Golden Dawn

Chapter 23: Alliance Reforged

Walter came upstairs to the conference room.

"Sirs, Dr. Weir has arrived."

Hammond nodded.

"Bring her in."

Everyone looked around as Dr. Elizabeth Weir walked into the conference room. She was of a medium build, with blond hair. She was very attractive and young, which more than likely helped to aid her in her negotiations within the UN. Though she would dye her hair black when she took command of the future expedition to Pegasus Galaxy, that time had not arrived yet. She walked in with her mouth wide open at the sight of the stargate in the gateroom 2 stories down.

"Wow... that's... that's the stargate?"

Hammond smiled and held out his hand.

"Yes, it is, doctor. I'm General Hammond, the commander of this facility."

"Yes, I know. It is an honour to meet you, sir."

Hammond gave a nod.

"You are briefed about this situation? Please take a seat."

"Thank you general... it's just that... this is overwhelming. When the President asked me to see him, I had no idea I was about to advise in an intergalactic negotiation. I mean, all the things he had briefed me on, it is taking some time to absorb all that."

Hammond smiled.

"It is alot to take in. We have sent for Lord Yu to attend. He will be here shortly."

Walter came back in.

"General, the Asgard report that 8 Alesian ships and a Ha'tak have exited near Earth. They said they are ready to beam...."

With a flash, Amann and Galadriel beamed down into the conference room. Amann was dressed in his customary white Alesian armor. His shoulder pads were covered in insignia and rank. The now familiar Alesian eagle was emblazoned in gold on the front of his armor, its talons extended forward. Galadriel was dressed in a simple white robe, which nevertheless reflected a position of wealth and power. With another flash,Chiyou beamed in. He was wearing red colored scale armor, a testament to his clan's skill in metallurgy.

O'neill spoke.

"You were saying?"

Walter shook his head.

"Never mind."

Then Lord Yu entered the conference room and ChiYou and Yu saw each other. Yu's eyes widened at the surprise while ChiYou's eyes filled with rage.

"YUUUUUUU! You traitor!"

O'Neill spoke with amusement.

"Wow, was that a pun from a Goa'uld?"

In ChiYou's anger, several sparks flew, and one it the railings leading to the control room. Then he relented. Amann and Galadriel smiled at the joke. Yu looked angry, but his anger seemed to lose its intensity as Amann gave him a very cold look. It plainly showcased Amann's disgust for the Goa'uld. Yu was uneasy around the Alesian. Amann spoke up first.

"Well Lord Yu. You requested this meeting. It is only fitting that you do so after we destroyed the combined forces of the Goa'uld over our homeworld. I suggest you come up with a good explanation for your treachery."

Hammond cleared his throat and gestured everyone to sit down. Lord Yu was sitting across Amann, and ChiYou next to Amann. Galadriel was sitting next to ChiYou and Daniel and Teal'c were next to Yu. Oshu was standing and O'Neill and Sam were sitting at the other end of the table.

"We initially hesitated but Ba'al had convinced the System Lords that you were a greater threat. At the time you appeared so. However, by the time it was too late, we realized that Anubis had fooled us all... by tricking that idiot Ba'al."

Daniel interjected.

"So they want to appease you, Counciller Amann, and contacted us in the hopes that the System Lords can in the good graces of the Alesians... and through us, the Asgard."

Amann laughed, but it was not one of amusement.

"So the System Lords wish to make up for stabbing us in the back do they? And to get the Asgard to side with them? You know what we do to people who stab us in the back? The Aschen tried that once with us. They promised us an alliance against the Goa'uld if we helped them take over a few important planets. We did that and the Aschen used their biological weapon on the world they contacted us on. Several million were killed, most of the population. We sent 50 battleships and destroyed one of their main worlds in retaliation with our antimatter weapons. Why should we not do that to the System Lords now?"

Yu cleared his throat. It was clear he wanted to reply in anger, but he managed to swallow his pride.

"We are here to appease, but we wish to arouse your common sense and see Anubis as the threat that he is... We must gather our strength together."

Amann looked at the System Lord coldly. To the others in the room, it looked like he was studying Yu as a specimen to be dissected.

"You want our help to deal with Anubis? Very well, but there must be.....concessions."

Yu narrowed his eyes.

"We already have made great concessions to the Tauri... what would you ask of us in return for your... cooperation?"

Amann smiled cruelly.

"We want fully 1/3rd of the territory of Anubis that he currently holds."

Yu's eyes flashed.

"Unacceptable! The System Lords will rather submit to Anubis than to accept such ridiculous demands."

Amann smiled.

"What have you offered the Tauri?"

Yu calmed down.

