been inside the carriage he's protecting at.

That master…

A middle-ranking English nobleman, a much known earl at England is at the middle of his travel way back to his mansion. No matter what, he must be on his proper destination since two days from now his 18th birthday will be the headline news all over the country. Yes, a party but not just an ordinary party for even the Queen is going to attend his most awaited celebration. And besides, his birthday is the longtime awaited day of his parents and relatives. But for him, it's not a big deal…its' just normal, the only difference is that – it's a bit unusual. However, seems like this day is just so cruel to him since a group of outlaws ambushed his carriage. It's not a group because it appears to be that those bandits cover a whole street, hundreds or more of them eventually. His butler ought to have obstacle for the first time dealing with those outlaws for he didn't even realize that some of them dared to enter the carriage. Subsequently, he could feel someone grabs his hand and fainted afterwards after he inhaled a scent from the handkerchief that covers his mouth.




That encounter…

The combat ended, the butler straightens his poise and scoured his black pants, wiping and brushing the dust that glued on his suit. Those bandits who dared ambush them were knocked down, lying helplessly on the ground. He smirk, it was just an easy task. Though he admits that he find it a bit difficulty to knock them at the same time, for there were hundreds of them. Serenely, he steps inside the carriage only for him to find the emptiness of the coach…his red eyes glowed in fury as he clench both of his hands. "My Lord…" he utters, he didn't just know that this encounter will change everything, change everything without him expecting.




"What are we going to do with this guy? Seems like he posses nothing but only that golden brooch fastened on his suit." A guy with red hair broke the solid silence that bombarded the filthy basement.

A dude with a red handkerchief which covers his temple went closer at the laying and unconscious hostage on the floor, he kneeled down, grabbed and unfastened the brooch on the hostage's suit. He took a look in it and frowned after a moment of observation. "There's something strange engraved in it." The dude said. The man sitting proudly on the couch, more likely he's the leader of the group commanded, "Read it then."

The dude puckered his brow and instead of reading what's on the brooch he just handed it to his fellow beside him, "You read it, I can't understand what its saying." The fellow grabs the brooch and answered back, "How can you understand, you don't even know how to read. Idiot."

"What it says?" the leader seems irritated.

The fellow widened his eyes more in order to read it easily, "Ciel Phanthomhive."

"What?" their leader and most of the guys then asked in unison, seems like they can't hear it clearly. "I said, Ciel Phanthomhive!" shouted the fellow. The leader wore a confuse look, the name sounds familiar to him. The dude then asked not getting what it means, "What's Ciel Phanthomhive? Is it a kind of beehive?"

The fellow hit him in the head hard, "It's not a beehive! Are you really dumb?" the dude pouted his lips and asked back, "What is it then?"

"It's the brand name of the brooch. You see, this brooch can worth a thousand buckets so more likely this is made from a high class company." The fellow answered with certainty. Now the leader was the one who stood up and hit him in the head, he finally realized how troublesome their situation is. "It's not a company's name! It's the name of this guy! Argh, how can all of you be so dummy."

"Really Boss? How can you be so sure?" the dude inquired again.

"Phanthomhive is well-known family in our country; this guy seems one of them. Now, were totally ruined." The leader scratches his head, walking back and forth that dazed his members.

"EEeehh???!" his members exclaimed, although some of them didn't get what the leader meant about that. "Why is that so Boss?"

"Stupid! We ambushed a wrong person! This guy is been reported definitely missing on the police right now, and this time for sure they are searching for US! If we won't make a move then we will be imprisoned for a lifetime! And worst, we could get a death punishment!" the leader explained, his face wore a troublesome look.

"What? This guy is that so powerful?" the fellow quickly stood up, glancing at Ciel on the floor. The leader nodded yes at him, all of them snap in the air cursing something on them selves.

"If that's the case then let's escape and leave that guy here." The dude stated.

"No, we lost hundreds of our men just to ambush them! Curse that bastard man in a black suit, he knock down almost all of us. I couldn't just allow freeing him without paying the loss we had!" the leader growled slamming the table with his hand.

"But you said were in danger right now, Boss."

"We are always in danger, that's our life remember. But this time is different." The leader answered while he managed to sit above the wooden table.

"What do we do then?" the fellow said worryingly.

The leader gets up from his sitting position and headed to the guy lying on the floor. He kneeled closer and keeps observing the hostage from head to toe. He caress the man's soft black hair and then down to his cheeks. An idea pops on his mind and spelled it out, "His beautiful, we can sell him in an auction."

