"Like I always say Swan, someday you're going to marry me."

I turned my head to glare at Edward Cullen.

I snorted, "In your dreams Cullen!"

He had been saying that since I could remember... which was in sixth grade. We've hated each other ever since and we've always been at each other's throats. We would say rude, cryptic things and constantly try to humiliate each other.

Today was especially bad. Every time he would see me, he would stick out his foot to trip me. I wasn't very co-ordinated on my best day, but today his actions just added to my clumsiness. And as if that wasn't bad enough, he tripped me up right in front of Jacob Black.

I had a hunch of how he found out that I liked Jacob. His twin sister Alice was my best friend and they were extremely close. I knew I couldn't trust her with my secret.

I heard Edward coming up behind me after he tripped me in front of Jacob. He quickly fell in step with me.

"So what do you see in Black anyway?" he demanded sourly.

"What's it to you Cullen?" I asked, equally acidic.

"I just want to know what about him it is that catches my future wife's eye."

He smirked at me.

I rolled my eyes.

"What's not to like?" I asked. "He's tall, dark, and handsome; every girl's dream."

Edward scoffed."I am two of those things."

I looked at him with knitted eyebrows. "You're not that tall. Jacob towers over you."

"Well excuse me for not being a tall freaking Indian from the Queer Tribe," he huffed.

"It's Quileute. And I don't see how me liking him is any of your concern. I want Jacob and all the other girls in this stupid school want you. One girl ain't gonna kill ya Cullen."

"Yes but I want you," he said poking me in the side, causing me to yelp. He chuckled when I slapped his arm.

I rolled my eyes but then stopped dead in my tracks. Five feet away from me was Jacob Black. He was staring at me, his huge grin showing his blinding white teeth. When he started to walk toward me my heart started to beat a million miles per hour. My breathing became shorter and shorter, matching the distance between Jacob and I. When he reached me he said,

"Hello Bella." he looked to my right. "Cullen," he said trying to be civil. I don't know why, but just like me and Edward, they never liked each other.

"Black," Edward answered back through his teeth.

He looked back at me.

"So Bella, I was wondering if you were doing anything this weekend."

Out of the corner of my eye I saw that this question alarmed Edward. I rolled my eyes.

"No I'm free."

"That's great!" Jacob said enthusiastically. "I was thinking that maybe you and I could go see a movie this weekend."

I smiled.

"That'd be great," I replied, matching his earlier enthusiasm.

"Don't you already have plans Bella?" Edward asked, butting in.

"No," I said snobbishly.

"Yeah you do. You have a sleepover with my sister this weekend. Remember?" he said giving me his annoying adorable crooked smile.

My nostrils flared in anger. He was right. I was going to a sleepover with Alice and our best friend Rosalie.

"Oh yes, I forgot" I admitted.

Edward's crooked smile turned into a mischievous one. I glared at him, and mouthed 'I hate you'. He just smiled back.

"Oh, well if you already have plans maybe the next night or next weekend?"

"The next night!" I answered quickly. Edward rolled his eyes.

"Great! I'll pick you up at seven on Saturday."

I nodded eagerly. He chuckled and bent down and pressed a feather soft kiss on my cheek. I swooned.

"See you later," he said seductively. When he left I watched him walk away longingly.

Edward snorted bringing me out of my reverie.

"Are you really going to go on a date with him?"

I straightened my posture.

"What's it to you?"

"Well I wouldn't want my future wife to be unfaithful."

"Would you stop calling me that already? You've called me that for years. And even if I did want to be with you, I would say that it was you that has been unfaithful; you're the one that screwed half the female population of Forks High School. At least Jacob isn't a man-whore."

"Yes Bella. But you do know that whenever I was with a girl I was imagining you there in her place."

He lightly tapped my nose with his index finger.

"You are such a disgusting PIG!"

"You know you like it. And besides, the only reason Jacob doesn't screw around like me is because he's gay."

I looked at him angrily.

"You wish Cullen!" I said storming off to my class, hearing Edward chuckle behind me.