Disclaimer- These characters only belong to me in my dreams. Yep, in my wildest dreams you can just call me Stephanie Meyer!


I stood in the center of my spacious bedroom staring at the locket. My beautiful dust covered locket with it's delicate silver chain and tiny emerald heart. A daily reminder that only digs the omnipresent stake further into my heart. But still, here I stand just like every morning starring at it, driven by some invisible force to memorize everything about it.

There was no picture in it. I had always meant to put one in but now it just seemed wrong.

Emily Strut came to stand by me at the funeral. She didn't say anything. She just silently reached down for my hand. And out of all the well-meaning mourners she brought me the most comfort. My brother was going to purpose to her. No one else knew that besides me. Zach told me about a week ago. Standing there in one of the coldest days in the history of Arizona squeezing Emily's hand I could have told her. I really should have told her. But I just couldn't because I knew words weren't going to bring him back.

Actually I haven't said much at all sense the accident. Well not out loud anyways. Whole books could be filled with what I have to say but they're not going to change a thing so I might as well not say them.

I didn't even say anything when my mom, Renee notified me that I was being shipped off to live with Charlie. Nope, I just trudged to my room to pack my stuff in all my silent fuming. Even being as angry as I was I understood that Mom couldn't handle my presence right now. She couldn't deal seeing the leftover one everyday. And I can't say I really blame her. I don't much like being the leftover child myself.

I sighed and gingerly lifted my silver locket off the untouched hanger in my jewelry box and slid it into the outer pocket of my suitcase. You would think my own heart was lying in there the way it was sealed up in that locket.

I wiped an angry tear away as Renee called from downstairs. In less then 24hrs I was going to be in Forks.