Chapter 2

The next day Naruto returned to the clearing to find Ino already waiting for him. From her expression he could tell that she was angry but also confident with a slight smirk on her lips. His experience from years of pranking led him to believe that she was planning something.

Looking around the clearing he saw the leaves had been changed and saw the slight glint of ill concealed trip wires, his observation skill having risen after being humiliated by Kakashi-sensei during his official genin exam earlier in the day.

Before entering the clearing he created a clone to take his place, allowing her to believe that he hadn't noticed anything out of sorts, "Good morning Ino-chan."

"Good morning Naruto-sama," she replied through clenched teeth upset at having to continue the charade but until her trap was sprung she knew at she couldn't fight him again on her own if she didn't want to have a repeat of yesterday's events. "What do I have to do today?"

"I'm hurt Ino-chan, you don't even want to sit and talk, you don't want to be my friend?" Naruto answered, his tone mocking. Seeing Ino's face become a mask of anger he continued "I like how you were dressed yesterday Ino-chan, change back into that for me first, please."

It took her a moment to understand what he meant but when she did her face turned bright red, from anger or embarrassment Naruto couldn't tell. Knowing that she needed him to move into place for her trap to work she slowly began undressing moving her body to a beat that only she could hear hoping that he found it arousing enough to come close enough to touch as that was where the trap had to be sprung from. Her plan worked but it wasn't until she had removed everything but her thong panties that Naruto moved closer, raising a hand to caress her breast, playing with her nipple.

Allowing the pleasant sensation to show on her face Ino moaned in pleasure before releasing the trap that shot kunai out of the bushes from the side directly at Naruto forcing him to dodge straight into a trip wire that caught his foot in a noose and swung him upside down, hanging him over a pit that Ino had dug and filled spikes at the bottom.

Smirking at her 'master' Ino walked closer, careful to stay out arms reach, she said "Now Naruto-sama, how does it feel to be the helpless one for a change."

Inwardly smirking at her obliviousness Naruto watched his clone hang there helplessly, while he slowly made his way around the clearing careful to stay out of eyesight.
"Not going to reply coward? Now that you don't have your clones to help you, you couldn't beat anyone. Now you're going to do as I say. The shinobi code does not allow me to break my promise to you, but you can still release me from it. And that is what you're going to do, or else…" She left off her threat evident as she grabbed one of her kunai and was holding it against the rope that was keeping him from falling into the pit.


"No? No! You'll let me go of this stupid bet or I am going to kill you, you little baka shithead!"


"You don't get it do you? But now I'm going to have to prove it to you." And with that she cut the rope causing Naruto to fall into the pit and be stabbed multiple times by the stakes in the bottom.

It took her with complete surprise when after he had been impaled that he smiled at her before he poofed out of existence. It was also at this time when she felt a pair of hands on each arm and a knife being held to her throat.

"Now that wasn't very nice Ino-chan." Naruto said from behind her, he was the one holding the knife.

"Wha-? How?"

"You need to work on your traps Ino-chan; I was able to spot them before I even entered the clearing and just created a clone to fall into your trap." Naruto explained to the scared kunoichi. "Now I am going to have to punish you for that."

The two clones on either side of her pulled her to the ground, forcing her to her knees and then making her fall forward so that her ass was in the air. Using the knife he cut the sides of he panties and the pulled them off her making the fabric slide slowly over her pussy lips.

Putting away the knife Naruto formed a cross seal and created a third clone. This was he ordered to strip and then sit in front of Ino's face, it's penis already hard. Lifting her head the clone scooted forward so that Ino's face was now in his crotch.

"Ino-chan, you were a bad girl trying to hurt you're master like that. So now I am going to spank you while you suck on his dick."

"No! No I won't!" Ino screamed terrified.

"Yes you will Ino-chan, remember you are my slave and have to do what I say. Now open you're mouth, or I'll have my clones drag you back into Konoha and tie you naked to a pole in the middle of the marketplace."

