The next day Naruto arrived at the clearing only to get a huge shock. There was Ino...sitting under a tree...completely naked...masturbating while moaning out his name. He is so turned on by this that he quickly strips and was about to go over to her, but, seeing as she hasn't notice him yet, he decides to do something that he saw in a porn magazine.

Forming the handsign for shadow clone jutsu he creates four clones and has them all transform into random guys. Once done he walks over to Ino and grabs her left breast and squeezes hard, causing Ino to moan loadly in pleasure. Having her attention he asks "Having fun?"

This causes Ino to blush and mumble "Yes Naruto-sama." It was then that Ino notices all the other guys around her staring lustfully at her naked body and she hesitantly asks "Um...W-Why are they here?"

Hearing her stutter, Naruto smirks before saying "Why Ino-chan I just thought you were so very good at pleasing me that I thought I shouldn't be greedy and keep you all to myself."

Hearing this Ino quickly becomes horrified at the thought of anyone but her Naruto-sama using her like that. Seeing her look of horror Naruto grins and tells her to get up. As soon as she is up and standing he grabs her legs and roughly shoves his now 10 inch penis up her pussy causing her to scream in pain at the huge size of his penis when last night it was only about 5 inches.

Hearing her scream, Naruto is glad that he had that talk with Kyuubi last night about enhancing his size if he let him feel what he felt.

While all of this is going on the transformed Naruto clones move around Ino. Seeing this Naruto tells one of his clones to lie on the ground and then he forces Ino onto his cock which makes her scream even louder at having her ass penatrated from another 10 inch cock. Once Ino is done screaming Naruto says "Open up Ino-chan." with a smirk. Without question Ino obeys her master. The next instant she is deepthroating another clone while crying thinking she is being used by a bunch of strangers like a common slut. She then feels the other two clones grab her hands and put them on their dicks and she hears Naruto say "Make sure you give them the best handjob that you can Ino-chan or else you'll have to be punished again.

Hearing this she does her best to please all the men using her. Soon all the pain from her ass and pussy goes away leaving only pleasure as she moans around the cock in her mouth causing the clone she is deepthroating to moan and huskily say "Uhnnn...I'm gonna cum..." He quickly pulls back and cums all over her boobs and then before Ino could even catch her breath he slaps her boobs as hard as he can causing her to scream in pain and pleasure. While her mouth is open one of the clones she was giving a hand job quickly takes his place inside her mouth. Throughout this Ino is crying at being fucked like a street whore.

After two more minutes of this she is still crying as her orgasm hits as the clone in her ass and the original Naruto keep pistoning in and out of her at a speed only a shinobi could manage.

Another minute later the clone in her mouth again states that they are about to blow. But this time they don't pull out and she has to swallow it all. At this time the other clone in her ass blows filling her up causing her to orgasm again. Once the clones are done they pull out and leave a distance before dispelling themselves. The last clone that she is giving a handjob to quickly takes the space in her empty ass up much more violently than the other clone had done.

Another minute or two later and another four orgasms the clone in Ino's ass explodes causing yet another orgasm. This clone too goes a distance away before dispelling itself. After about 30 seconds the final and real Naruto says "Uhnnnn...Ino-chan you are so good...uhnnn... here i come...UHNNNNNN."

Feeling the hot liquid being shot into her Ino realises her mistake...she forgot to preform the birthcontrol jutsu this morning.

Feeling even worse she begins to break down and yells "WHY DID YOU LET THEM USE ME!!!!!???? WHY!!!?????? I ONLY WANT YOU TO AND NOONE ELSE!!!!!!! WHY MASTER!!!!??? WHY!!!!!?????" she starts sobbing loudly making Naruto feel bad.

Giving her a kiss to silence her he wispers in her ear "But Ino-chan they were me. They were just clones using a transformation."

Hearing this she calms down a little before noticing that Naruto wasa still in her and was still hard.

Naruto too notices this before pulling back slowly and then slamming as hard as he could into her causing her to scream in pleasure. The feeling of her velvety insides making Naruto want to get even deeper into her as he possibly could.

While trying to get in deeper he lifts her up and pushes he against a tree and repeatedly rams her as hard as he could, loving every second of it. "So you only want me to use you like this Ino-chan?" he asks.

"Yes Master. Oh Master please harder harder harder!!!!" Ino screams as the pressure in her stomache is once again about to burst signaling the impending orgasm.

Naruto, hearing this, more than willingly complide.

After a few more minutes they both came at the same time.

As they came done from the sexually induced high, they started to kiss and then a few minutes later Ino passes out.

Deciding against leaving her here, Naruto dresses her up and brings her to his appartment.