A/N: Many thanks to my beta Maryann! All remaining mistakes are mine.


"Oh, hallo, McKay…" Kavanagh was just about to enter his quarters when his superior approached him. McKay threw several daffodils, including their bulbs, in front of Kavanagh's feet.

"What's all this about, Kavanagh?"

"Hmm. Those are daffodils."

"I know, that they are daffodils. The question is, why were these daffodils in my lab?"

"And where do I come into it?"

"Don't pretend to be innocent! Who ordered 3000 bulbs of daffodils and garden soil four months ago? Well, who?"

"Why do you think that I…"

"The order was in your name!"

"Oh. But I didn't order them."

Now McKay hesitated a bit. Would Kavanagh dare lie to him so blatantly? "You didn't order the bulbs?"


"How is it that your name is on the order list?"

"Well, maybe it's a bad joke. There are a few people, who don't like me."

That made sense to McKay. "Uh, no offence meant. If you hear who did it…"

"… I'll let you know immediately. But what is so bad about daffodils?"

"It's the colour. Lemon, do you see? Just the colour is enough to make me nervous." With these words McKay left Kavanagh, who picked up the mistreated flowers and brought them into his quarters. Then he said: "Right, my dears, that went well. And tomorrow morning all of Atlantis will shine in yellow. Yellow like a lemon, to be precise." He smiled and had the impression that 3000 daffodils smiled back at him.