Summary: Five years ago, the crew disbanded and left the captain all alone after a tragic incident on the island near Raftel. Five years later, they reunite to pursue their remaining dreams…this time, Marine had wanted to tear them apart…and again like five years ago…there always stood in front of them a man willing to lay down his life for them all…willing for the incident five years ago to happen once again…if only to make them go further.

Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece and the characters. All of these belongs to Mr. Oda. The plot however is mine.

Chapter 1: Revive the Past

The cold breeze seeped into his skin but never once did he care about it as he stood on the prow of the ship, staring blankly at the horizon as if waiting for something he expected to appear. Even with his new crew, he felt so alone…so very alone.

When did he feel this way anyway? Yeah…five years since his death. Remembering the cause of it sent a searing pain in his heart as he tried to choke back the tears that threatened to let go. He couldn't afford to feel this way forever. He couldn't afford to linger on past regrets and what might have been.

He chose to stay behind to stall the marines some time and he had agreed to make him the Pirate King. Indeed he did at a costly price.

His former crewmembers have lives of their own. Did they ever think of thinking about him? Of him? He really hoped so. He really hoped that despite the years that separated them all, they were still thinking about him and the one who past away.

His worn-out straw hat was clutched tightly within his grasped, as if that was the only thing left for him…no more nakama…no more…

That feeling of loneliness however drove him to search out for his crew again, if not his desire to see them so badly.

The redhead hid quickly at the back alley as she watched all the marines running from here to there looking for her. She reverted back to the life she once had but there is still that emptiness inside her…an emptiness that could only be washed away by them.

However, she was the first one to break from them and decided to go on her own. She had forgotten about the World Map she so much dreamt of creating. For her, nothing seemed to have been the same after his death.

It hurts to think of it now. After five years, she still has not let go. She could always remember the grief and pain that enveloped them all as they all stood in the ship watching the island burned. It was all she could give herself to remember.

No longer able to stand the silence and sorrow and pain, she made her decision and left the ship much to everyone's grief. They were still mourning for him and here she chose to leave at the wrong time. But back then, all she wanted was to get away from the memories.

However, it was a decision she regretted most. She should have stayed and lent her shoulders to the captain who was affected the most. But she chose to be a coward for once and ran away only to regret it five years later as she lived the life of a prey being hunted down in the city streets.

The long-nosed guy stood atop the hilltop as if expecting one of these days that that ship would appear and come take him back. For five years, he kept wishing it to come true but it never came.

A sorrowful smile curved his lips. What else could be expected? Damn but he too deserted his captain after the navigator left. It was cowardice. He was a coward, afraid of how to deal with the pain of loss brought about by his death.

He thought by coming back to his village, he could forget the past…the happy memories…the memories that made life and love so real…the bond that was slowly fading as they all wallowed in grief and pain.

But he only lived in delusion.

So everyday of those five years, he would stand on the hilltop watching for the Thousand Sunny to come pick him up…hoping for him to be there and didn't really leave them. But it was impossible. They all watched as he fell and the island burned…his title going down with him.

The reindeer had taken his rest after healing those wounded and sick…victims of something he knew now as Buster call…something that took away the life of one of his nakama…

He never returned back to Drum Island and instead chose to wander around, helping the sick while at the same time, searching unconsciously for his lost innocence. An innocence lost during that time five years ago. An innocence that was scarred…

He wasn't as cheerful as he was once when he joined the crew. This time, there was no trace of the innocent reindeer in him. He changed a lot. Perhaps it was the product of the grief that until now didn't leave his heart. He is still mourning for him.

He was afraid that by letting go, he would forget all their memories together so he chose to wallow in pain and sorrow.

He never wanted to leave the ship but seeing as they all started to leave, he chose to do so too. Maybe because he wanted to find what he had lost that time. But somehow, he wished he really could go back to the olden times when they would only laugh and dance and sing.

The raven-haired woman sat calmly on the ship as she watched over Thousand Sunny. Her captain might not know, but she always kept an eye on him, a promise she made to herself and to him. When everybody started leaving after the other, she decided to stay behind but her captain does not want her around. Perhaps because he thought she'd also leave in no time.

