Please don't be there, Please don't be there. Schulyer said to herself in the elevator, hoping she wouldn't see Jack at the dance. She was extremely anxious. Today was the day of Autumn Ball which was almost as classy and extravagant as the Four Hundred Ball. She had decided to go just to make Charles happy after he had told her that she needs to get out more and stop moping around the house (as wealthy as Charles and Trinity were, they were still modest about there huge mega mansion across from the Metropolitan Art Museum).

She found it nearly impossible not to miserable all of the time. Ever since she had told Jack she didn't care for him anymore it was like she felt lonlier then ever. Oliver on the other hand couldnt be happier, he was showing just how territorial he was Schulyer now that he thought she loved him more then Jack. She felt guilty for lying to Oliver and even worse to Jack.

The elevator dinged warning that the doors would be opening. A skinny girl with soft black hair and bright green eyes stepped in. Schulyer recognized her as Melissa Hutchinson from school. She wasnt exactly a Mimi follower but she was just as bad, she wanted to be in the in group but she wasnt accepted. She was wearing a light blue Christian Dior gown. It was a halter top and had a thin belt on it with ruffles leading down to her ankles. Schulyer was sure that she wouldnt have been able to make that dress work on her the way Melissa did.

Melissa pulled her head up from her blackberry just realizing she wasnt in the elevator alone. Her eyes were wide when she looked at Schulyer and how beautiful she looked.

"You look incredible, Schulyer" Melissa said gawking at her.

Schulyer knew she looked good by now, everyone she passed had given her the same comments. She was wearing a Vera Wang amethsyt dress. She had finally accepted Charles asking her if she wanted to use his credit card for the occasion (even though she really knew he just didnt want her to show up wearing her usual many layers). It had a tight strapless corset and a flowy skirt that was made with vintage lace. She had decided to wear her hair down in curls that rippled down her back. For makeup she had it done professionally wanting to look good for the Ball. The artist had decided to play up the eyes using dark colors that brought out the blue in her eyes. She was glowing with excitement.

"Thank you," she said trying not to be rude having heard the same comment fifty times "you look great yourself."

"I dont look any wear as good as you though, Im jealous" she said playfully to Schulyer.

Just then the elevator doors opened again on the top floor. The ball was being held at the Plaza Hotel in New York on Fifth Avenue. The room was extremely large with windows overlooking Central Park. There were tables and chairs set out everywhere except the northern side of the room where the dance floor was. The band was an orchestra because the Committee liked to be old fashioned when it came to those certain things. There were already lots of people here all looking the same. The middle aged women with there five figure dresses own trying to look young and classy at the same time and the men looking dashing in there suits. There was one blond boy that Schulyer was trying to avoid, even though she didnt see him any where. He must not be here yet, theres nothing to worry about she said to herself even though she knew she was lying. Schulyer was just as crazy about Jack as she was in the beginning but now he was giving her the cold shoulder since she had called it with him.

She saw Bliss talking to some guy who she thought she had seen three days ago at a DKNY photo shoot. Bliss was wearing a silk Emerald green dress that came down to her knees. Schulyer decided she would talk to her later.

She walked over to the man holding the tray of champagne glasses. Even though she knew she wouldnt get a buzz she liked to drink alcohol anyway. Most of it had a burning taste that reminded her of blood. She was still nervous, she hated coming to these parties where everyone bragged about there money and gossiped about some scandal that had happened to a Manhattan socialite. Schulyer on the other hand hated that. She liked to talk about real matters and things that didnt involve a blond lady being caught having an affair.

"You were going to tell me you were here." She recognized Bliss's Texan accent.

"I was, but I saw you were busy with that cute guy over there and thought I wouldnt bother you two."

She could see Bliss blushing. "Oh him, that was nothing he just thought he had seen me before in that Rock and Republic add over on Broadway." Bliss sounded a little more defensive than nessecary.

"Oh well its your business not mine. Anyway is Mimi here yet so you know I can stay out of her way." She was actually trying to find out if Jack were here yet, but didnt want to tell Bliss that he still gave her butterflys in her stomach when she thought about him.

"No, not yet I dont think" Bliss seemed completely oblivious to Schulyer blushing like crazy.

"Okay, well you wanna dance it seems like a fast beat song"

"Yeah sure I need a way to pass the time any, I didnt even want to come tonight but Dad made me thinking it would be better for his appearance to have the whole family show. Personally I think he would have been better off having Bobbi Ann stay at home. Look at the way she dresses." Bliss said looking at Bobbi Ann in digust. Bobbi Ann was wearing a yellow Valentino dress that looked two sizes to tight in certain areas. The yellow clashed with her hair and her breast were practically falling out of the front of the long gown.

Schulyer just laughed in agreement which Bliss joined in to when Bobbi Ann tryed to bend down and pick up the hem of the dress and broke one of her black Fendi heels.

Bliss lead the way to the large dance floor. The band started playing big band swing music that made Schulyer feel like she was in the fiftys.

Jacks POV

Jack and Mimi were in the town house on the way to the Plaza. Mimi was telling of the lastest news about there bonding that was coming up. Jack wasnt listening though not because he had heard it before but because his mind was somewhere else. He was thinking of Schulyer again. He knew he should feel guilty about thinking of some other woman when Mimi was talking of there marriage plans but he didnt care.

The car stopped and they got out blinded momentarily by the flash of the cameras. Mimi stopped by one cameraman that worked for E! News and was describing her oufit to him and the reporter.

"Yep, and its made by Prada. Shoes are by Chanel." He overheard her telling. He had to agree with the cameraman that she looked absolutely stunning. Her dress was simple white, so where the shoes but what was the centerpiece was the necklace she was wearing. It had come from Barneys by a designer he had never heard of called True Translations. It was loaded with diamonds and had costed close to seven hundred thousand but he bought especially for her so she had decided to wear it that night.

Jack wondered what Schulyer was wearing. He knew no matter how georgous Mimi was Schulyer would always out shine her without even trying. They went in the lobby and got in an elevator. As they waited he decided he would try and make friendly conversation with Mimi.

"So do you like your necklace I got you" He said in a pleasant voice.

She looked at him incredously "Are you kidding? Its perfect, and because it came from you makes it even more special then it was before" For once her face looked kind instead of the usual look of bitchiness that was always there."Well it looks fantastic on you. By the way what were you telling me earlier about the Committee announcing something tonight."

"You will have to wait and see just like everyone else, well even though you know they are going to tell something, everyone else doesnt even know that"

"Awe come on you know you can trust me, who am I going to tell."

"No its a secret and im afraid you may not be to happy about it."

"Please all the more reason you should tell me, come on, im your brother you have to share what you know." He tryed to give her the seductive look he knew would work.

Her skin was flushed and glowing when she looked at him again. "Okay i will tell you, but not a word will be told from your lips before they announce it publicly."

"Fine, Fine just hurry up with it."

"The secret is they plan to send one of the most powerful and youngest Blue Blood to Ireland to train how to defeat the Silver Bloods."

"No way, wait who is it?"

"This is the part I thought you would be angry about"

"I wont be angry just tell me who it is." Even he could hear the panic start to rise in his voice.

You looked at him solemnly for a long time then told him.

"Its Schulyer"