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Chapter Seven: The Night of Disclosure


The sinuous song of music started to play.

The carpeted floor was then teeming with vampires dancing sweetly as they follow the rhythm of a sweet melody.

The Phantomhive mansion was crowded with vampires but among those, only one couple gained the lovely notice and attention of all, and they were the most interesting couple in the view.

A woman clothed modestly in black feathery gown match with a black fedora, her golden-wavy hair was long down to her waist that was envied by almost all of the women. She was standing as her arm hanged onto a man's masculine arm, encircling his without the intent of letting go of the man, and there, was a smile attached to her pinkish lips.

Her eyes that might be beautiful roofed with a plain black mask; and for some others it was such a waste to cover them.

However, they did believe that she was blind and the only support she has was her husband's arm guiding and protecting her all the time, whenever she walks and wherever she goes. And, there in the floor crowded with socialite vampires, she was the only one who shined all through, lovingly waiting for her son to come out. Rather say, to awaken.

On her side was the noblest man, and for this time he did not wear an earl's suit. He, just like of his lovely wife wore black and thick Dracula attire, his dark hair was even longer than it was before and his eyes were like a blazing ocean that envied by everyone.

Whoever passes through them and crosses their path bows politely, as both parties will exchange congratulations to one another. The couple is being honored, which is because, they are Leaders of Vampire's Society.

Lord Vincent Phantomhive and his dearest wife Lady Rachel Phantomhive.

Ciel's parents.

Yes, they are leaders of England's vampire clans. Lord Vincent rather known as Prince Vincent of Vampire Society reigned and took over the duties of the late Prince Stephan when the said Prince died ten years ago. Ciel was eight years old back then.

The tragic incident of Prince Stephan and his wife was still fresh at to every vampire's mourning hearts, especially to those twins. The majestic couple was…murdered.

Despite the fact that Lord Vincent does not want to rule over the society he cannot refuse for it was his obliquity to handle the left duty. Besides, it was his innate obligation in the first place; he did just run away from it.

At that time, the remaining heir of Prince Stephan that was Angeru Phantomhive was still eleven, a kid that cannot still do anything for the society. Powerless.

Music stopped. The dance floor subsequently emptied and the music lovers proceeded to their own tables.

Timid laughs and pretentious comments of vampires swirl around the tables in line, some were just taking a deep and tedious sigh for they are bored. When the grandfather clock alarmingly ringed, all were startled. The continuous ringing keep showering and deafening their ears, all of them gazed breathlessly at the clock. Excitement attached to their eyes.

Twelve in the midnight. Twelve in the midnight and the surprise and enthusiasm was fasten to each faces.

Muttering and exchanging of thrill words and clamors uproar the peaceful instance ago, the continuous ringing sound is like a siren cars making a criminal startle and waver.

It took for minutes for the last and final waiting, and then, up in the crystalline staircase where a door that connects the floor to the main lounge opens slowly—and everyone went silent.

Wide eyes sealed in zeal and zest were only gazing up to meet the anticipated lord, who is now standing firmly up in the peak of stairs and clad in his most beautiful black outfit. His face was emotionless, as he has always been. Only those eyes that are coldly gazing at him below seem to have a life.

When the butler at his side introduced the awakened vampire, all have been bowing with such great respect. And when no one make no signs of raising up their heads, the newly-awakened vampire then come to say, "Please raise now your heads, face me."

Vampires gladly obeyed and presented their gleeful face in front of their lord, all together exclaimed, "Congratulations, Earl Ciel Phantomhive!"

The earl did only pour a smile, but none had notice that it was fake, except of course his butler.

"Son," Lord Vincent started in gleeful tone as he and his wife was now on the younger earl's side reaching a hand to Ciel, and then embraced his only son.

The father and son clasped each other tightly but with care and the Lady went closer to join the two men in their sentimental proceeds.

"Happy 18th birthday, Son. I am proud of you; you are now a fully awakened vampire." Lord Vincent worded with such proud.

"Thanks, father." The young earl replied while freeing himself from the embrace and then turned to face his beloved mother who was smiling at his side.

"Mother…" it was the only word that came out from his mouth, as he was seemly hypnotized with his mother's lovely smile. He knew he could not feel happiness since he had forgotten that word long time ago, but every time he sees his mother, Ciel wanted to forget all the pain he was feeling and just live normally like other does.