"21 worlds, including Chulak. The Tauri has agreed to aid in the war against Anubis for those 21 worlds... and a non-voting seat in the System Lord High Council."

Chiyou spoke for the first time.

"You allowed a non Goa'uld to hold a place on the council?"

Yu paused.

"No... the System Lords will never agree to that. The System Lords have anticipated Tauri's participation, and have agreed to concede several worlds... where Naquadah mines are. This would allow them to build ships to fight Anubis."

Oshu took out another paper and gave it to Hammond, who gave it to Daniel, who after reading it, gave to Amann. Amann read it for a moment and then returned it to Hammond. Daniel spoke.

"Five mining worlds with monthly production of minimum of 1000 shesh'tas... That is a lot."

O'Neill asked.

"How much is a shesh'ta?"

Teal'c answered.

"Shesh'ta is a common currency used among the Goa'uld. Though most of the Goa'uld economy is based on barter, they are used to measure the productivity of mines or planets."

Daniel spoke.

"That's approximately 100 grams... of Naquadah. How much would a 1000 shesh'ta would buy, Teal'c?"

"Two or three large estates that a minor goa'uld could afford... A Teltak cargoship, perhaps."

O'Neill turned to Carter.

"So... that's...?"

"About 6 tons a year in total, sir."

"So, not much."

Lord Yu flashed his eyes.

"Tauri are greedy. The worlds you ask for also contain deposits of Naquadah. Including the mining planet belonging to Ba'al.... that alone will provide you at least 3000 shesh'ta a month. I had once controlled the planet some mere 200 years ago."

Amann smiled

"Of course, the Goa'uld also utilize pathetic means to mine. I am familiar with some of mining technologies Earth uses. The mine output would be far more efficient than 6 tons."

Lord Yu nodded.

"Whatever that means, it would mean that the Tauri can provide some actual benefits in an alliance against Anubis."

Amann agreed.

"It means that to the Goa'uld, those worlds would not produce much, but to Earth, it could provide a few battleships with mining technology. We could also aid in the development if need be."

Meanwhile, the paper had gone around to Teal'c who raised an eyebrow.

"Daniel Jackson, this paper speaks of shes'nagh."

"What's that mean? I just thought it was a measurement."

"It means that the measurement of of 1000 shesh'ta per month... of weapons grade Naquadah..."

ChiYou, and even Amann raised their eyebrows in surprise. The System Lords must indeed be desperate to give up such worlds. Of course, they expected reconquer it after they destroyed and absorbed ANubis's forces, and take all the advances the Tauri would install. Amann realized this quickly and spoke.

"We will put those worlds under Alesian protection. The worlds will be run and administered by the Tauri. They will be a protectorate. That will ensure that.....others do not take advantage."

Amann gave a nod to Yu.

Yu nodded back, after all they were not his worlds. For his failures, Ba'al was the one who 'provided' four of those planets. Daniel spoke.

"What of the council seat?"

"As I have said, the System Lords will not accept anyone but a Goa'uld into the meeting."

Chiyou spoke up

"I will take the place if the Tauri would approve. I would represent their interests and that of Alesia."

Lord Yu looked at ChiYou for a moment, then reluctantly nodded.

"If it is ChiYou, despite his past crimes, the System Lords will agree. However, he will have not say in the voting."

"Yeah, okay. Lord ChiYou can represent Earth in the System Lord High Council."

Daniel looked at Hammond, who nodded. The Tok'ra seemed excited to have ChiYou back, and they supported the idea. Amann was silently suspicious. He did not like the idea of ChiYou rejoining the System Lords so quickly. He spoke up.

"One more thing."

Yu looked at the Alesian.


"The Alesian Empire will want several of the worlds Chiyou used to control. We want that returned to him."

Yu thought for a moment, then nodded with a smile.

"We will be glad to 'allow' you to retake those worlds. However, you must give us your words on your cooperation."

Amann nodded.

"Unlike the System Lords, we hold our part of the bargain. We demonstrated that when we were close to defeating Anubis."

Hammond spoke.

"If you would wait for a moment, we will prepare documents to confirm and for you to sign."

Lord Yu agreed.

Within minutes, Walter, who were listening to everything downstairs, and typing very fast, came up with four copies of the 1 page alliance treaty.

Hammond signed and dated them, and gave them to Yu. Oshu took our a golden seal with a dragon on it. Using red ink, Lord Yu stamped all four documents. Then they were given to ChiYou. ChiYou took out a seal with three legged pheonix on it. Lord Yu's eyes gleamed for a moment in his desire for the seal. ChiYou stamped the documents and handed it to Amann. Amann took it with approval.

"I see that you have learned from our example. Efficient."

ChiYou chuckled.

