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Sienna tones bled amongst umber strands that flowed like smooth silk, the sweetest tones of obsidian and hazel brown melded within sweet doe-eyes with a mischievous gleam. A childish smirk emblazoned proudly upon her delicate features, accentuated by her rose tinted cheeks. The air of innocence she had once seemed to possess was shattered; in its place was an aura of sensuality. Each step she took was lithe and had a force that led me to draw back. My words were trapped in my throat. My response a stifled swallow as she pressed her voluptuous frame against mine, her soft feminine features gaining an animalistic edge, an almost predatory glance was the only precursor as she grasped the back of my head, and pulled me into a kiss.

Never being one to be outdone, I kissed back, a battle for dominance, neither of us willing to halt for air or pause. There was no lull in her fervor to sate her carnal desire, and no less was expected of me. My back hit the wall, muttering a softly spoken grunt; she had taken a chance to seize my lips once more, pulling and clenching at my head and hair in our impassioned lip-lock. Her delicate frame pressed roughly to mine, a chance I took to trace delicate lines down her spine, eliciting the sweetest of moans. Her neck arched back in a seductive moan, and my focus shifted, placing butterfly kisses down her throat, stopping to nibble slightly, only to hear an alluring gasp of surprise that was drowned out in the throes of pleasure as I slid my hands under her dress, cupping her ass, kneading it softly in the rhythm of her gyrations. I reversed the roles, pinning her to the wall, a leg slid in between hers, my thigh positioned to rub against her woman-hood, her fervor to reunite in a kiss made her rub against me, once more garnering a moan that brought out the animal within.

Grabbing her by the waist, I pulled her away, whispering, "You're in trouble now," in a harsh tone as I lay her on the bed, slipping my knee in between her slightly parted thighs as I captured her lips in a bestial kiss, nipping and sucking at her tongue as I ravished her mouth with my own. Trailing my hands down her throat to her chest, I cupped her breasts, softly squeezing and rubbing her nipples, halting my kiss only to trail kisses down between the valley of her breasts, and to nibble at the puckered peaks. Her moans gave me incentive as I slipped my hands lower and lower, pressing my fingers against the dampened spot of her panties, rubbing slowly, and gaining speed and strength in a crescendo of lust. Her moans and whimpers were symphonious, a sensuality unrivalled, gaining volume and a carnality as I slipped my finger into her bare pussy. I adored the way she felt wrapped around my finger as I began to pump. I leant down, my mouth approaching her clit, and breathing softly upon it, teasingly I gave it a lick - one that sent shivers that wracked her body.

I removed my fingers and raised her legs, placing my face at her cunt. The scent of arousal, cloying, an insanity stirred within me, urging to drive my tongue as deep as I could, suckling at her clit as I traced circles around it, all while holding her bucking hips, taking joy in each sweet moan and groan. She pushed me away, and grabbed my shirt, pulling me close, she hissed, "Stop teasing me, and fuck me… now!"

Her order, the sheer seductive tone had my pants removed and my stiffly wrapped member placed at the entrance of her tight little pussy. At her beckoning I slowly pushed it in, tentatively at first, taking her gasps of pleasure as incentive, I slid in more and more. I teased her slowly and torturously, only to roughly slam it in and pull back out just as fast, repeating this at random.

"I said, stop teasing me and fuck me, hard and rough!" she gasped, raising her legs onto above my shoulders. I leant down and fucked her dripping wet cunt, groaning softly as she clenched and bucked her hips at random, moaning my name, eroticism dripping with each vowel. Her moaning, music to my ears, brought me close. She screamed, "I'm coming!" with an almost pained groan. She brought her head close saying only, "Cum inside me, I want to feel it…" in between her whimpering cries. I released my load as she arched her back and moaned one final time, laying down upon the bed in a tired manner, her hair splayed about, her form like that of a hedonistic goddess. The sweat that glistened on her form would be an image that I would forever hold dearly within my heart, her sybaritic beauty burns forever in my mind.

"Well, Hinata, it seems like you belong to no one but me now," I smiled.

"Shut up, Naruto."