Obi Wan went towards the Padme, heart heavy. Luke and Leia were sitting on the ramp, tears streaming down their faces. In his arms, he carried Anakin's robes, and in responser to their agonised questioning faces, he only nodded.

He went to them, and together, they wept.


Across the galaxy, hearts simultaneously lightened and got heavier.

They all knew the darkness was gone. They all knew that the light was as well.

The universe was in balance, once more.

The prophecy had been fulfilled.


Luke sat alone in the Jedi Temple, as behind him, per Anakin's will, a party in his honour. All the Jedi were celebrating the life of Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One.

The Avatar of Light was gone, but his memory shone on.

But that did not alleviate the pain his offspring felt.

Luke looked up at the sky, and dreamed.

'They all have a system of planets,' his father had told him once. 'And I've seen so many of them, but no one can see 'em all.'

"I will," Luke said. "I'll see everything."

'Good dream, Luke,' a voice said from behind him. He turned, to see Ahsoka.

"Hi, Ahsoka," he said, turning back to the stars.

Her ghost sat by him.

'Well that's enthusiam for you,' Ahsoka said, sighing. 'No 'hey, cool, you're dead and talking, that's impressive!', talk?'

"Hey cool, you're dead and talking, that's impressive," Luke said glumly.

'Enthusiastic or what?' Ahsoka said, smiling. 'Look, Luke…'

"My Dad is dead and he hasn't come back," Luke said. "And even if he did, he's gone really, just a ghost."

Ahsoka sighed.

'I know, and I'm sorry,' she said.

"Why hasn't he come to see us?" Luke asked.

'He'll come visit soon, I promise,' Ahsoka told him. 'He's just busy, you know – dying has a lot of paperwork…'

She smiled, but Luke kept looking up at the sky.

'He's being congratulated,' Ahsoka said after a moment. 'He is, after all, a successful Chosen One. He had -'

"He had a special destiny," Luke cut across her. "And see what it got him."

'Perhaps you're right,' a different, older, male voice said. 'But even so, it is better than the destiny he could have had. He fulfilled his destiny.'

Luke turned, and saw Qui Gon Jinn smiling at him.

"What are you so happy about?" he asked, snappishly.

'Happy only to help,' Qui Gon replied. 'Because, believe it or not, you too have a special destiny…'

"Keep it," Luke said. "I don't want to know my future."

Qui Gon gave Ahsoka a quizzical look, but she only smiled, and turned back to Luke.

'Suit yourself, Luke,' she said. 'But take our word for it – it is an amazing life.'

And then she vanished. Qui Gon, however, remained.

"What?" Luke asked.

"I did something," Qui Gon replied, and suddenly there was a strange hardness to his voice, a realness. "I interfered, something we, the Whills Masters, should not do."

And then, he closed his eyes, and suddenly, he was there.


He opened his human eyes, and sighed.

"I have paid the price."

Qui Gon Jinn smiled, and bowed to Luke Skywalker.

"You're alive," Luke said.

"No," Qui Gon said. "I am… a construct. Solid particles made so by the Force."

"How?" Luke asked.

"A Master of the Whills becomes One with the Force," Qui Gon replied. "A Grand Master can use that one-ness to trap a spirit in a construct, an approximation of a body, made of particles altered and joined together."

"And that's what just happened to you?" Luke asked. "So you're…?"

"I am unchanging, a trapped ghost," Qui Gon said, and there was an echo of sadness in his voice. "It is a punishment used only upon those who interfere with existence so much that it is the only route that they can utilise to prevent it. I am forever trapped like this. I will never be one with the Force again."

"Who did it?" Luke asked.

"The elders of the Whills," Qui Gon said sadly. "One of the many rules is that we must not use our insight to alter the destiny of people or events. If we do, this is our punishment."

"Can't you just - I dunno - be killed again?" Luke asked, trying to help the man who was obviously in discomfort.

"No," Qui Gon said. "The construct heals instantly any damage."

"Sounds great to me," Luke murmured, not quite understanding Qui Gon's problem.

"Perhaps, but you are mortal," Qui Gon said. "I was… one with the Force. Everywhere at once. But, in order to make sure your father made the right choice, I… I interfered, and sealed my own fate. A choice I made regardless."

"I guess I should thank you," Luke said. "What can I do…?"

Qui Gon smiled.

"They did not take my Force ability," he said, smiling. "I am still a Jedi Knight, able to help in a small way."

"And?" Luke said.

"I know you are without a teacher," Qui Gon said. "You have yet to be chosen as a Padawan."

"Yes," Luke said. "Ahsoka… Master Tano was going to take me, but she…"

"Then, Luke," Qui Gon said, kneeling before him, "let me take you as my Padawan learner. Let me do, for you, what I could not for your father."

Luke looked at the resurrected Jedi before him, and smiled.

"I'm up for it," he said.

Qui Gon smiled too.

Somehow, he ruminated, this wasn't going to be so bad after all.


To Be Continued in Star Wars: Rise Of Kun.

Coming soon.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed that, because I certainly enjoyed writing it.