"The Tauri has come a long way... and I am proud of them."

Amann took out his seal. The Alesian eagle was stamped on the documents with an electronic crackle. When the seal was lifted, it showed a gold eagle emblazoned with its talons stretched forward, with blue aura surrounding the eagle.

ChiYou approved.

"Interesting... very nice."

'It is our symbol, the talons are stretched forward protecting Alesia, our mother empire. It is a threat to our enemies and a protective stance toward friends and allies. The blue aura is the same aura used by the Alesian ascended."

Lord Yu spoke.

"I must inform the System Lords of our... alliance. They will be most pleased."

Amann raised an armored finger. Yu halted.

"Before you go, Lord Yu. Remember that with this document, you are now allies of the Empire. The talons are protecting you. Conversely, those talons are turned on Anubis. A word of warning. Betray us and those talons will come back and shred you."

Yu nodded, and turned when, with blinding white light, Thor appeared on his chair, next to Hammond. ChiYou raised an eyebrow.


Amann put an armored hand to his breastplate in respect.

"Greetings Supreme Commander Thor of the Asgard fleet, It has been a long time, old friend."

Thor nodded lightly.

"Though I am uncertain as whether we should call you an old friend Counciller Amann, I greet you. If I remember correctly, the Asgard and the Alesians were not in a good relationship nine thousand years ago."

"A minor skirmish in regards to our expansion after the Ancient Empire fell. It was over philosophical differences."

Thor nodded. Then he looked at Chiyou.

"It is good to see you again, ChiYou."

ChiYou bowed his head in respect.

"Supreme Commander... you have changed somewhat."

"You have not."

Then Thor turned toward Hammond.

"General Hammond, the Asgard have detected the Goa'uld vessel, and are awaiting your command to fire upon them. However, I was interesting in the reason for this intrusion."

"Well, Lord Yu represents the System Lords, who wishes to ally with us, the Alesians and the Asgard against Anubis."

Thor turned toward Lord Yu and spoke.

"Lord Yu, as you know that as a part of the Protected Planets Treaty, we cannot help you with the internal Goa'uld matters."

Lord Yu sneered lightly. He spoke.

"The System Lords are ready to make concessions to the Asgard, especially in regards to the Protected Planets Treaty."

Thor was surprised to say the least. Not only that, even Amann and ChiYou were surprised. Every passing moment confirmed that the System Lords were losing... really badly.

Amann spoke.

"What sort of concessions to the Asgard are you willing to make?"

Yu looked around.

"We recognize that while the Tauri have advanced significantly, they will still require some help in constructing ships to fight Anubis. However, the treaty stops the Asgard from helping the Tauri, and if we did not ignore it, the Asgard would have stopped you, the Alesians, from giving the Tauri technologies."

Thor considered it for a moment.

"Since it will nullify the Protected Planets Treaty as whole since we did not prevent artificial means of advancing the civilisations of a protected planet."


"You are willing to change that clause?"

Yu nodded.

"The System Lords have agreed to allow addition to the Treaty so as to make the Tauri as an exception. However, the Asgard will not be able to protect Tauri holdings within the Goa'uld domain with the treaty."

"That is acceptable."

Amann smirked.

"But we will."

Yu narrowed his eyes.

"However, we will require something from the Asgard as well."

"Very well."

"The System Lords are uncomfortable with the Alesian intrusion into the Goa'uld domain."

Thor replied.

"You know very well that the Asgard do not concern ourselves with the Goa'uld internal matters."

Yu leaned back in his chair.

"In return for the Asgard block against Alesian entering the Goa'uld domain, especially that of a System Lord, the System Lords are willing to allow planets Kurina, Shostas, Lemnis and Kahal into the Protected Planets Treaty."

Those worlds were some new planets that the Asgard were bluffing to get them into the treaty. This was unexpected, if the Asgard refused, it would mean that the Asgard no longer had the power to protect those worlds. Thor paused and then looked at Amann.

"I will speak to Councilor Amann alone."

Thor nodded to Amann. It was rude to beam up an advanced race without permission. Of course, that did not apply to the humans. They were young after all. Amann nodded and stood up. With a beam, they were on board Thor's ship. Thor spoke.

"The Asgard believes that the System Lords are at their limits in their concession. Any further aggression or pressure on either the Alesians of the Asgard, this tentative alliance may not bring enough benefits across the galaxy."

Amann considered the matter a moment. He spoke reluctantly.

"I will agree, even though it is mostly our allies gaining concessions. We aren't really gaining much."

"Yes, that is agreed. However, the Asgard High Council is quite expectant of Earth becoming strong. We believe that they can be the Fifth Race.... The Asgard are seriously considering removing most of our presence in this galaxy and leaving the protection of the Protected Planets in the hands of Earth and the capable hands of SGC."

