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I had only ever seen pictures of the northern lights. It had always been a dream of mine t see them, even more so since I had learned it was something Edward had experience. It felt ridiculous to say I wanted to see something like the northern lights, to go some place like Alaska, because it meant I would have another tie to Edward. Just like his music it would be another peek into Edward Cullen's soul.

I couldn't believe Edward had decided to share something so precious with me. He had been planning to move back to Alaska since he had moved to Forks three years ago and now he was finally going to get to, well visit at least. His whole family was accompanying him and to my surprise and delight this included me.

So after my mandatory visit to Jacksonville we were set to go. I hadn't known what to expect from my trip to see Renee but I couldn't deny the fact that I was happy to see her again. I had missed her more than I had even realized. My trip was of course dotted with half masked anxious phone calls from Edward, Emmett, and Charlie making sure I hadn't changed my mind about remaining in Forks and that I was coming back. I'm sure Alice would have been anxious too but she said she just knew I would come home. I don't know how she always knew but she always knew.

The first thing I packed for Alaska, the first thing I packed no matter my destination for that matter, was my beautiful locket with it's delicate silver chain and tiny emerald heart. A daily reminder of both the good times and the bad. But still, here I stand, staring at it, driven by some invisible force to memorize everything about it because I am certain that I would gladly take all of the bad to reach the good. There was no picture in it. I had always meant to put one in of course but now it just didn't seem necessary. I remembered everything that I needed to by simply gazing at the front. It held so many memories. It geld memories of my brother laughing, and sneaking into my bedroom to usher me out on late night trips. It reminded me of my first fateful day here in Forks where everything had been new and mysterious. And it reminded me that I had faced my past head on, with the help of a select group of people that I loved, and I had come out the other side stronger than I had ever been.

I gingerly slid the locket inside the outer pocket of my suitcase before I pilled the tack away from the picture handing by my bed and slid that into the pocket also. I never wanted to forget my brother, or my past, because they were a part of me.

I smiled as I heard Edward call fro downstairs. In less than forty-eight hours I was going to be in Alaska.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Well folks, that's all. I hope everyone likes it. I hope you all stick with me for the sequel and hopefully we'll make some new friends too. Did anyone notice the similarities to the prelude of the sequel and the prelude of the first? Lol. I did that to show her progress and I thought it tied everything in. what did you think?

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