"Ciel, come here, I want to hold you son." Lady Rachel stated daringly, gesturing to Ciel to come closer and the earl did so as she wanted. The woman embraced his son and patted his head softly and gently. "You are now a fully vampire Ciel, and I am proud that you are my son."

"Mother, your words are so enough to melt me." Ciel answered as he decided to untie their embrace.

"Happy 18th birthday, my dear son." the lovely woman uttered.

His father, the current leader of the society, turned to face genuinely his colleagues. Indisputable smile seen on his lips, raising his one hand as he started to talk,

"Gentlemen, tonight is the night that we have awaited to come. And now, I, the leader of this society is very proud to have my son awaken, Ciel Pahtomhive!" the audience clap their hands merrily.

The party was graciously prepared, it was the most elite social gathering and Ciel was the cream of the crop.

Lord Vincent had finally stepped down from his thrown and Ciel was then crown as the newly prince and ruler. Elite vampires bowed down to their new prince and all had worshiped him, as if, he was their god.

When the ceremony begun, not even a smile and not even joviality was there in Ciel's face, all was gone when he was crown officially. The earl in truth did not want the leadership for he was only force due to his father and mother's demand. It was not supposed to be his regime. It was Angeru's.

However, even his cousin does not want the leadership.

No one wants it, anyway. Except for that one person, perhaps.

Yet now, at an early age, he will handle all the responsibilities as the leader of the society. And it burdens him. Why his father cannot continue his leadership for the next hundred years? Why pass it to him? After all, Lord Vincent is still physically healthy and he will live still in further years. That is the question Ciel wanted to ask but could not.

All congratulated him. Approached and bowed in front of him. In front of all those vampires who attended his celebration, the earl could only do but fake a smile. If it was not because of Sebastian pursuing him to become attentive though just a pretense, then there was no reason he will stay in the crowd.

A man of about forty (but in their actual age he is four hundred years old) approach Ciel suddenly, a beautiful vampire woman is on his side.

"My Lord, it is pleasure if you will let me borrow your time for a short talk."

"Say it." Ciel said, glancing at once at the girl beside the man, fairly known as Sir Clinton—a noble vampire.

"This is my daughter Freya. I am so excited and proud to introduce her to you My Lord." Sir Clinton stated, pulling her daughter closer forward.

The earl scowled a bit, not guessing or perhaps not wanting the possible outcome for this. He ogled the said girl and examined her for a while; the girl seemed shy a little bit but surely, she is snobbish. She looks good and he can assure that the girl is the most outshining star among those vampire women, rather than her mother of course, but she is not like nor suit his taste.

"Freya, and?" Ciel's one brow uncontrollably went up. Sebastian on his side made a distasteful face, his expressions was not liking the situation that are about to come, but his master was not able to see it. His master was busy ogling the girl for him to have a chance to see the demon's scowl.

"My Lord, your parents and I had talk about this even before you weren't born. That my daughter will become your first blood, your lifelong partner and slave." The man started with a smile, and so the girl that was his daughter.

By that, Ciel promptly searched for his parents and eyed them with confusing eyes, trying to gain some explanations. His father did just nod, while his mother though was smiling could not hide the fact that she was just forced, the fake smile on her pink lips are saying that she was in melancholy. However, even if it was arrange by his parents, it will not change anything. The final decision is still his.

"Pardon Sir Clinton, but that arrangement was long time ago. Besides, I am sorry to tell this but I am in no need of lifelong partnership. I do not need first blood sacrifices. Perhaps my parents shall know about this." Ciel said without hesitations. And he was not able to see the smirk of his butler Sebastian.

"W-what? B-but My Lord, I can assure you that my daughter is pure and innocent since birth. I raised her with only one purpose, to become your eternal slave! You can not just escape away from it!"

"Is that how you see your daughter? A noble herself but a noble's Slave?" Ciel said, an uncharacteristic irritation marked his face. The man was shut, ashamed. The girl named Freya was emotionless this time, but slight pain was slowly appearing on her innocent eyes as she finally realizes the painful reason of her existence.

When the old noble drained out with words, the earl continued, "Moreover, pardon me Sir but you do not have the power to yell at me. Hope you'll remember that from now on."

The hasty angry silence went by.

And before Ciel would lost his temper even more he decided not to stay in front of the crowd for a moment, "Excuse us Sir." He said and turned to walk away with Sebastian on his back, ready to follow his master wherever he pleases. Ciel, even when he was a child does not want such parties and gatherings, especially if it is on their household. He hated the noise, the crowd, tributes and all.

