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A/N - This is dedicated to Tui who's going away and leaving me and waaaaaaaaaaah! Ooh, I forgot to put this in the other one. Mel won the milk dud comp. (No super-speed for Pietro)

"Did you get the marker?" Todd asked Lance. They were in the boys bathroom.

"Of course I got the marker," Lance snapped, "why would I forget that? It's the most important thing in this entire plan."

"Where's Pietro and Toby?" Freddy asked.

"Coming. I think Toby's having some Jean trouble."

"Again? Does she ever leave him alone?"

"She would do anything for him," Lance rolled his eyes.

"Hey guys! Sorry we're late," Pietro grinned, zipping to the mirror to check his hair.

"S'okay. Now let's get drawing!"

"No one's going to walk in are they?" Toby asked, glancing over his shoulder.

"Toby, Toby, Toby," Pietro said, putting an arm around his shoulder, "this is your christening to Brotherhood life. Stop worrying about perhaps and live for the moment."

"Here you go," Todd passed Toby the marker. The youngest mutant had drawn eyes on the toilet seat cover and a nose on the seat. A small speech bubble was drawn above the eyes and the words 'Feed me,' filled it out. (This looks really funny. Yay Tui! You rock!)

A small smile slipped onto Toby's face as he tried to suppress his laughter.

"Come on Toby," Pietro grinned, "the rest of the toilets are begging for personality."

- - -

Scott walked into the boys bathroom and headed for the nearest cubicle.

"What the hell!?!"

He moved to the next one. The same thing. And the next and the next and the next.

'I bet the Brotherhood are behind this,' Scott thought. He headed for the last cubicle. No smiling toilet face looked up at him asking him to feed it. Smiling he stepped inside. He had just finished and was zipping his jeans back up when he spotted a small bit of writing on the wall. Scott's eyes widened and he swore loudly.

"Okay, they are so getting it now!" Scott yelled storming out of the toilet, not even noticing the trail of toilet paper stuck to his shoe.

On the cubicle wall was written the words:

If you want some fun call Scott Summers, 523-5968