A.N- This is to anyone who likes Jacob, or doesn't like violent stories. If you do like Jacob or don't like violent stories, then don't read. I don't want anyone complaining when I've already warned you. Thanks.


It had been one year since Edward had left. One year since a part of me died. I had gotten married to Jacob, I thought it would repair the hole in my heart. Things were great for a few months, until Jacob started to hit me. He'd come home, and he'd usually be drunk. I couldn't sleep unless I was knocked out. I wish my angel would come back. Come back to save me. Come back to make me whole. I was exhausted though having slept. Jacob would be back in a few minutes. I suddenly remembered the lasagne I had in the oven. I'd slept for a few hours, since Jacob knocked me out. It was probably burnt now. I got up, feeling my aching muscles and throbbing bruises. I stumbled over to the oven and opened it. A whole load of smoke came out. Dinner was ruined. Jacob would kill me. I emptied out the contents into the bin. I quickly grabbed a pizza and put it in the microwave. The pizza was almost ready when I heard the door swing open.

"BELLA!" Jacob slurred. My stomach turned over, he was drunk today. He staggered in and looked at the table. He shot me a death-glare.

"Where is my dinner?" he spat. I swallowed. He stormed up to me and slapped me. My cheek burned. I choked back a sob.

"The pizza is in the oven." I mumbled. Jacob's face twisted.

"That's not good enough. I expect dinner to be on the table!" Jacob boomed, before punching me in the nose. I heard a crack, and fell to the floor. Blood was gushing out of my nose and staining my trousers. I whimpered. Jacob laughed evilly. I was upset, what had happened to the Jacob who I used to love? What had I done to deserve this? The buzzer for the pizza went off. Jacob stumbled into his chair. I served him his pizza, and left up to the bathroom with my own little slice though I wasn't hungry.

"Where are you going?" Jacob growled. I turned round, and stopped on the stairs.

"I'm going to do the laundry." I managed to call back. I heard Jacob grumble, so I ran into the bathroom and locked the door. I put the toilet lid down and placed my plate of pizza on top of it. I caught a look of myself in the mirror. What I saw made the bile rise in my throat. My face was thin and taut, I had layers upon layers of bruises, my nose was a weird shape and my eyes were dead. I had a small scar on my forehead where Jacob had cut me once. I shivered as I remembered that experience. I collapsed on the floor, my body racked through with sobs. I cried until I couldn't cry anymore. I opened the window and threw my pizza out, I wasn't hungry. I heard the door slam. Jacob had left. I'd had enough. I didn't deserve all this. I wanted Edward. I didn't know if Edward loved me, but I definitely loved him with all my heart. I unlocked the door, and ran down the stairs. I tripped at the last step but managed to pick myself up again. I ran to the door. It was locked. I tried the back door, no luck with that either. I picked up the dining room chair and smashed the window. I clambered through it, the shards scratching my hands and legs. I ran into the woods. I had to get away from here. I ran past the trees, wishing I was on Edward's back. My foot went down a rabbit hole and I heard a snap. Crap. I couldn't walk on my ankle. I'd sprained it, or worse.

"Edward!" I sobbed. "Edward come back!"

Tears were spilling freely from my eyes now. I ran, I wanted my guardian angel. I wanted Edward.


It had been a year since I'd left Bella, broken in the woods. My life was nothing now. I couldn't bear it any longer. I sat on my bed, remembering how she used to blush, her clumsiness, her chocolate brown eyes. Stop this. I told myself. It'll only hurt more. I couldn't stop thought, I wanted to remember. I hadn't hunted in weeks, I didn't want to. The searing pain in my throat was numb. I heard the door open, I didn't look to see who it was.

Edward I need to tell you something. It was Alice. I turned round and stared at her.

I've had a vision.

I searched into her mind, the vision came up. It was Bella, she was crying and limping in the woods. She kept sobbing my name. She wanted me back. Even after everything I'd done to her. But how had she ended up like this? JACOB. I growled. Alice gave me a frantic look.

We have to save her, Edward. Alice pleaded. I nodded. I was coming back for my Bella.