He simply hates those who honor him.

Ciel continues to walk for an exit and he thought it would be much nicer if he will go out and spend the night away from everyone. He wants silence. And a peaceful place alone.

As he steps and faces the door, he halts while Sebastian grabs the knob and opens it for Ciel, and bows.

When Ciel didn't start to walk even after Sebastian had opened the door the butler raised his head and found his master standing at a halt in the doorway and with a disturbing gaze,

"What is it Young Master?"

Ciel's eyes shrink as the wind blows coldly in a sudden in front, the breeze was harshly arctic it even sink cruelly to his pale skin.

"Intruders Sebastian. I can sense their appalling smell, check them." It was barely audible.

The demon apprehends and makes use of his own senses, Sebastian was then alarmed. He could not possibly imagine that he was not able neither smell nor sense a suspicious presence outside the manor. It was rare for him not to sense the intruders so it means they were not ordinary. When he traced out where they are currently hiding, two of them who highly have suspicious aura, Sebastian then stated,

"I'm afraid to say this Young Master but you are not safe outside, go back inside and no one can harm you there. I will have to deal with them alone."

"You know I hate intruders Sebastian. Execute them if they will not give valid reasons. And if it's my cousin Angera, then, just never mind her. " Ciel said uncharacteristically.

"As you command, My Lord." Sebastian fled after Ciel vanished from his sight.

Ciel though hate the idea of going back inside and socialize among the vampires and guests, was in the end forced to mingle with them. However, he preferred it rather than making appearances outside with someone that surely hates him, vampire hunters. Or perhaps it was Angera in disguise. Whoever, he doesn't really care.

He was not certain about whom the intruder was, but for only one thing—he despised the owner's aura.

He went inside and mingled among socialite vampires, though behind his deceitful eyes he was busy searching for a certain person. He glanced at every corner hoping he could spot the only person he was eager to see. However, even his aura nor smell he could not essentially sense. Just then, he sighed.

Angeru was not here.

"Ciel," his father called out.

Ciel turned to face his father and somehow, he seems to have a bad feeling about anything he has to say just by reading his father's unfathomable expressions.

"We have to talk son. It is time for you to know about this."

"If its something important father, then what is it?" Ciel asked, exchanging gazes to his father and to his mother beside him.

"Not with this place, Ciel. Please follow me." The former leader said.

"I will have that as a hint that it is indeed private, just please father I want it quick, I have guests to entertain." Ciel answered as he followed his parents at the library, the unnatural silence of his mother seem a ghost haunting Ciel's wondering mind. He is not liking his mother's stillness, as if, something is awful here. He knew his mother very well, as it has always been.

"Guests can wait, my dear son."

Lord Vincent locked the door as they have entered the wide and spacious library. Now, hearing his mother's small sobs in a corner Ciel knew that this was not going to be all right. When he turned his gaze at his father, he saw him with tight shoulders and a weary face. Lord Vincent took a deep breath before and started, "This will shock you son, so prepare yourself."

"I am beyond prepared ever since I started to walk father, whatever it is you are going to tell me, please do now." Ciel said as he glanced at his sobbing mother, "However, do you really need to cry like that mother? It isn't like you at all."

"I am not crying. You can not even see my eyes, Ciel." Her mother denied, pouting, as she was a ten-year-old spoiled brat.

What Ciel had said has made his mother cry the more so, his father went closer to her and comfort her, "Acting like that won't change anything now, sweetheart. You are not alone with this. "

"Ciel…" his mother softly said, sniffing as she slowly held her one hand up her face. The next move she did surprise the young earl in his most potent extent, for her mother finally revealed her concealed eyes from the mask she wears, for the first time in front of him.

"Forgive me son, I am…" there was a long pause, the black mask softly lands the floor as she hesitates to continue, "…a demon."



Aberline irritatingly wipes his gun as Agni busies himself in his mini telescope on his scrutiny inside the Phantomhive's manor.

The council ordered them to eliminate the Phantomhive as well as the other vampires, especially Ciel. And now, tonight while waiting for the earl's awakening from his long sleep their tasks must be no failure, or else, England will jeopardize.

They are not suppose to kill the most known and rich earl in England because it will be such a waste to lose him. The council and the Queen are not against of the vampires in the first place.