Amann raised his eyebrow.

"You consider Earth the 5th race? What of my people then? Are we not fitting enough to be part of the old alliance?"

"You have taken a different step. You are a remnent of the old... and like us... must eventually give way to younger races. Did not the lessons of old reach you, yet? The Ancients did try to teach you."

"The Ancients were weak. You realize that they were completely unprepared for war against the Wraith. We endured when their civilization fell. We had to turn to war to survive. We were few in number and we needed to defend ourselves. We intended to return to the Ori Galaxy and unite our race again. But we are far from that goal."

"We are the Older Races, Amann. We must move on. We cannot dwell on the past forever. Like the universe itself, the motion is constant. The Asgard believes that leaving the galaxy in the hands of younger race whose hearts are as pure and good as the humans on Earth... is better than clinging the past."

"We live not for the past, but for a glorious future in which this galaxy and others will be united in a prosperity none of us could possibly dream. I have seen it, Thor. I have seen it more clearly. It is our duty to guide those younger races into a future that is undimmed by chaos and war. We wage war to preserve that peace. The price of freedom is paid in blood."

Thor's expression hardened.

"The Asgard High Council will not standby and allow your aggression destroy a chance to legitimately give Earth enough technologies to fight against Anubis and for them to advance."

There was an overt threat in his voice. Amann gave a cold glare in return.

"Who said we were going to impede them? We are helping them. Our ships will protect the worlds that will be given to Earth by the System Lords. It will stop them from getting second thoughts about attacking. We are also going to be giving them technologies and giving words of wisdom. We are guides, not dictators. Something the Ancients never fully appreciated. They thought of us as second class citizens. Barbaric! Backwards! They lacked the vision to do what is right and what is necessary for the greater good. That is why they fell Thor."

"Greater good for whom, Amann? There were those among the Asgard who believed that. They rather do what they deemed was necessary than what was right. I was hoping that you would understand that the path you walk may easily became as thin as a Furling blade."

Amann looked down. Something in his face softened. After a moment, he spoke sadly.

"I realize that more than anyone, Thor. I realize the temptations of power. I know that I walk a thin line, but what is necessary and what is right is often the same thing. Do you think I do not care about the primative people? Of course I do. And yet, we were undermined by the Ancients. And you supported them. I thought your race would have understood what we are trying to do most of all."

"We still understand why you felt that it was necessary, but we still do not approve. I would 'ask' that you refrain from illegally invading the Goa'uld space before the humans of Earth can stand on their own. If this deal can be reached, the Asgard High Council... has agreed to several technologies to be transferred to Earth."

"And after the Earth can stand on its own?"

Thor smiled. The Asgard smile was weird.

"We believe that Earth will protect the Protected Planets and lead the rebel Jaffa and other humans to freedom. It is their galaxy, and I am certain that the Goa'uld will fall by their hands... not ours... or yours."

"And would you approve of us guiding them like we have guided the planets in our domain?"

Thor narrowed his eyes.

"As long as you do not attempt to influence their growth. The Asgard High Council and I both believe that the humans of Earth has the right mix of... the Ancients and... Alesian aspects."

"Perhaps. We will see who is right eventually. Perhaps we can learn a thing or two from the second evolution of humanity."

"We are hoping to do so already. Our learning from their behaviors and thought patterns have provided... great insights and improvements. Shall we return to SGC?"

"One last thing, when we decide to fight the Ori. Will you help us?"

Thor hesitated.

"There are issues the Asgard must deal with... and if we are able, we will do what we can."

It was a vague answer at best, but Amann expected that of the Asgard. Amann nodded.

"When Anubis is crushed, we will see what we can do to help your problem. After all, our technology is superior to that of the Asgard. Our help could prove useful."

Thor narrowed his eyes again. The Asgard were a proud race.

"The Ancients were the advanced race... the Alesians... are also advanced enough."

Amann smiled.

"We advanced farther, but we advanced war technologies more than anything. I am sure we could help."

Thor nodded vaguely before beaming both of them down. Lord Yu was waiting impatiently. Thor spoke.

"Councilor Amann has agreed to... refrain from illegally invading System Lords' territories... with the exception of Anubis or during any action against Anubis."

Amann nodded in agreement.

Lord Yu nodded. The deal was on. Earth was now able to receive technologies from the Asgard and the Alesians. He left the room to head back to his Ha'tak in orbit. Amann and Galadriel beamed back up to their ship. ChiYou remained to talk with the Tok'ra. They had a lot to discuss. The alliance was reforged. The battle for the Milky Way has just begun.

To be continued…