Chapter 6

Sakura woke up to loud moaning and grunting, feeling stiff from sleeping on a couch all night she stretched. She opened her eyes to the strange surroundings as the events of the previous night came back to her. Her eyes widened in disbelief at whose apartment she was in. The pinkette noticed her soaked panties, blushing at the thought of what she did the previous night. She remembered seeing a certain blond haired boy watch her as she had her orgasm. A loud moan broke her train of thought, curiosity at the source of the perverse sound peaked her interest. She walked slowly over to Naruto's door and poked her head through the doorframe. Sakura blushed crimson at what she saw. There was Naruto, thrusting his hips into the slender frame of a girl. Sakura slowly backed away, feeling her cunt starting to drip again. Looking at the petite girl lying underneath Naruto, she noticed a small platinum blond ponytail spread on the pillow.

"Ino" screamed the pinkette as realization of who was laying spread eagle underneath Naruto. The only response the platinum blond gave was a loud sultry moan as the sound of flesh slapping flesh resounded through the room. Sakura didn't know the blond boy noticed her presence nor did she notice a shadow clone sneaking up on her from behind. Sakura noticed the heat she felt between her legs. Sakura now leaned against the doorframe as she discreetly rubbed at her slit. A pair of hands shot out from behind her, one teasing her breast and the other rubbing her cunt through her pants. Instead of retaliating, the pinkette allowed the stranger's hands to tease her body. Sakura moaned at the rough contact and turned to see who assaulted her. Emerald eyes widened at the sight of the knucklehead ninja standing behind her with his rock hard cock prodding into her back.

"Nar...mphh" A tongue entering her mouth, licking and battling her own tongue, silenced the pinkette. Sakura moaned into the kiss as the clone slid his cock between her thighs, rubbing at her slit with his rock hard shaft. Sakura felt her knees buckle at the increased pleasure. The clone brought Sakura over to the bed, and lay her down on top of her platinum blond friend. Sakura stared into the baby blue eyes, as Ino slowly pulled Sakura closer. The two kunoichi kissed, Sakura though hesitant gave into pleasure and returned the kiss with passion. Tongues lashed at each other reverently. The pinkette didn't event notice her panties being removed. Ino moaned loudly as she was being fucked harder. Naruto could only stare in wonder that, here in front of him were two sopping wet cunts on top of each other. Naruto removed himself from the platinum blond and brought his face near the two pussies. The blond licked the two slits slowly, savoring the taste and texture. The two girls moaned into each other's mouths as a pair of fingers pumped into their pussies. Naruto licked at the pair of clits pressed against each other, the girls arched their backs as they screamed. Naruto's face was encased in cum and the two girls lay limp on his bed panting heavily. Naruto created a pair of shadow clones and ordered them to pleasure Sakura while the original and the first clone would screw Ino. As soon as the orders were issued, Sakura was propped up with a pair of faces in between her legs. One licking her ass and the other licked her pussy. The pinkette moaned. "Fuck me, fuck me hard!" screamed Sakura, forgetting that she was a virgin. The clones merely grunted as the forced their shaft into the pink haired girls ass and pussy. Tears formed as the kunoichi's mind registered that she lost her virginity. The clones increased the pace and started to fuck in sync. Sakura started to moan as pain gave way to immeasurable pleasure, and her pussy started to drip. She clung to the clone in front of her, digging her nails into his back. The clone gave a grunt and thrusted into her hard as he stuck his tongue into her mouth. The girl whimpered as her tongue battled for dominance. The clone's cocks began to throb and the one fucking her pussy came hard, shooting thick ropes of semen into her cunt. The clone disappeared in a poof leaving the dripping pinkette to be fucked in the ass by a clone. Meanwhile Naruto and his clone were fucking Ino, who was giving small shrieks of pleasure as the two boys thrusted into her in unison. Naruto kissed the nape of the platinum blonds neck, earning him a sensual moan. Naruto left a trail of kisses on her neck, slowly making his way to her left ear. He dibbled on the platinum blonds ear as the clone thrusted into Ino with great force. Ino mewled at the feeling of pressure in her stomach, signaling her impending orgasm.

"Naruto-Sama, i'm going to cum!" shrieked the blonde kunoichi.

Naruto grunted as Ino tightened on his shaft. Naruto slapped her ass and she tightened hard enough to make the clone cum. Now all that remained was Naruto and the clone fucking Sakura's ass. The clone and Naruto pressed to two girls into each other so they faced each other. Sakura buried her tongue in Ino's mouth as they played with each other's pussies. Naruto and the Clone grunted as they shot their respective loads into the girls. The pinkette and the platinum blond squirted all over Naruto and the clone poofed out of existence. The girls lay down wearily on the floor, cuddling with each other as Naruto lifted them onto the bed. The girls breathing stilled and Naruto then covered them in a blanket. Naruto left the apartment when his lovers fell asleep. He strolled around Konoha, finally arriving at the pet store. He walked into the pet store and went up to the cashier.

"Do you have any collars and leashes?" Asked the blond innocently.

"I would like two collars and tags. I would like one to say Ino and the other Sakura" Paying for the purchases, he returned home to his "pets".