"EeeH? Auction? Are you sure Boss?"

"Of course, we could get thousands of yen for his worth! The police won't even bother to investigate in an auction, isn't that a good idea?"

"That's right Boss, you are really incredible! Hey, come here Souma, help me to lift this man up!" the fellow sighted the dude earlier. Souma nods his head and hurried towards the man who called him out. It was that moment when they positioned their arms to lift the man, with which on the other hand has regained his conscious and open his eyes wide as he realize that he was going to be lift up by some strange guys. Ciel quickly stood up and glared at them one by one with a shocked but wait!...with an arrogant face.

Uwah, his azure eyes are pretty! Boss is right; he's a noble blood and is a pretty man! Souma praised when Ciel's glare turned at him.

"Who the hell are you, bandits?" Ciel then asked. He keeps observing them for awhile and when he got no response he then lifted his chin up and added, "You sure have the guts to bring me as your target meal, how brave." Ciel crossed his arms and on his face wore a proud guise of a noble. The fellow clench his fist, he was pissed off by the arrogant attitude of the noble. The leader uttered, "My, I didn't expect you to wake too fast. However, we can't allow you to even lay your feet outside this basement since you have your conscious now. Remember that you're a hostage here, you are on our territory, Ciel Phanthomhive."

The earl of about 5'7 feet tall then arrogantly straightened his poise, he refreshingly fixed his bangs out of his eyes and a dimple showed as he smiled conceitedly. His azure eyes glowed sinfully, having no trace of fear nor is panic is seen. His eyes that were gifted with clear azure that seems like the ocean and sky were combined made the members feel the nostalgia. "What are you going to do with me then? Am I to feel fear just because I'm a hostage? Fah, a Phanthomhive never act like that."

He sure is so full of himself…Souma uttered.

The leader was pissed off by his hostage's composed gesture, he didn't even feel any anxiety and he was totally annoyed because of that. "Plan is change. Go beat that guy up and teach him a lesson!"

"As you wish Boss!" the fellow and the members behind him answered with glory and finally make their move. Using their bare hands they're punching the arrogant earl one by one and at the same time, much to their animosity the earl managed to dodge their attacks continuously. One dared to use knife and throws it towards him but Ciel had quickly ceased it with one hand, Souma who was just watching widened his eyes in amusement, even the leader.

"He – he's just like with that man earlier in the carriage!" the leader exclaimed in disbelief.

Ciel unknowingly grips tightly the blade of knife he's holding, causing for a blood to slightly come out. A sudden unfamiliar feeling pinned his stomach; oh it was a strange feeling yet as he smelled something so very dear to him…it feels good. With a grin on his face, Ciel licked the crimson red liquid that flows on his fingers. He grinned; crimson red is a very nice color that's why this is his favorite hue. He sighted back at the leader and with the last final licked he said, "Wrong. That man earlier is just my butler, I am his master so basically – were not of the same level."

"You're so proud of yourself just because you're a noble! That kind of attitude is what I hated most!!!" the leader burst in anger and as quickly as he can then runs towards Ciel holding a hard-cylindrical metal on his hand. The earl hasn't prepared himself for the sudden movement, and so the leader furiously hit him in the head centered on his temples. The contact made a loud sound of POK!

The earl lost control, his battered head spill blood as he collapse in a sudden and fell off to the floor. When the leader realized what he have done and that earl was bleeding blood on his head continuously, he had widened his eyes due to his late shocked. Souma felt fear for himself and for his boss; the other members who were knock down in the floor were petrified as well.

"He wasn't dead, is he?" Souma asked, his voice was shaking terribly as he glanced at his boss.

Their boss was trembling; he was stunned as he grasps tightly the metallic thing he holds. Ciel was lying, seems he was lifeless for he isn't moving at all. The metal that hit him bleeds his head, so the leader grips the metal upward and he was shuddering. There's no choice but to kill the earl.

Souma then went closer and defended the earl from their leader's next move; he shielded the earl with his body with which shocked the leader and the other members. "Boss, don't! This guy is defenseless; you must not kill him for it will lead you to death."

The leader staggered and said in a hard tone, eyes were glaring madly at his dumb dude member, "Get out of the way Souma!" Souma didn't move from his position.

"Fine! Go kick your ass off out of me! Siding that arrogant earl is not a bandit should act, be gone out of my sight, you asshole!" the leader merge with fury and turned around. He said something to his members and immediately they exited the basement and vanish from Souma's sight. The dude sighed deeply as he turned to face the earl at his back.

