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The rhythmic sound of slapping flesh and the pungent aroma of sex permeated the room, moans of ecstasy sound from the quivering blonde, pinkettte and brunette. The girls were currently being "rewarded" for being so obedient, abusing and mistreating their master in the eyes of the public and being his little sex toys in the midst of night. It had become increasingly hard to pretend during the day, Sakura and Ino were always known as the biggest fan-girls one could find in fire country and the brunette, Hinata was known as a meek and mild child with a tendency to stutter. However the shy Hyuuga Heiress was a minx in bed, of course only for the object of her affection, her Naruto-kun.

The trio let out a simultaneous moan as they climaxed on the lap of their master, or so they thought. Each of the girls was greedy, they all wanted Naruto for themselves, so when presented with a triplet of Narutos they immediately presumed they had the real one. The original Naruto smiled, 'oh the usefulness of shadow clones', as the clones dispersed into smoke, the three girls lay on the floor. Skin glistening in sweat and cum, their hair matted to their foreheads and their eyes glazed, the trio was spent; they wouldn't have noticed a parade let alone their somewhat short master entering the room with a mysterious black bag.


The brunette had been stalki-ahem I mean inconspicuously following her not-so-secret crush around, and when she had seen the two biggest fan-girls in Konoha enter her crushes house, she couldn't help but feel curious. So using her supremely developed stealth from years of following her crush, she climbed towards the only open window of the house. Entering through the window, Hinata could not believe her eyes. Ino and Sakura were wearing tight leather tops and a leather mini-skirt, barely covering anything and standing infront of the duo was her Naruto-kun, wearing a pair of leather pants with a crop in hand. Hinata blushed a vibrant crimson at the sight and passed out.

When she had awoken she had been strapped onto a chair, and somehow she had been changed into a tight black tube skirt and a frilly black corset. Unaware of her surroundings she did not pay attention to the sounds of sex coming from Infront of her. However she felt a slight buzzing from between her legs and the pleasure welling up inside her. The sudden entry of something into her soaking cunt sent her over the edge, squirting all over the chair and alerting the fucking couple of their "guest's" awakening.

"I trust little Hina-chan feels good?" sounded a familiar voice.

Hinata turned her head around only to find she facing her crush's long hard member, embarrassment was written on the girls face as she tried to understand what was happening, however her thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of a pair of tongues licking her pussy. Hinata looked down to find a pair of scantily clad fangirls. Ino and Sakura were wearing what appeared to be matching spotted tank tops, miniskirts, cat ears and tails. The combined tongue motions and the fingering of her crush caused her to cum again, all over the faces of Ino and Sakura.

"Hinata, would you like to join the girls and me for some night time activities?" asked Naruto cheekily.

Hinata, not trusting her tongue could only nod in agreement before being unbound and immediately collapsing with her ass facing up towards her new master. Naruto slowly prodded her entrance before hearing a pair of simultaneous whines coming from the feline pair. Naruto slowly formed a cross seal and summoned 3 clones, and while the smoke cleared he hid away in the other room, where the still slumbering TenTen lay. Oh how he would have fun breaking and dominating the weapons master.

++++ End Flashback++++

The girls were now barely managing to stay conscious, the waves of pleasure rippled throughout their bodies slowly breaking their hold on the world. Life was good for Uzumaki Naruto, because not only was he in the throes of passion with 4 beautiful girls but the villagers would throw a fit that not only the heiress to the most prestigious clan of Konaha was his willing lap dog and the only children of Konoha's best interrogators and weapons smith were willing to commit such acts of adultery that would not cross the minds of most normal people. The S&M catalogue found under the Hokage's paper work really helped Naruto with spicing up his bedroom activities, and the four beautiful girls don't seem to be getting bored, in fact, they seem to be enjoying it and embracing the lucidity of their days and free time. These were the thoughts going through Naruto's head as he relentlessly pumped his manhood into the sopping wet cunts of his harem. The last thought going through Naruto's head as the last kage bunshin climaxed and dispersed was, why the hell does an old man have a S&M catalogue.

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