Chapter 5

A cool breeze blew in as Naruto opened the door; clad in only a shirt he poked his head out.

"Sakura-Chan? Why are you here?" grumbled the blond

"Baka! You beat up Sasuke; I'm here to exact revenge. "

Naruto whimpered as Sakura approached menacingly. As she entered the small apartment, Sakura noticed a strange scent. This strange scent smelt sweet and salty, and it mixed into the smell of sweat

"Naruto, What's that smell?"

Sakura's POV

The blond only shrugged shyly and told Sakura to enter. Naruto told Sakura to sit down on his sofa and wait while he got dressed. Feeling slightly curious about her teammate, Sakura explored the house while Naruto was getting dressed. Sakura sat down once she was done; the strange scent permeated the room. The pinkette started to feel hot and bothered, she noticed her panties becoming slightly wet. She started to blush as her mind wandered, her thoughts focused onto a certain raven-haired boy. The mental picture slowly morphed into a blond haired knucklehead that has tried to earn her affection time and time again. Naruto had been gone for nearly twenty minutes and Sakura was getting increasingly horny, she slowly slid her hands in between her legs and gave her slit a discreet rub. Feeling braver she pinched her clit and slid a hand into her pants. Rubbing at her arousal didn't help, she as becoming increasingly horny and she didn't care if she was going to get caught anymore; all she cared about was satiating her desires. Her pace increased as she gave a rather loud moan, she used her free hand to massage her breast. Her panties were soaked to the point that it showed through her pants. Unsatisfied, she stuck a finger into her womanhood letting out a small whimper. She increased the pace and rubber her breast vigorously. Feeling close to her release, she removed her hand from her breast and placed it on her ass. She pushed a finger into her ass and started pumping, whimpering at the pain laced with pleasure. Sakura felt pressure in her stomach, notifying her that she was going to cum

"Naruto!" screamed the kunoichi, as she squirted all over the blonds couch. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as her body quivered from the orgasm. Her body slid further into the now soaked couch finding a more comfortable position. Now content, the pinkette slowly slid into a deep sleep. She didn't notice the smug look on the blond haired boys face nor did she care, sleep claimed the pink haired girl.

Naruto's POV

Naruto returned to his room and sat on the foot of his bed, as he stared at the platinum blond. The blond had awaited her master's return and had spread her legs, exposing her cunt. Naruto felt his member harden as he saw the dripping slit and the cum leaking out of her ass. Naruto removed his boxers and rubbed Ino's opening with his cock. The platinum bond shivered in pleasure as her master teased her pussy, she moaned into her gag as Naruto prodded her entrance. Naruto pushed his manhood into her, giving off a low throaty groan as he did. Naruto fucked her pussy as hard as he could. Ino moaned at the sudden force. Naruto created a shadow clone and instructed it to fuck Ino's ass. Ino suddenly felt an additional rock hard shaft enter her ass. Ino screamed at the double penetration, from pleasure and pain. Tears rolled down her face as the two cocks pounded her holes She felt that she was going to cum, tightening her cunt and ass as her body registered the fact. The Naruto's couldn't bear the increased tightness and came into Ino. The platinum blond came at the exact moment she felt two sticky streams of jizz fill her, rope after rope of thick sticky semen. Naruto looked onto Ino as his clone dissipated. He undid her gag and gave her a long deep kiss as he pulled out, watching as his cum leaked out of her ass and pussy mixing with her own in a small puddle. Giving a satisfied grunt, he got dressed and went to check on his visitor. Naruto could only stare, at the sight of his teammate masturbating only inches away from him. Cerulean orbs widened as the blond heard Sakura scream his name, seconds before her climax. Naruto watched as the pinkette squirted all over his couch and snuggled into it as she did. Naruto covered the pink haired ninja in a blanket and returned to his own bed. Naruto pondered his teammates strange behavior as he lay next to his lover's naked form, as he wrapped a hand around her slender waist. He kissed her neck as he removed the blindfold and rope. Naruto lazily threw the equipment into a corner and lay down next to the platinum blond. He held her close and covered their bodies in a blanket.

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