Silently, she left the ship only to keep trail of it, unbeknownst to him. Five years is it? For the second time around, she felt the terror the Buster Call had once given her. This time, it took a nakama. Perhaps not her entire family like the incident in Ohara but it was still a loss.

She, among all others, was the one who remained calm, hiding her grief and sorrow. Only when she was alone did she allow herself to let go of the tears that she held too long. She couldn't really afford to show such weakness in front of them who have succumbed to their grief.

But she felt the pain sliced her then as she watched the island burned, all thanks to Buster Call. He was smirking at her then but in a serious tone, made her make a promise to make sure of the captain's safety. And she did.

The crew had been her family after leaving Arabasta. They were the second family she had. And any loss from any of them, she could not bear. That is why when they were all prowled in the ship, watching their captain trying to get back, she only hid her face and let herself cry.

The shipwright finished making another ship but not as wonderful as Thousand Sunny. Thousand Sunny. The memory of it brings him pain.

He was the second to last who left the captain. He never intended to but he just wanted to be free from that death-consuming grief that he never thought possible. He knew the feeling of loss as he once felt it when Tom died but the loss brought about by him was something so great and he felt so empty.

He could understand well why Nami must have left. Perhaps, she wanted an escape from that horrifying past. That was what he felt too.

But there really was no escape from it. The past would still come haunt you in your dreams. And he realized that there is no way to deal with it than to face it. That is why he decided to make the ship and find his captain and other crewmembers.

The searing pain is still there…it never goes away no matter how much you tried to bury it…he knew that…

He looked back at the musician who set off with him. They would face the demon of the past.

The musician held his violin as he started playing a tune…a sorrowful one…a tune he created out of grief five years ago.

He left with the shipwright and swore to come back. At least until they found their peace. Having witnessed the death of him is something they weren't prepared. For him, he felt like he lost a piece of him.

Would there be truly happiness now even if they were gathered together again? Because that is what he had hoped for. He had wished to see them all again although with the absence of one. Perhaps by reconciling with them after five years, all of them would learn now to reconcile with the past…that dreadful past when they have lost a nakama.

The aroma of the food made the others hungry as they waited for the chef to deliver it to them. But for the chef, he wasn't thinking about food now…about his cooking…he was thinking of the past…

The past he tried to bury in order to move on after leaving Thousand Sunny. However, it proved difficult as time passed by. He could not get over the death of his rival/friend. That marimo…that stupid moss-head…

A part of him died with his nakama as he too wanted to go back and save him just as much as Luffy wanted to. But they were being restrained by the cyborg.

After the last fire burned down, he could only watch in shock and pain alongside the other crew. From the corner of his eyes, he saw the redhead fall on her knees and it was the first time he felt the need not to be chivalrous. He just felt empty…lost…

For a week…they all felt the grief….for the first time…Luffy never sneaked into his kitchen to steal foods…he couldn't hear the marksman tell stories…he could hear the sobs coming from Nami…could feel the hidden pain and grief from Robin who tried to act strong…Franky seemed to consume his time fixing the ship even when there is nothing to be fixed…then there was the musician playing the violin…the melancholy of it seemed to reflect all their emotions rolled in one…

Then when everyone was asleep, he could hear his captain shouting in the inky blackness, calling out his name. And he and the rest pretended not to have heard it. It was just too much for them until Nami decided to leave. He followed after Usopp.

Damn but he missed them all even the dead swordsman.

I really can't believe I always kill Zoro in a story. I mean, he's supposed to be one of my favorites. But really…among all Luffy's crew…he held a very significant role in the team…anyway, I thought I would like to display a broken crew and I am not sure if I was able to do it.

Please do not question me if Zoro died. Just read and you'd find out.

The firs chap is only to have a glimpse of how the Straw Hat crew would be like should it be Zoro who was gone because Zoro, like Luffy is a very significant character in the One Piece world.

I would very much appreciate your comment on this one.