However, the earl and some of his comrades in the society have commit violations in the rule that the Queen herself and the leader of the society have made for the peace treaty. They have dug crucial information that will definitely destroy the vampires' clan; particularly it will destroy the Phantomhives reputation.

The council and the Queen could no longer trust the Phantomhive leaders and so to their clans since they have found out that the recent leader's wife was a demon, and that Earl Ciel is a mixed blood.

Being a vampire with a demon's blood circulating within him is the worst concern, a disgrace, and a curse.

Now that Earl Ciel has awakened, it will be a chaotic. There is a hundred percent possibility that the earl in his awakened state could no longer control his self, his desires, hunger and thirst.

Due to his mixed breed, the earl might lose control and even his self-consciousness especially in times that he will feel thirsty. He might overuse his power and ravage the innocent people in the country and will no longer feel pity, for he will lose even his feelings and emotions. Being a vampire having a demon's blood are not only a disgrace, but also a taboo. The main point is that, it will result to the earl's insanity, a possibility that he might be the world's worst enemy. Yes.

Every time he will feel thirsty, his desires will overpower his mind and heart. The earl will no longer be sane.

That is extremely perilous.

And the Queen, with the help of the council made a decision. Kill the Phantomhives. And if their co-vampires will be in the way, they are as well must be annihilated.

And the primary target…Earl Ciel Phantomhive.

"Do you think he has already awakened?" Agni asked, dropping down the mini telescope and gazed warily at his partner.

"Its past twelve midnight, of course he is now awake." Aberline gazed back at him, "You know what, you're such an asshole. You have that damned telescope in your hand and you still not notice the merrily dancing and praising of the crowd, save the clamor inside?" Aberline retorted annoyingly.

"Oh, there are thick curtains on the windows you know." Aberline's partner answered, ogling once again at the unstoppable wiping-of-his-gun moment of Aberline.

"Oh shut up." Aberline growled slowly.

"Well, what are we going to do now?"

"Wait until they are done enjoying the party. And then, we attack."

"Vampire can smell us. They might smell us right this moment, have you thought of that Abe-san?"

"I have prepared for that, and that is why we put a special barrier on us that will block our human smell, asshole. And hey, do you love your life Agni?"

"Of course!"

"Then don't ever call me Abe with -san at the end ever again, or else I will make you bait and throw you to those bloodsuckers!" Aberline stated with fury.

"Oh my, you are so rude Abe-san." Agni said perkily but was then stunned when Aberline stuck his gun on his face, clutching the gun ready to shoot if Agni says a word that he consider as squalid.

"OK ok, you win! I was just joking Aberline. Can we not get back to work and forget everything that just happened right now? Just easy boy, you are very hot tempered you know that?" Agni exclaimed hoarsely.


An almost audible click was suddenly heard, a sign of someone clutching a gun. Agni stiffened.

Aberline was then unpredictably immobile; his eyes were shocked but were in fury while his hand was still holding the gun currently pointing precariously at Agni's face. Agni, still in his stunned self blinked his eyes for several times, as he stared at those fuming crimson orbs.

"Do you mind if I join the two of you?"

"What if not," the older of the two hunters said.

"I'll kill you."

"It is actually kind of disappointing that you could not actually kill me right this moment, you need answers from us, yes?" Aberline answered, gritting his teeth as he felt the cold metal tightening more at the back of his neck.

"Hey, that's my gun!" Agni yelled, ignoring the risky situation they were actually in. "How did you steal that from me?"

"Hmn, I wonder." Sebastian uttered in unearthly tone.

"You there, I mean you demon, don't you ever use my gun in shooting my partner."

"Oh just shut your chatty mouth Agni! You are not helping at all! Oh shit-" Aberline cursed when Sebastian shot his right shoulder, and Agni started yelping and damning the demon.

"Told you not to shot him! We haven't done wrong to your master -" Agni cried out and stared back at Aberline who widened his eyes and glared furiously at him, "…yet."

"One question one answer. That's all I want." The demon said and still pointing the gun at Aberline's back now centered on his heart.

"Who summoned you here?"Sebastian tightened the gun at Aberline's.

"That's the stupidest question I ever heard, of course the council. Whoever else?" Aberline answered, cautiously inserting his one hand inside his pocket, grabbing something sharp he hid in there.

"Lie. The council will not order to kill vampires' recklessly unless breaking rules, mostly the Phantomhive family."