'My, seems that I have dig my own graveyard. You must repay me for saving your life, arrogant Earl.'




'It hurts! What is it in my head? I feel like I'm spinning round and round, where am I? What happened? A road? Why the hell there's a road here? Wait, who is that, who is there? Who are you? Wha- crimson red, whose blood is this that scattered the road? Am I dreaming, hey…I'm asking you…I'm…I'm…Who am I again? Who the hell am I?'

It was that moment in my dream that I wake up perspiring all over on my body, that dream feels…suffocating. As I sited up in the hard cold bed, I frowned though I don't know why I should. The bed I am laying seems like made from wood and was only covered by a thin rumpled mattress, as I've rolled my eyes the surrounding is a total stranger to me. The wooden wall is misty and dust covers the unpolished floor, I could even spot a hole in the ceiling and the sunlight pierced into my eyes. Is this a house or an abandoned dog house?

I turn my sight just to look outside the windows (Is it even a window?) just to look for an answer I am trying to figure out. But no matter how many times I tried to think, it will only make me wrinkling my brows. I twitch and begin to think again, but my head just gives me a painful headache. My head aches, yes, in my dream I was having a headache too and I really wonder why. That was one of the reasons why I'm thinking hardly, what happened? I rub my eyes and massage my temples and was just confused when I found a soft clothe wrapped around my head. Did I hurt my head or something? I stared at the blue sky through the hole above the ceiling, all in all makes me weird. I feel really weird. I was confused over something, and so then a clicking sound is there and the door opens. A guy seems about twenty or something appears, and I frowned again. Damn, I wonder why.

"Oh, finally you're awake!" that guy who appears unexpectedly exclaimed as he came nearer to my bed holding a tray, with a cup of…what was that, a tea? Now, he even dares to sit beside me and handed me the cup. I almost choked when I glared what's inside, a chocolate colored liquid that is fresh to hot; it's really strange although I admit that it has a pleasant aroma. "Drink that, it's a healthy drink at the same time it's delicious." I heard him say while moving his hand indicating me to take a sip, like an idiot would do. I doubt to drink it, but in the end I took and tried to sip. Well, it isn't that bad after all.

"You sure have a healthy body huh, you recovered so fast. Do you feel any hurt on your head?" he asked, is he stupid? He knows that my head was wrapped in clothe (Not a bandage?), for sure it was because I wounded that area. But he still asked me if I feel any hurt? Of course it hurts, it's so obvious isn't it right.

Hey wait, who is this man anyway?

I placed the cup politely on the tray and with bewilderment I ask, "Who are you?" I saw him choked the moment he took a sip with his own cup, and glares back at me with a look which I exactly can't understand.

"You don't know me? I mean, you have no idea who I am?" he asked and leans closer to me. I want to slap him on his face because of that.

"I ask because I don't know you. Why are you bouncing back my question against me?" I answered.

"Oh haha. I am Souma, the one who save you awhile ago." He answered. Save me? From what? What was this man talking about? Surely, he gives me more confusing thoughts. I glared at him only to see his flushing face, why the hell is that? I want to ask him something but instead I rolled my eyes and stared outside the windows.

"Hey, what was your name again? I forgot it, is it Clouie, Cielo or…Ciel is that the right one?" I heard him say as he sips a cup of a healthy drink – according to him that is. That question startled me for awhile, no, for a damned long while! He mentioned a name, my name. My head aches and I cursed.

My mind seems blocking something. Blank? Hey, why I am in a place like this? I shouldn't be here, I should be…I should be…in a place that is more comfortable, a place that will suit me because I am…wait, I am what? What's my NAME?????????! What's my name again?!

I flickered and squeezed my hair, why the hell I can't remember anything? I, I don't have any idea what's my name…who am I again? What is this! Why, why I can't remember anything, I don't even know why I am here! My, it seems that I'm starting to panic…just calm down, maybe this guy knows about you.

"You do – do you know who am I? I can't remember my name." I asked and seem my whole face was perplexed. I thought I was just having a deep stress and thought he could answer me, but what I've got is just:

"EEEeeeeeEEEEEeeeeeeEEEEeeehhhhHHH???" a bouncing, rise and fall intonations of eh-ing from him. He nodded his head with disbelief and I nodded mine for such an irritation. He glared at me strangely and said, "You can't possibly have amnesia, are you?"

Amnesia? Eh? Me? Amnesia? But I was just being honest, I can't really remember anything. Surely, what was happening? I mean, why I can't regain my memories even from the last few hours?

