The Long awaited Chapter Of Enslavement

Upon exiting the pet shop, the spiky haired genin bumped into the weapon mistress of Konoha. The blond noticed this girl's shapely and well proportioned body, which unlike most female genin, was slender and wiry. Naruto continued to stare at the beautiful brunette as her slender hands brushed specks of invisible dust off her coral blouse. Chocolate brown eyes inspected the blonde haired teen, blushing as the blonde gave the girl a foxy grin before apologizing.

"Sorry, uh…"

"Tenten" replied the blushing brunette

"And I am Naruto"

"Gomenasai Tenten-chan, I wasn't really paying attention"

The Brunette blushed a deeper shade of crimson at the use of the affectionate honorific, which the blonde haired teen immediately noticed.

"Are you okay"?

"Yes, What's in the bag" quickly changing the subject before the blonde could ask any more questions.

"Collars for my new … pets" replied the spiky haired blonde

The young kunoichi did not register the slight hesitation before the word "pet" nor did she care, no, the brunette was too busy daydreaming about the blonde teen's chiseled jaw and his muscular hands. The weapon's mistress was letting her imagination run amok, wondering if blonde genin had a ripped body if his muscular hands were any indication underneath the obnoxious orange suit. The blond could only wonder why this young lady had a small nosebleed and a dreamy look on her face as she giggled perversely. Little did she know that this young man before her had a chiseled body from years of training and was endowed with a rather large "tool" in his pants.

The blond only had one thought in his had at the moment "if conditions persist I may have to return to retrieve one more collar"

"Where are you headed at this hour Tenten-chan"?

"Training, i'm an orphan so no one is at home waiting" replied the girl with a look of sadness on her face.

"Well since it's kind of late would you like to spend the night at my house, it is closer to the training zone than I presume your house is"

In any other situation, the brunette would have declined but when a smoking hot blond offers you a place to spend the night and you were wet at the mere thought of his chiseled body who are you to deny such a generous offer.

The hyperactive genin followed the weapon's mistress into the training zone to watch her train, after approximately an hour of training the pair returned to Naruto's apartment. Imagine the look on the brunette's face when she walked into the apartment to see to nude girls approximately her age lying in the blonde boys bed as the scent of arousal and sex permeated the room.

Finally realizing the reason for the collars she looked at the blond only to see him watching her with a smirk.

The sight frightened her with what might happen to her, on the other hand this turned her on immensely, seeing one man dominate to girls to the point that they were to wear collars as a sign of obedience triggered something in this girl. This sight triggered a dominative personality in the brunette, that when coupled with intense arousal clouded her judgment.

The weapon's mistress looked as the smirk of the blond changed to a look of confusion as she strode over and crammed her tongue into his mouth. The young boy's confusion gave way to the pleasure as he returned the kiss, which soon became an intense tongue fight, with both parties fighting for dominance. They broke apart with a trail of saliva following their tongues. The blonde gave an amused look as the girl pulled out a kunai with which she violently removed the upper portion of said blonds' jumpsuit.

With her knee rubbing against the boy's package as she tongue raped his mouth while holding his hands above his head, the youth groaned as his tool hardened against the brunettes upper thigh. The girl's only response was to leave a trail of butterfly kisses along the boy's neck and down on his stomach, stopping just above his hardened member. The kunoichi slowly removed his pants only to get slapped in the face with the teen's rock hard rod. Tenten swirled her tongue around the tip of the prick as she fondled the blonds' balls with her silk smooth hands.

The genin groaned as the girl started to bob up and down on the on his pecker slowing down only to force the gigantic rod further down her throat while stroking the length with slow rough strokes. The brunette felt the cock twitch in her throat signifying that the boy was near his release, stroking harder and faster, she placed soft chaste kisses upon the dick as the ninja moaned.

"Tenten i'm Cumming" cried the blond haired teen as thick sticky ropes of semen decorated the brunettes face panting as the girl wiped off the cum with her fore finger before sucking on it greedily.

She removed her baggy green pants to show that she had not worn any underwear, presenting the blond with a neat patch of curly brown hairs above a her dripping slit. Said blonds' face was roughly forced into her sopping wet cunt, sensing no movement she nicked the blonde with her kunai.

"Lick" Ordered the brunette

The blond teen obliged licking and sucking hungrily on the girl's clit, She moaned as the stuck a forefinger into her pussy as he forced his pinky into her ass. The weapon's mistress was moaning as Naruto started to pump his fingers in and out of the brunette, slowly increasing the speed as she started to clamp down on his fingers. Removing his pinky from Tenten's ass he quickly added another finger to her pussy, reaching deeper until he felt a soft sponge like area in her dripping pussy. Creating a vacuum of air around her pussy the blond forced his fingers down onto the brown haired girls G-spot, causing her to shiver and moan as she squirted like a fountain.

Naruto lapped us as many of Tenten's juices as he could before raising himself and positioning the still shivering Tenten so that she was lying parallel to the blond. He slowly forced his cock into the girl's shaking pussy as he slipped deeper and deeper into her tight little slit. The girl moaned despite her euphoria-induced delirium. Whimpering as the blond stopped moving. Once Naruto had adjusted to her tightness, he started with slow thrusts, eventually building up into rough ramming of his tool deep into her cunt. The brunette moaned as she bounced up and down on his rod. She screamed as she came all over has thigh, clenching down on the thick piece of meat inside her. The blond groaned as his the tightness was practically milking his dick.

"Tenten I'm Cumming!"

The spiky haired teen groaned as he shot his thick sticky cum deep into her pussy, shivering from the sheer pleasure. The pair lay down from their sitting position, while gripping the bun-haired girl by her waist.

"G'night" groaned the blond


The two teens fell asleep in each other's arms on the floor, failing to notice the pair of emerald and sapphire eyes watching the two with a mischievous glint in their eyes.