"Heh, do you really think that the council would not kill the Phantomhives? What are they, saints? Tell me, how far do you really know the masters you are loyally serving? Because as I am viewing it, you do not know anything about everything. You are just a vampire's dog." Sebastian who's flaming in fury hit his head with the metallic gun and Aberline shouted in annoyance and mostly because of pain.

"Aberline!" Agni shouted as he drew a step forward, closer to both of them. If only he have his gun then he can help his partner in his perilous position.

"Be careful with your words, hunter."

"Bastard! Just make sure you are holding the gun tightly because if I get a chance to move, I will kill you!" Aberline growled.

"Who told you that I'll kill you using this human weapon? I have hands of demon that I can use and it is much more fun, and even if you shot me that is also worthless. After our first encounter, you should have learned a lesson."

"Heh, I did. I learned that demons are idiots for wasting their time serving a criminally insane vamp- Omnp!" Aberline screamed in pain when Sebastian twisted his one arm.

"Hey stop that! We can have a deal and talk without hurting each other, besides, that is not fair! We are only here to do our job just like as what you are doing to your master!" Agni suggested, trying to calm the demon's mounting anger through his so—called suggestive idea.

"Just tell me who the root of this assassination is! Damn it, I want to know why Ciel Phantomhive is on the list!!!" Sebastian shriek in rage.

When Aberline showed no response of answering the fuming demon, Agni was the one who answered in a low voice, not glancing at his partner's eyes for he was sure it was full of anguish.

"The Queen."


"He he….m-mf," the young earl started, trying himself not to laugh so loud, but the truth was just too funny for him to bear."Ha-hahahaha!"

His menacing laugh spread across the spacious library, one hand over his chest trying to stop his almost insane state. The truth was just too funny. Well, finally, it was now clear to him.

Everything matches up now.

His father furrowed his brows and face with troublesome features, his mother was the most astonished and surprised with her son's unexpected laughable response.

"Ciel, we...this, this is not a joke son. I mean, why are you laughing over it?"

The earl made his final laugh and held his breath for a moment, wiping his almost teary eyes and finally straightened his position.

"What are you saying Father, how could I not laugh after this revelation you told?"

"Ciel, I can explain…" Lady Rachel uttered guiltily, stepping few steps forward to her son. However, the earl stepped back every time she stepped forward, as if he was disgusted to go near her.

"Explain? Ah, there is no need mother. Everything is very clear to me this time, now I know the reason why I am nothing like the other vampires. The reason why I am not actually normal, the reason why I was curse at an early age and why I cannot—damn it, control my thirst! The reason why I have crimson eyes every time I feel thirst and angry; crimson eyes that our family should not have. I am a fool, why did I not thought it before after seeing my own self in front the mirror—eyes that was sinfully crimson?" Ciel worded, almost hysterical.

"Ciel, do you despise me now? Do you hate that your mother is actually a demon, a coward who hides herself from her own son for long years—afraid that she might not be accepted? But Ciel you were too young at that time, I am afraid that you will not understand the circumstances. But now you're old enough to know the truth about us."

"Hate demons? How can you say I hate demons, I have a demon butler you see. Father taught me not to hate demons, how would I know that it was actually, because his wife was a demon too. You are so lovely mother, how can I hate you?" the young earl stated in a calmer tone now, adding in a low voice as he bend his head down. "It is I that I hate."

"Ciel you must not say that…" his mother said.

"Son, I know you understand. Perhaps you are still not prepared to face this, but soon you will my son. Please do understand, it is not my intent that I fell in love with a demon, which is your mother."

"Enough. What do you think of me, a three-year-old boy who will cry loudly because I was betrayed? You've just got to be kidding father."

"Ciel…it was not a betrayal."

"Who knows about this apart from us," Ciel uttered later, still not facing his parents.

"No one. And no one will son, it will cause our death. In fact, we don't want you to suffer the consequences son; it will be okay if I and your mother will be killed, but not you." Earl Cielon answered, trying to remain his stern usual self.

'Not suffer the consequences. Fah. I had had more than enough of that sufferings father.'

"Do you really think the council will not find it, fah. "The younger earl stated irksomely, both fists were clenching.

"We are not certain. However, it is not the hunter's council that we are so concern of, but our elders and relatives. I can assure that if they will found out that you are not a pure breed vampire, they will execute you without a doubt."