I saw him chuckling, ew I found it disgusting. He was thinking for awhile, deeply… and I wonder what's on his mind. And then with full of energy he stood up with a poise – like an idiot would do, and then pointed his index finger at me. "You, how can you possibly forgot everything?! Didn't you know that I'm your master and you're my servant?! How could you forget your own master?"

I'm his servant, he says? Master? What?! Is that really…am I really his servant, with this kind of place (this house can easily be blown with just one whip of a wind) how could he employ a servant?

"Servant? Are you trying to be funny?" I asked and saw him sighing for a bit.

My, this guy…though he have lost his memory, he sure is still so arrogant and too proud of himself. Maybe, I must teach him a lesson. Haha yosh! I could use him and gain some benefits. Just a little more acting to make him believe I'm his master.

"Of course not! I am your master, you promised to serve me no matter what. You almost lost your life protecting me, awhile ago someone dared to hurt me and you were there to protect that results to your wound and amnesia! And now, you have the guts to insult me, me who is your master?" he hesitated, maybe I was wrong but I think he's almost teary.

I sighed and thought for awhile. Promise, I promise? If that's the case then I couldn't escape, I value promises…or do I? Hey, why did I know that I do value promises, but not my name? "What's my name then?"

He paused for a moment and strokes his chin. What's his name again…I bet it's more likely Ciel…yes, I'm sure it was Ciel…Ciel…mhive..Famhive? No, ah yes! Ciel Beehive! I knew it, it was Ciel Beehive! "You are Ciel Beehive, my servant."

I puckered my brows for once again, but this time it's for real. Ciel Beehive? Ciel is okay, but….I guess Beehive is not even a family name! Somehow, I started to feel that something's wrong with this guy and that master and servant concept of his. But then I can't remember anything, only that there was a man…yes, a man that was on my dream. He was on the road that was tinted with crimson red and his arms were widely open for me to welcome, he's face is blurred but I'm sure he is related to me. I was just thinking, maybe that man on my dream is the idiot guy in front of me who claimed that I'm his servant. Ah yeah, it connects isn't it? Besides, this guy's face, I feel like I've seen him before – more likely he is familiar to me. Very, very familiar to me. So that's it! But, what's his name again…Sou-what?

"Hey, you must get well soon Ciel for there are loads of works we need to do. But, you have a strong physique and figure so basically you can get well faster unlike the others. As a master by the way, it's my responsibility to bring back your memories so don't bother about it at all. Because I will help for sure to make you remember everything on the past, OK?" that master said in ease, I don't know what to believe anymore. Am I to believe him (first option) or just wait and bear with it until such time I can have my memories back (second option)?

I think that I should pick the last one.




This is ridiculous! I have lost my senses and I couldn't track the bandits that kidnapped Young Master. Those police and detectives are just useless, I need to find him myself before the day of his birthday, or else… damn! Young Master, get a hold of yourself.

Sebastian Michaelis, is the butler's name. Two hours ago since they have been ambushed by some groups of bandits, no, it wasn't a group. It was a battalion of outlaws. He was so full of himself, he lose his guard down and the next minute – his Young Master's been captured. He is now on his way tracing the road; the only thing he'd got is his senses…his master's smell; which is the only way that will lead him to where he is right now. Truthfully, he shouldn't worry so much because Ciel is old enough to defend himself. That earl is already 17 years old and is turning 18 two days from now; in addition to that Ciel is strong…he is no ordinary and is too proud of himself, for he came from an extraordinary and famous family. But then, a shocked pierced him through the moment he smelled his master's…

Blood! This is Young Master's blood! I could smell it; I am just near to where it is.

He traced the source of the smell and his sense leads him to an abandoned basement. As he banged the metallic door all he could see is rumbled pieces of paper, chairs that were broken into pieces, table that is mess with spoiled foods, men's cloth that were unseemly hanged, an old radio placed above the cartridge that keeps murmuring news, and…as he moved closer, his master's blood that scattered and tinted the filthy floor. Sebastian stunned for awhile, he kneeled and one finger grumpily strokes the red liquid and tastes it.

No good, it's his blood. Still fresh, seems like he's been here not just a moment ago. Damn! I was too late, Young Master…what happened? To bleed like this, surely is ridiculous!

Sebastian stood up in a swift motion and headed the exit as fast as the lightning bolt. He needed to find his master before nightfall; if unluckily the time will not allow him at least he must have his master back before his birthday befalls. Certainly, before his eighteenth birthday…


END of Chapter