Illusions That Confine Us

Chapter One

Mrs. Lovett was fully aware that when he married her exactly two months ago, that he didn't love her. That the only reason why he had married her was to change their identity, or hers at least. It had all been a plan after Toby disappeared, when both knew that he had gone to the law.

So Mrs. Lovett concocted a plan within minutes, a plan that saved and hopefully freed their lives. Their plan to escape only took the following three things; corpses, fire and most importantly, tact.

Mr. Todd and Mrs. Lovett packed their things and put them in a small pile next to the pie shop doors, Mr. Todd's things consisted of nothing but his clothing, which wasn't much, and his razors. He had decided to leave his beloved and cherished pictures of Lucy and Johanna behind, the memory of them, he thought, would be too painful to carry along with him.

Mr. Todd and Mrs. Lovett disposed all but two bodies from the bake house, for whoever would come across the two bodies would hopefully think that she and Mr. Todd died in the fire.

Mrs. Lovett's meat pie emporium and Sweeney Todd's tonsorial parlor went up into flames after setting it on fire. And then, just before sunrise, Sweeney Todd and Eleanor Lovett disappeared to the seaside, where they were married within the next few days.

The two former accomplices now lived in a quaint little cottage near the shore. The furniture in the house wasn't much being that they had lost everything in the fire - naturally they couldn't lug a bunch of furniture across town without being noticed. Most of the things in their home now were things that they bought from the market and the things that were already in the abandoned place when they found it; just the basics, a table, a settee, two beds, and some washroom and kitchen supplies. The things they needed to get by for the time being.

Gradually, over the last few months, their home was finally coming together. It wasn't much but it was good enough for what they bought with the money they had left over from business.

You would think that from all of this Mrs. Lovett's dreams had come true, that she had finally gotten her happy ending. But may you be reminded that they had two beds. Sure they were married but that didn't mean that their relationship had changed at all. The only thing that changed was her legal last name, which was now Todd - He still addressed her as "Mrs. Lovett."

Since his revenge, Mrs. Lovett had noticed that he talked to her less (not that he ever really did before). He stayed hidden in the back room of their cottage, which happened to be the darkest area of the place. He had also insisted that his room be back there, and it was.

He hardly ever left it, seeing how he saw no reason to live. His life as Sweeney Todd had been fulfilled, his revenge taken in some haste. But he couldn't bring himself to commit suicide, that's not how he would die, no. He would die a very slow and gradual death, or so he imagined in his dreams.

When would he learn to escape the confines of his insanity?

Mrs. Lovett, on the other hand, still had high hopes that one day he would love her and they would actually live as man and wife, not just have this illusion of a so called 'perfect' life, or marriage for that matter.

They slept in separate rooms, their conversations regarded nothing but going to the market, the weather, and just a simple, "Supper is ready, dear."

She would lie awake at night, alone, thinking about how they never even, well, 'made love' yet.

At their rare meals together in their small kitchen, they sat at separate ends of the table and avoided eye contact as much as possible.

It never really occurred to her until today, when she was at the beach looking for sea shells to decorate their parlor with.

When she stood up from the sand she saw a happily married couple holding hands and kissing. She never knew that two people she never even met before could make her hurt and turn green with envy as much as they did that very day at the beach.