"Indeed? You are certain about I being executed, but you have just said that at this moment? Why you crowned me as prince, if that's the case father, it will just add to our extreme humiliation. Have you thought of that? Why, why were you saying this to me at this late moment!!!"

"We just want to cover you up son. At least if you are the current prince no one will doubt your power and none will question you anymore. We know you do not like this position, but you have to. Besides, you are my only heir."

"You know what father, mother," Ciel stated, cold and tormenting pair of eyes gazing directly at them. "You will not forget this day for your entire life."



A hush perturbing whisper disturbed the young earl in a sudden it even stunned him. The familiar smell and eerie presence of someone was seemly terrorizing. It had been the smell of that stain, and tempted him years ago.

His feet unconsciously moved hurriedly forward directly at the door's exit. It can only be him, his smell.

"Where are you going Ciel?!" the older earl questioned. But it seemed that Ciel haven't heard him, he was out of the sight without even leaving a single word. As if nothing happened, as if, the young earl had forgotten what happened just now.


The young earl shouted as loud as he could as he keeps running, following the scent that had disturbed him a lot.

"Angeru! I know you are there!" he exclaimed. Panting as he was now standing outside his old room's door. As he opens his room, a quick brush of warm wind caress the earl's cheek and welcomes him, flipping strands of his hair as it patently passes through him, now going to his behind.

"I can see you clearly, Angeru. Stop playing hide and seek, we are not kids anymore."

The warm wind then stopped from swirling and a figure was slowly formed, a man leaning on the staircase's post and crosses both his arms, white cloudy eyes gawking at the earl.

"It has been a year since we last saw each other, cousin. Has it not?"

The earl was then speechless.

"The last time we met, you have ordered me not to tail you." His tone was so cold and sad, the earl could not even bear to hear.

"Is that all you have to say?" Ciel tried not to make a croaky voice.

"I thought you hate seeing me." Angeru said instead.

"I cannot remember the day that I told you something like that." Ciel said.

"You did not told me Shieru, you showed me by means of avoiding me." Angeru answered with a fake grin.


"You have grown up even more, Shieru. But I am afraid to admit that you aren't looking great," his face was unreadable.

"Well, I thought you would not come here tonight. Your sister must be so unpleased about you being here. She must be cursing me right this moment, "The young earl lowered his voice. "Are you not going to greet me?"

Angeru laugh slightly by that.

"How can I not? How can I not greet my little Shieru?" he said while stepping closer to the earl. When he touched the earl's cold and pale cheek and received no response of rejection, Angeru brushed off his raven locks and kissed him on his forehead. The earl closed his eyes.

"Happy birthday, Shieru." He uttered softly and gazed at the young earl with agony glued on his eyes. "You should take concern for yourself and stop depending with that demon, Shieru. Look at you now, you look even more terrible, and that pains me."

Ciel brushed off Angeru's hand from his pale cheeks as he now distances himself few steps from him. "You shouldn't say that."

"All I want is your safety Shieru." The older vampire stated sincerely as he drew backwards. "And even if you'll keep rejecting it, it doesn't matter, just say so and I am willing to bid everything I have.

Angeru slowly turned as he continued, "The reality cannot be changed my little Shieru, there will be a day that you'll come to me and beg." Just then, Angeru cut his right wrist purposely, droplets of blood fall down the floor, and he licks the rest from his fingers. The younger earl flinched at the red view.

"I'll see you soon, Shieru."

The young earl widens his eyes as soon as his cousin vanishes completely from his sight. The smell, the sinful color of the liquid drops that tainted the carpeted floor…has awakened his strong concealed thirst inside. Angeru's blood, the only blood that he cannot purge out of his mind.

He could now feel his insides were aching and his throat had dried out, he could feel the heat of his body as the fangs came out. His heart keeps pumping so fast and he felt like it was surrounded with thorns, just by the smell of it he'd lose control…

Ciel's azure eyes were no more to see, his glistering crimson eyes flamed madly as if it was the way of them saying hungry. He grasped for the nearer post as he barely catch his breath, just then his vision was starting to go all red, and it was not just the usual one—flames! The smoke clouded his chest coming below. And while gasping for his breath and fighting for his thirst, the young earl realized that the mansion was actually in fire! The loud wild roaring and chaos of the crowd below was what all he could hear as he collapsed on floor.

"Phantomhive is falling down…falling down, falling down.

Phantomhive is falling down….falling down.

My fair haku."