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"Okay guys we need a game plan." Schulyer said fidgeting with her hands.

They were in a taxi on the way to the Force's mansion. They were going to Mimi's and Jack's pre-bonding party. Schulyer didn't want to be going at all, especially after having that awkward confrontation with Jack previously.

"What are you talking about?" Jagger asked teasingly. He ruffled her bangs.

"Sky don't worry so much." Christian said grabbing her hand.

"I know. I shouldn't worry, but you guys don't know how the Forces are. They are so mean and backstabbing. I wouldn't be surprised if Mimi had something planned for us tonight. And I don't mean something good." Schulyer knew something was going to happen. She had a feeling. "We just need to be prepared."

"Okay tell you what," Christian said, "as soon as you get ready we will leave. I don't want to be here anyway."

"Deal." Schulyer breathed a sigh of relief. Her moment of calmness was quickly gone. They had pulled up to the Force mansion. She thought back on all the days she had spent there at the mansion.

Schulyer felt unnerved from having to come back to this house after so long away from it. She held her breath until they got out of the cab.

"This is where you lived?" Jagger asked looking at the huge wooden doors.

"Yeah but it wasn't that great." She said slowly. People were still arriving and so far it looked like it was strictly blue bloods.

They slowly opened the front door and walked into large living room that had been transformed into a night club for the night. Schulyer reasoned in her head that it was better that she didn't recognize the house. It would have been painful having to be in the house that she and Jack had shared for so long.

People were dancing to the loud pulsating music. Again it looked like only blue bloods. She hadn't seen Mimi or Jack yet but there were a lot of people so they might have been right in front of her but she couldn't tell.

When they walked farther in the light a few guys looked at her and gasped. Bliss had been right in choosing that dress for her. She had her hair pulled back loosely with golden pins she found in her mother's room. Christian had worn a white button up shirt. His hair was slicked back making him look, if possible, even more handsome by showing the perfect angles of his face. They were both bronzed and glowing.

At that moment they lived up to their names as angels of light.

Bliss raced towards them from the middle of a group of people. Jagger grinned and smoothed his shirt. Schulyer had picked out his outfit. She knew what Bliss's dress looked like so she purposely color coordinated their outfits.

Bliss was wearing a pale purple dress with a short hemline. She had her hair pulled to the side in a low pony tail. Schulyer had picked out Jagger a button up shirt in almost the same exact color.

"Thank god you are here." She said excitedly. She grabbed Jagger's arm and pulled him towards the center of the dance floor. She gave Schulyer a thumbs up motioning towards Jagger's shirt. Apparently she was happy about the two looking like a happy couple.

She smiled and then turned towards Christian. He was still holding her hand from the car ride.

"What do you want to do?" She asked him, whispering in his ear.

"I think we should wait on the dancing. Let's try something else first." He whispered back at her.

"Okay," she tried to think of something else they could do. "You want to see my old room?" She hadn't seen Jack yet and she didn't mind keeping it that way. Even if only for a few minutes more.

He smiled and squeezed at her hand. "That sounds perfect."

She led him up the too familiar stairs and down the long hallway. The door was closed so she slowly twisted the knob. She gasped and walked in hesitantly.

Nothing had changed. When she had been called to go to Ireland she only packed the essentials. She hadn't been back for any of her stuff. The room was still the same. Even the sheets on the bed were in the exact same position she had left them in.

She thought for sure that Charles would have thrown everything out the moment she left, trying to erase the memory of her ever being in the house. But it was just the opposite. She could still feel the presence of her and Jack lying in her bed. Holding each other under the covers.

She sat down on the bed and tried to block out the memories. Schulyer was so sure that she loved Christian more but why was she having such a painful time forgetting Jack.

Christian sat beside her and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. He stroked her bare arm with his hand. "It's alright. It's been a while since you've been here." He tried to comfort her.

She felt guilty for thinking about Jack when Christian was being so wonderful to her. He kissed her shoulder gently.

Schulyer debated on whether she should push him away or not. She didn't want to take advantage of Christian just because she felt bad. But why did he have to kiss her like that?

She sighed and looked him in the eyes. He bit his lip which looked so enticing to Schulyer. She went in for a kiss. He kissed her back softly for a few minutes but it slowly deepened. She ended up on top of him with his hands around her waist. She started pulling at his shirt, trying to take it off. He unbuttoned it quickly and they started kissing again.

They were so preoccupied that neither one heard the door open.

"What do you think you're doing?"

Schulyer froze. She slowly got off of Christian and looked towards the voice.

Jack was standing in the door with his arms crossed. He looked extremely pissed off.

"Jack what are you doing here?" She panicked. Schulyer couldn't think of a single thing to say in her defense. She didn't have to.

Jack strode across the room to where Christian was standing right beside her, still shirtless .He glared at him angrily with his fist clenched at his sides. "You're going to regret ever touching her."

Before Christian could even say anything Jack punched him in his face.