Author's Notes:

This is a story that is currently being revised. I intend to do the first 15-20 chapters at least and probably some minor edits in the later chapters just to add to the story and the detail, as well as fix some other issues with my writing. This is my first fanfic I have written, so keep that in mind when I wrote it, my writing wasn't as good as it is now.

Currently revised up till chapter 4. Later revisions will include the chapter itself showing at the top "CHAPTER REVISED", just to show the progress of my revisions as I also continue the story until it's end.

Golden Dawn is the first of a 3 book trilogy. The titles are in order.

1) Golden Dawn
2) Bleak Twilight
3) Polar Sun (Title not final)

The trilogy is going to be in this same story, just the titles at the top will change to show where one story ends and another begins. Chapter 47 is the start of Bleak Twilight.

Golden Dawn

Chapter 1: Prologue

It is a dark time for the Alteran Empire. The Empire has split into 2 factions. The Ori who want to control their newly ascended power for use to portray themselves as Gods, and the Ancients who wish to use their power to seek out knowledge and to not interfere with the lower plane of existence. A brief civil war ensured, but the Ancients left their home galaxy so as to cause no loss of life. Then, about 12,000 years before the start of the Wraith-Lantean war, a captain by the name of Amann Adar felt that the Ori were a big threat and argued for the militarization of the entire Lantean Empire. He felt the threat of the Ori could not be ignored. The Ancients refused. Amann was then exiled for his beliefs and cast onto another world.

So this small group took a world for their own and broke away from the Ancients to form their own confederacy. Their homeworld was located on the very edge of the Milky Way galaxy. The world was called Alesia. There they began to learn the art of war so as to go back and conquer the Ori. 20,000 years have passed since the newly formed Alesian Empire was founded. The second evolution of humans has started on the planet known as Earth. The United States military has found one of the Ancient Stargates used to transport people across the stars. The Goa'uld have arisen as a galactic power and now controls more than 2/3rd of the Milky Way. But on the outermost 1/3rd of the galaxy, the mysterious Alesians seem to be expanding slowly over the course of thousands of years. Fearful whispers abound among the Goa'uld System Lords about the Alesians and what their agenda is. The way must be cleared for the battle between Goa'uld and Alesian.

Milky Way Galaxy: Core World

Goa'uld Empire: Domain of Ba'al / Del'mac Sector / Del'mac

Alesian-Anubis War: Month 0

Day -5 15:10:26

On the world of Del'mac, the Goa'uld System Lord Ba'al stared smugly over the fleet of powerful Ha'tak vessels that sat on the ground awaiting deployment. He ruled a sizable chunk of the Goa'uld domain and that made him one of the bigger players in their feudal empire. His First Prime walked in and bowed before his master. Ba'al's eyes glowed for a second and then he spoke in a deep voice.


"My Lord, I bring word of our victory over Lord Yu. The planet is now under your control."

"Excellent. You will be rewarded for this."

"I live to serve you, my Lord."

Ba'al smirked in satisfaction and then he moved to sit on his throne.

"What has our scoutship found out about these so called 'Alesians'?"

"The Tel'tac reported that they entered the designated system. We have lost contact with the ship since that report."

"That would seem to indicate that the Alesians shot the ship down despite the cloaking device."

"It would appear so."

"Ready my Ha'tak. I will convene with the other System Lords as has been agreed. Perhaps these Alesians are the ones responsible for these recent attacks on the System Lord fleets."

"At once, my Lord"

Ba'al got up from his throne and moved to the ring platform where he ringed to his flagship. The Ha'tak then left orbit and made its way to the space station where the System Lords were convening.

7 hours later…

The mushroom shaped space station where the System Lords meet already housed 6 of the major System Lords. A flash was seen as Ba'al's Ha'tak exited hyperspace near the station. He ringed into the council chamber and took his place. He looked around and noted the 6 other major System Lords in the room. Lord Yu was present as well as Kali, Olokun, Morrigan, Bastet, and Svarog. He waited as Lord Yu arose to speak.

"Welcome Ba'al. You know why this meeting has convened."

Ba'al gave a slight smile.

"Indeed Yu. We are here to talk about these mysterious attacks that all of us here have suffered. In each case, only ships have attacked, never with ground troops. Only ships have attacked and wiped out most of the conquered planets. We must determine who is responsible for these attacks, for this enemy seems most powerful. "

Yu gave a small nod and then looked around.

"Has anyone found out who these ships belong to?"

Kali then spoke.

"I am not sure. The reports I received from my colony in the Nepitus System was vague, but they were reported to be Ha'tak vessels. It is possible these Alesians are responsible, but attempts to penetrate their territory have been met with fierce resistance. So far, the reported configuration of their ships does not match, though we have very little information. They may have a number of captured Ha'taks, but that is not solid evidence. I have speculated that these Alesians might be descended from the race who built the Stargates."

Olokun interrupted.

"How likely is it that this race is responsible for the attacks we have suffered? Is it possible we are facing another enemy? Perhaps an unnamed Goa'uld? I think that these Alesians, whoever they are, are not the ones responsible. For thousands of years, we have heard of this power on the very edge of the galaxy, yet they have barely advanced their territory since then. It seems uncharacteristic of them to attack this aggressively now."

Yu growled.

"Perhaps, but there is another Goa'uld that is arriving on the station in a few moments. Perhaps she may know who is carrying out these attacks. "

Ba'al inclined his head and put his hands together.

"Maybe she is the one behind the attacks? It is a possibility we should consider."

Yu's face softened as he glanced at Ba'al.

"Agreed. But we cannot discount these Alesians. If they are descendants of the Ancients, then they possess far superior technology and are a major threat to us. I suggest we guard against them as well."

Just then, a Jaffa entered the chamber and spoke in a clear voice.

"My Lords, the guest has just arrived."

Behind the Jaffa, Lord Osiris entered the room. Her eyes scanned all of the System Lords before she spoke with a vicious grin.

"I hope I am not interrupting anything important. I think you will find I have much to offer. Shall we begin? "

In the corner behind Yu, Daniel Jackson started to feel uncomfortable as her eyes were trained on him.