My first anime fanfic story!

WARNING: I'm not very good... but i hope you like it... YOu can also give me tips

NO one's view:

It was almost night and Lydia Carlton was walking alone with Nico from the market until someone suddenly grabbed her and pushed her into a dark alley way. Nico hissed and Lydia tried to scream but was gagged instead.

"If you treasure your life," the stranger hissed, "then you will do no such thing."

She did nothing but just let the strangers pull her along. About a few minutes later she heard someone yell, "Lydia!" and snapped her head to where the sound came from.

It was Edgar... by himself. He started heading toward her but stopped when the man put a cold knife to her throat.

"Let her go," he said calmly, but very dangerously. The man just gave him a taunting smile and moved the knife gently up and down her throat and motioned for the other men to surround him.

In one swift moment, the man with the knife fell to the ground and she felt being pulled into an embrace of a different man's arms. At first, she was scared to look up but when she did she was relieved to see it was Edgar.

"Lydia, are you okay?" he asked, concerned. She nodded silently. "Did they hurt you?" She shook her head.

"I'm fine," she answered weakly. She was trying to get out of Edgar's arms but they grew tighter around her instead.

She just gave him a questioning look and turned around just to see Raven finishing off the last guy.

She turned back to Edgar, "Edgar, could you please be kind enough to let me-"

He cut her off by saying a quick , "No."

She huffed at him and turned again to Raven. "Are you alright, Raven?"

"I'm fine Miss Lydia, thank you," he said with no emotion.

Lydia nodded and smiled but a question came across her mind as they headed back into the light.

"How did you find me?" she finally asked, confused.

Edgar smiled, "Nico ran into me and told me you were in trouble," his smiler grew bigger, "of course out of all people, you could be themost likely for trouble comingyour way" and gave asmall chuckle.

"Stop teasing me! Its not my fault this stuff keeps happening. Like I have said before, being around you is most dangerous," she grumbled.

"And I didn't run into Earl, he was looking for you when he lost sight of you," Nico's voice came from next to her. Lydia didn't realize that Nico had been with them.

"Edgar!" she exclaimed. "You were following me?!" She couldn't help but be slightly irritated yet a bit flattered.

"I'm sorry," he confessed earnestly. "I couldn't help it. At least it was a good thing I followed you today. Sometimes, I'm glad trouble does come to you so it can bring me closer to you."

She just sighed.

When they were out into the open Raven left them and went back to wait in the carriage and Edgar walked Lydia (and Nico) home.

When they reached Lydia's doorstep, he picked her hand up lightly and caressed it with his lips for a short moment, completely oblivious to Lydia trying to pull her hand away and Nico's presence.

Lydia blushed at this. After he pulled away he said, "GOod night, my fairy," and walked down the street.

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