"No, please don't." Ino sobbed.

"Then open your mouth Ino-chan, and if you bite down on him I'll continue you to spank you until you're ass bleeds."

"How long…?"

"Until he cums in your mouth, after you swallow it I'll stop spanking you. So suck good and hard Ino, or else you won't be able to sit for a week." Naruto said glad that he had stopped to buy a copy of Icha Icha Paradise the night before, it had so many good ideas as for what to do to a slave girl.

Tears falling from her eyes Ino slowly opened her mouth allowing the clone's penis to enter it. Sealing her lips she began to suck lightly, disgusted at what she had to do.

As soon as he saw his clone's dick disappear into her mouth Naruto raised his hand, bringing it down on her bare ass cheek, causing a loud smack to be heard and Ino to cry out in pain, her mouth coming off the dick.

Seeing this Naruto spanked her again, harder this time yelling "Put it back in your mouth!"

Knowing that she would just be hurt worse she sealed her mouth back onto the penis and began sucking as hard as she could, bobbing up and down slurping his entire dick into her mouth forcing it to the back of her throat when she heard that he moaned loader when she did that. Even still it was a full five minutes before he came in her mouth causing her to choke.

Seeing that the cum and fallen out of her mouth onto the clones stomach she lowered her head using her head to lick it up so that she could swallow it and be done with her punishment.

Realizing that she had finished, he stopped spanking her, it was a good thing she had too as his arm was tired and he didn't know if he could continue. Looking at her he noticed not only her tears but also the fact that her pussy was drenched and the fluids were leaking down her leg.

Lowering his head he sniffed gently and realized that this was definitely not urine, her body had liked what he had done and was preparing itself to be fucked.

But he knew that now was not the right time, everything he had read told him that she would have to beg for him to fuck her otherwise she would always resent him and would rebel at her earliest chance. However he was aching at the chance to fuck her so he decided hurry it along by having his clones flip her over so he could have free access to her pussy.

"You did very good Ino-chan, you will be rewarded."

Opening his mouth he let his tongue take a long slow swipe ending with his lips sealed over her clit sucking gently causing her to moan loudly in pleasure. His clones had released her arms and each taken a breast, using their hands to caress and lips and tongue to pleasure her nipples, trying to overwhelm her with pleasure.

This continued for a while, the only change being that Naruto began to slowly push his fingers into her tight pussy. He started with just one but worked up to having three fingers pumping in and out of her.

"Do you like your reward Ino-chan?" Naruto asked between licks.

"Ungh… uhh… oh fuck yes, it feels so good." She said between gasps and moans. "I want…"

"What do you want Ino-chan?"

"Unn… fuck… I want you to fuck me!" She yelled out finally her lust having overridden everything else her anger, her dignity, everything. She was now a slave to her passion.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes oh god yes, shove that big dick in my pussy you bastard!" she yelled.

Smiling, Naruto removed his clothes and lined his dick up with her pussy and slammed in, breaking through her hymen, causing a pain-filled scream before it was drowned out by the pleasure the clones were bringing to her.

Not pausing to allow her to get used to the feeling of having someone inside her, he pumped into her hard smacking his balls into her ass. A minute later and Naruto felt her pussy become almost painfully tight around him as she screamed out her orgasm. Naruto already excited from just being inside a girl came at the same time filling her pussy with his cum. Thankfully, all kunoichi were taught a birth control jutsu when they start maturing, and Ino had performed it that morning not knowing what to expect from Naruto.

Feeling himself soften Naruto slowly pulled out of her, watching his cum slowly drip out of her used hole. Sliding up Naruto dispelled his clones and kissed Ino gently on the lips, "That was incredible Ino-chan, you're beautiful. I can't wait to do this again."

Looking up at him she replied "Neither can I Naruto-sama." This time the honorific was used without conscious thought, she no longer was pretending he was her master but now thought of him that way.

He had claimed her in the most important way.