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Gibbs couldn't believe it that Abby was here. He wasn't prepared yet. What should he say? Where should he start?

"Gibbs, why are you here?" Abby asked surprised

"Been to the funeral, Abbs."

"But you weren't invited…." Abby mused "…but still you came. That's noble."

"Abbs, I knew your parents, so at least I wanted to say goodbye. I knew I wasn't welcomed to the ceremony, and I respected that, but I…"

"Shh, Gibbs…it's alright. …I just…I couldn't….I mean after you didn't…." Abby was trying to express it the right way but Gibbs silenced her with his finger.

"Abby, first of all I have to say I'm really terribly sorry!" he looked guilty

"What about Rule #6, never apologize, it's a sign of weakness." Abby was asking with a small smile, Gibbs was breaking one of his holy rules.

"No Abbs! Not with you, you're my exception to all rules. I should have followed you, I should have defended you, I should have been there for you…"

"Gibbs…" Abby had tears in her eyes, she was the exception, she couldn't believe it.

"Abby, I'm in love with you….you make me feel alive again, which no one ever made me after Shannon died. I need you Abby, I want you Abby."

"What about Hollis? Are you still engaged with her?"

"Well, probably she'll see it this way…I have to find a way to get rid of her for good…without intervening our relationship."

"Oh…I have a lot of possibilities down in my lab, you know I can kill someone without leaving evidence!" Abby added cheerfully

"Abbs!" Gibbs warned her

"Only a joke!" Abby added and she went closer to Gibbs and whispered in his ear. "You're forgiven Gibbs, but only if you kiss me now." Gibbs didn't hesitate a minute, he kissed her with all passion he could give her, proving his point.

*I love you too* Abby signed on his chest

"Abbs I'll promise you, I'll always be there for you from now on, and never ever disappoint you."

"Hope you will Gibbs, I'm having a real bad time at the moment." Abby sighed, but Gibbs found a way to help her heal, he just kissed her again.

They broke apart when they heard thunder. They hadn't noticed that the weather had changed. It was beginning to rain, a few drops, but it wouldn't take long before it would rain fiercely.

"Shit." Gibbs mumbled

"Oh, well, I knew a small forest cabin, two minutes from here, come on and let's hope it's empty…we could enjoy our time there." Abby said and wiggled her eyebrows.

Meanwhile at Abby's house:

"Ziva…don't you think that Abby should have returned already from her walk? She said it'll be a short one." Tony was concerned, he always played the big brother of Abby.

"Maybe she's lost in her thoughts, so she didn't notice the time." Ziva answered, trying to find some food for cooking.

"I think there'll be a thunderstorm" McGee added, being concerned too

"My dear fellow, I think Abigail will be fine, it's her hometown, so she'll know the place, the weather and everything. You might not believe it, but Abigail already is a grown woman and knows how to take care of herself." Ducky also made his contribution to the conversation.

"I still think we should go and find her…if Gibbs somehow finds out that we didn't look after his girl, he'll kill us, and you know I'm not joking." Tony added

"You think, she's still his girl? I mean, he didn't defend her…" Ziva asked

"Oh I think so! Never noticed the protectiveness and the "no one's gonna do anything to her" manner, he always played and besides I can't imagine that Abby isn't important to him anymore, she was always his favorite." Tony answered

McGee didn't say anything to this conversation. He still couldn't believe that Abby had slept with Gibbs. When did it start? He had always noticed their special bond and all the flirting, but he'd never taken it serious. He thought that they were like close friends or kind of father/daughter, but he should have seen it, that there was more, that they had flirted for real, that they were attracted. When Gibbs always stood so close to her, or handed her a Caf-Pow with "I love you" written on it. Suddenly it struck him, maybe that was why their relationship didn't work out, perhaps Abby had been in love with him since the first day. He always hoped that they would have a second chance, but it doesn't seem that way. McGee suddenly felt sick…he needed some fresh air.

When McGee was gone in the garden, Tony couldn't deny oneself to comment on McGee.

"I think Probie is suffering a lot…"

"Why's that?" Ziva asked

"He's had a relationship with Abby before you joined our team, and I think he's still in love with her." Tony explained

"Oh I never knew….poor McGee!" Ziva said and was going to find him, maybe he needed someone to talk to and most likely he wouldn't talk with Tony, he'd never hear the end of it.

Back at the lake:

While Gibbs tried to collect his fishing-rot, it started to rain heavily. Abby made him run to the forest cabin, but nonetheless their clothes were drenched. After two minutes of running, they finally reached it and luckily there was no one else besides them.

"Abbs, you need to get out of the wet clothes" Gibbs advised her "You're going to get a cold if you stay in them."

"I didn't plan to…" Abby answered "…and neither are you." She said smiling seductively at Gibbs. This cabin was maybe the only place where Hollis or private investigator wouldn't find them, it was a secret place not many people knew about the existence.

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